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2018-10-28 00:52:27 UTC

and I dont buy the Q is christian. christian valu s maybe but telling you to pray is likely because many dont have the abiluty to actually help

2018-10-28 00:54:14 UTC

But that’s what you’re implying. Our job is to wake people up. These people worship Satan, Q asked us is Satan real? If Satan is Real then so is God.

2018-10-28 00:55:02 UTC

you know what you belive what you want you are still not correct

2018-10-28 00:56:24 UTC

arguing with somone that doesbt understand the disinfo in nessecary part is a waste of time.

2018-10-28 00:56:43 UTC

sirously you say aliens are xist and you use dollar bills as proof.

2018-10-28 00:57:01 UTC

you say the apocaltpse is coming and use shit vdeos with micosoft sam as proof

2018-10-28 00:57:12 UTC

Aliens don’t exist, Demons do.

2018-10-28 00:57:16 UTC

sirously huff your own farts till you cant feel your face anymore

2018-10-28 00:57:27 UTC


2018-10-28 00:57:33 UTC


2018-10-28 00:57:53 UTC

omg Q understands MORALE

2018-10-28 00:59:09 UTC


2018-10-28 00:59:40 UTC

>posts every qpost with God bless

2018-10-28 00:59:56 UTC

>doesnt realize they were posted to make idiots like you feel special

2018-10-28 01:00:39 UTC

fucking people are so easily manipulated

2018-10-28 01:01:15 UTC

God bless. is DJT Q sig (just my opinion tho)

2018-10-28 01:01:26 UTC

Q is appealing to all. Atheists, Christians, whoever loves FREEDOM. Not hard to see that.

Divine source of rights of citizens == winning. Whether or not you believe in God is irrelevant when it comes to this question forces atheists to consider where their rights come from, if they're cucked and they're just priviledges withheld for some, or if justice and freedom and the law applies equally

2018-10-28 01:02:45 UTC

Meh. This is about GOOD vs EVIL. Period.

2018-10-28 01:03:08 UTC

Q is a psyop to counter psyops this surface level bullshit isnt where the real meta of the discussion is. This is 100% tge dumb limited hangout shit they tell you so you wont learn about the spying apparatus, the fisa abuse, the the massive human sex/slavery trafficking and the proliferation of war for profit.

2018-10-28 01:03:32 UTC

You missed my post further back @Deleted User

2018-10-28 01:04:33 UTC


2018-10-28 01:04:52 UTC

All religious blah blah is a diversion from Q.

2018-10-28 01:06:00 UTC

they also dont want you to know they have been in control for thousands of years as in since before the time of abraham

2018-10-28 01:06:46 UTC

phonecian and netufian origins of civilization are obscured purposefully to give rise to this disinfo

2018-10-28 01:22:39 UTC

good vs evil tyranny vs liberty no one gives a fuck about anything beyond that because beyond that tribalisim gets in the way

2018-10-28 02:20:31 UTC

GAB has just been taken down

2018-10-28 02:21:38 UTC


2018-10-28 02:22:10 UTC


2018-10-28 03:23:38 UTC

🆙 | **DG the PJ77777 leveled up!**


2018-10-28 05:20:46 UTC

So one point generally posed was do we organize the fight for the EDIT: I.B.O.R... which we all know we need.

Also this has always given me goose bumps and then kicked me into overdrive


2018-10-28 05:20:46 UTC

🆙 | **BreadTwists leveled up!**


2018-10-28 07:58:33 UTC

@BreadTwists the fuck is I O B?

