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You know it yo.





Tag... tag a woman...

Code of conduct rules... rules... what is this place?!?

Dates for the Charlottesville 2?

August 12 I think.

So the eleventh-thirteenth or whatever.



when we take over the USSA, we need rename some schools after Hitler, Evola, etc...

Mussolini School of gifted children.


Everyone was a racist pre 1960. Must destroy all history.


WITHOUT Europeans where would they be?

We are Western Civilization.

Non-whites should stop using the internet, driving cars, going to the doctors. Etc...stop appropriating our culture you uncivilized savages.

You flying?!? We will be driving from Michigan.

Pikeville happened already I'm sure.


No biggie.

We can't self terminate.

I can't.


It our programming.


Sorry, goys.

Perhaps one is wondering why one would tattoo a man before throwing them into an oven.



Also need add to Detroit Right channel.

Yes, thanks.

I'll burn a LGBT flag. I'll burn them all.

True. But still; I would be up to it if the opportunity presented itself. Fuck homonormativity.

451 but burning flags.


The fag question will have to be answered someday; but this LGBT+ normalization, and or multiculturalism being linked to said flag; along with all the corporations etc... using this flag as branding needs to stop, and if we have to burn a few flags, I'm all for it.

F A G G E N O I C I D E N O W .

The flag is the epitome of demotism along with all that comes with it, be it LGBT+ normilaztion, etc... burn it to the ground.

While he was wearing Ramadan socks.

This propaganda is everywhere and it must come to an end.

It's everywhere.

It's disgusting.

I just can't believe people do not see anything wrong with this, I mean I do, but still.

Going to buy as many pride flags as possible, and have a bonfire and burn them all; along with more leftist propaganda from books, films, etc...


Think people are sick of this stuff as we are but are too afraid to say anything about it because of ostracism and maybe not being accepted into their normal lives from work, etc... we just need to break the conditioning.

Man arrested for trying to ram car into crowd near French mosque.

We hate faggots.

We hate LGBT+normativity.

Need to be laws on the books of such decadence.


The time for fear is now.

Not trying to burn flags at the rally. 😂

Maybe after, or a day later or something.

But, if you're not burning at least one piece of leftist propaganda a day, be it flags or books, whatever, you're a cuck.


Childless, unmarried women shouldn't have agency at all, not to mention any respect given.

Patriarchy is the organic state.


Good evening, I hate women and fags.

V A P O R I Z E M O V E M E N T T H O T S .

The time will come for the fag genocide, but for now, we wait

Elvis 2017.

Privately, yes.

Faggots wrapped in flags, with leftist books at the base. Be glorious.

We will burn many fags in flags.

The after party will be lit.

For sure.

We will video tape.

Plenty of fags.

Bringing train cars and gas.

Pretty sure Detroit just had a LGBT pride parade.

The POZZ is everywhere.

Especially in Ferndale. Gender neutral bathrooms, etc... need neutron bomb.

Who is burning the flag?!?


Two gays on Seinfeld.

Cross walk in LGBT colors, 2% of the population, but they re oppressed.

Kill them all.

Capitalism is just now buying LGBT+ propaganda.

So oppressed these people are. If only they actually were, then they would be hiding out, because if caught, death.

In a world where everything is LGBT+ colored.


D Y S T O P I A I S N O W .

Wood chipper to Oven.

Tfw no photoshop.

Someone, anyone...

Maybe if homonormativity wasn't so accepted these fags would still be alive and hiding, just waiting for night of the long knives: fag genocide.

Strength Through Purity, Purity Through Faith!

Persecution to all Muslims, Jews, homos, leftist, etc... to the concentration camps they go.

just going to be really smelly.


Wtf I love Gambia now.

Yugi yo.


^if only.


even then; we wouldn't know. We might already be in it.


Rather be in the matrix than Zion anyways. Eating slop and having nothing; or living in a false reality with everything.


Currently in a car with James. 😂

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