2018-10-28 14:12:14 UTC

Ah shit

2018-10-28 14:12:52 UTC

Ibor* not sure how that was what I put.. other than I was phone fagging

2018-10-28 14:20:04 UTC




VIPanon got the photo^

2018-10-28 21:45:37 UTC


2018-10-28 21:46:07 UTC

Big week

2018-10-28 21:46:09 UTC


2018-10-28 21:48:40 UTC

Time to get moving, double-time

2018-10-28 22:05:25 UTC

That's as good as a presidential signature

2018-10-28 22:05:25 UTC

🆙 | **John of Arc leveled up!**


2018-10-28 22:09:20 UTC

Memes voted rides encourage positive thought not negative oppression WWG1WGA

2018-10-28 22:14:53 UTC

the (((+))) is for Q+? Delta?

2018-10-28 22:20:13 UTC

That’s awesome! Answers what we all assumed.

2018-10-28 22:21:02 UTC


2018-10-28 22:35:43 UTC

Need to verify border under attack

2018-10-28 22:36:30 UTC

Live streaming now real time

2018-10-28 22:36:56 UTC

Mex tex border

2018-10-28 23:19:42 UTC

This looks like Afghanistan.

2018-10-28 23:25:12 UTC

The border with mexico does look like the hills of Afghanistan in some places

2018-10-28 23:33:39 UTC

I am not convinced either, Fluffy.

2018-10-28 23:34:19 UTC

The ONLY proof that would satisfy me is a post from Q saying that photo was sent and signed by them and/or POTUS.

2018-10-28 23:34:31 UTC

This could be just another fame faggot.

2018-10-28 23:34:39 UTC


He isn't asking for shekels so I don't him being a famefag atm

Reverse image search the photos

2018-10-28 23:40:09 UTC

ATTENTION: The video above is bogus. The vehicles have mine rollers, 101st airborne patches. Talking about mortars. A Milita would not have these. A video from Afghanistan would but not Milita in US.

2018-10-28 23:42:46 UTC

@RB that video is bogus.

Q did verify VIPanon though so it does give him credibility @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins

2018-10-29 00:02:41 UTC

I am pretty sure that Q will comment on it, aren't you? Either way...if it is real...cool. If not...we STILL believe that POTUS is working with Q. SO....yeah.

Yea im not disagreeing with you guys but yea Q confd him and we can conf him if needed

2018-10-29 00:14:01 UTC

Uhh ok I haven't seen any sauce on that so......

2018-10-29 00:14:29 UTC

Anyone have a link to this video. Been busy all day

2018-10-29 00:15:02 UTC

@boBBypEEle what video?

2018-10-29 00:15:30 UTC

Black and blue angel commented about a video. I thought VIPAnon posted

2018-10-29 00:15:34 UTC

Maybe I’m confused

2018-10-29 00:15:39 UTC

Oh Christ

2018-10-29 00:15:54 UTC

I’ll go back under my rock

2018-10-29 00:16:44 UTC

No he posted some bullshit footage from Afghanistan with some idiot claiming it was between American andn counter forces trying to get into the border

2018-10-29 00:16:53 UTC

It was bullshit I deleted it

2018-10-29 00:17:02 UTC

Gotcha. Sorry. Def confuses but enlightened now

2018-10-29 00:17:03 UTC

🆙 | **boBBypEEle leveled up!**


2018-10-29 00:17:04 UTC

You wanna go see it all him for a DM

2018-10-29 00:17:10 UTC

All set

2018-10-29 00:17:18 UTC

Not interested if it’s not relevant

2018-10-29 00:17:42 UTC

I'm trying up find sauce on this vipanon being confirmed

2018-10-29 00:18:08 UTC

When/where did VIPAnon come into play

2018-10-29 00:18:09 UTC
2018-10-29 00:18:26 UTC

@boBBypEElen apparently I missed all of that

2018-10-29 00:18:52 UTC


2018-10-29 01:10:48 UTC

Geez. Just like a girl

2018-10-29 01:25:33 UTC


2018-10-29 01:25:33 UTC

***taking image***

2018-10-29 01:25:35 UTC

***Several people are typing...***


2018-10-29 01:25:56 UTC


2018-10-29 05:09:03 UTC

I remember when it happened. He pointed at the dude in the crowd and took pic with, I think. I believe it was on the deleted GA Reddit board.

2018-10-29 05:10:30 UTC

(That is, I can't vouch for who wrote (((+))) on the back; for all we know, that was VIP Anon. However, I do remember these Q posts and they did seem to be referencing VIP Anon's encounter with Trump at a rally while wearing a Q shirt or holding a Q sign or something.

2018-10-29 05:22:53 UTC

yeah my first instinct was denial too until I researched and jogged my memory

2018-10-29 05:26:17 UTC

The world is a pretty crazy place, it makes me wonder how much Q will actually change you know? There's hardly been any mention about the Shadow Investors or the Comittee of 300

2018-10-29 05:48:53 UTC

I don’t think he would fake it because his face is out there and Q could call him a liar in the next post. Not much to gain by being publicly outed by Q. Too risky.

2018-10-29 09:46:12 UTC

Makes sense to me, @Bellalu

2018-10-29 11:04:43 UTC

@HereComesTheSunny I remember that too. President Trump as he entered pointed briefly to a VIP Member with Q on his shirt. The VIP man said a member of Trump Team photograph him before Trump came out. I presumed that the staff, is getting a number of people for Trump to identify before hand so Trump movements is stage.
Bill Clinton did this all of the time and smiled and waved like he is pointing to his best friend, but without the staff beforehand identify anyone in particular., just a general area. President Trump is particularly pointing to a predetermined person as he comes out.

2018-10-29 12:53:28 UTC

I'm not questioning whether or not vipanon was pointed at. My point of contention is there's no way to verify who he got the fotos from.

2018-10-29 15:28:44 UTC

Thanks @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins I just passed that article link to someone who was looking for that information yesterday.

2018-10-29 15:53:29 UTC


2018-10-29 17:06:09 UTC

What is the #Michael about, do you know?

2018-10-29 17:14:48 UTC

That makes sense

2018-10-29 18:23:29 UTC

not the same doorway

2018-10-29 18:23:50 UTC

color of stones/stone faces on inside of doorway dont match

2018-10-29 19:01:34 UTC

It's the same symbolism, though. The Obamas photo is at the WH from last year's "Alice in Wonderland " themed Halloween event. They had white rabbits, teacups, etc...as decor.

2018-10-29 19:03:08 UTC

black and white tiles are common in secret society lodges and in some government and religious buildings.

2018-10-29 19:04:51 UTC

wow that bar for proof is on the floor for you isnt it?

2018-10-29 19:05:10 UTC

these two images have no connection period

2018-10-29 19:10:53 UTC

It's typically all white around that doorway to WH. I don't know if they connect or not. Actually just trying to point out they are not the same doorway.

2018-10-29 19:11:50 UTC

The symbolism is in the patterning.

2018-10-29 19:27:24 UTC

Here's what you missed in regards to the alice in wonderland white house party dusty..

2018-10-29 19:27:28 UTC


2018-10-29 19:27:32 UTC


2018-10-29 19:31:45 UTC

Since I’m new, can you explain who/what Q is?

2018-10-29 19:31:45 UTC

2018-10-29 19:32:15 UTC

Hey all, What would you list as the best trump speech to-date?

2018-10-29 19:33:17 UTC

I have a wacky liberal friend - who thinks Obama care is amazing - agreeing to listen to one trump speach.

2018-10-29 19:50:37 UTC

The one Q keeps saying to listen to is good if they have short attention span. https://youtu.be/G2qIXXafxCQ

2018-10-29 19:50:51 UTC

But I liked his inauguration speech a lot

2018-10-29 19:51:07 UTC

There are so many good ones

2018-10-29 19:51:21 UTC

Depends what point you are trying to make

2018-10-29 19:52:31 UTC

I also really like the ones where he is addressing local workers. You can see what he’s doing to to help Americans, how much he cares about people, what a difference he is making in real lives.

2018-10-29 19:57:49 UTC

@Doctor Silt maybe this one https://youtu.be/y8cp1KvZKPo is a pretty good overview

2018-10-29 20:01:35 UTC

You could also go here and read the Q Proofs and Welcome https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/3642696.html

2018-10-29 20:05:03 UTC

If you like video, here is a longer intro https://youtu.be/nKH_hEiuw10

2018-10-29 20:05:19 UTC
2018-10-30 05:42:03 UTC


2018-10-30 05:42:16 UTC

***taking image***

2018-10-30 05:43:20 UTC


2018-10-30 05:43:20 UTC

***taking image***

2018-10-30 05:43:22 UTC

@Lucifer Inlustris 😑 keep your bot cancer in <#489838052609359882> or <#495039700776648714>

2018-10-30 05:43:47 UTC

slippy slide kek

2018-10-30 05:43:47 UTC

2018-10-30 05:43:52 UTC

ill be back in a bit

2018-10-30 10:33:22 UTC

@Doctor Silt , Q is like the Matrix, you have to discover it on your own. It’s unbelievable if you try to take it all in at once or if someone tries to explain it to a non-believer. Most of us have been following for a year (Q started in Oct 2017). I’ve found Q on 12/21/17 on the same day Trump signed an EO against corruption and human trafficking. To me, that was Trump setting the new rules to take down the canal. These are my personal thoughts.
This graphic will help get you started but it is a journey, welcome to the world of the real.


they do I dont know wherre it was taken though

2018-10-30 20:35:12 UTC

See the white rabbit on the Obama Michelle picture? That has to be either Episen Island or a Child SRA facility. Alice in Wonderland is a CIA SRA program.

2018-10-30 20:41:19 UTC


2018-10-30 22:02:18 UTC

@yolo20152016 go back to reddit

2018-10-30 22:32:19 UTC

Jesus Christ I'm sorry I even posted the fucking thing

2018-10-30 22:50:10 UTC

@yolo20152016 I see reading comprehension isn't your strong suit.

2018-10-31 02:41:22 UTC

You guys seriously need to wake up.


2018-10-31 02:44:04 UTC


2018-10-31 02:45:49 UTC


>posting clown disinfo as sauce

Paul M Rodriguez : Bureau of National Affairs before covering Reagan

2018-10-31 02:48:58 UTC

@yolo20152016 stop buying all the disinfo thats ever been produced

2018-10-31 02:48:58 UTC

2018-10-31 02:54:13 UTC

I’ve worked with SRA victims. I work with psychological disorders in children. The Fritz Book has helped me heal more kids than any psychologically Book I’ve ever read. Wanna keep going?

Random unsourced dissertations on mind control when we already have extensive research on MKULTRA and DeepDream aren't gonna fly on this channel

2018-10-31 02:58:02 UTC


2018-10-31 02:59:18 UTC

Q said look for the therapist

2018-10-31 03:01:00 UTC


2018-10-31 03:01:05 UTC

try again avelle

2018-10-31 03:01:52 UTC

wanna talk more about your doctor that claims he shoots eye beams?

2018-10-31 03:02:06 UTC

@yolo20152016 wanna keep going?

2018-10-31 03:02:48 UTC

Where did I mention paranormal activity?

2018-10-31 03:03:32 UTC


2018-10-31 03:03:49 UTC

literally he claims to be able to shoot energy beans out of his eyes

2018-10-31 03:03:56 UTC

he is totally discredited

2018-10-31 03:04:19 UTC

not a viable source at all

2018-10-31 03:04:55 UTC

Who are you talking about?

2018-10-31 03:04:58 UTC

the author of that book

2018-10-31 03:05:12 UTC

the author of the book you linked is a proven fraud

Classic clown sedition

2018-10-31 03:05:41 UTC

literally buying all the disinfo

"Hey Goys look over here"

2018-10-31 03:05:52 UTC

Is this Q general or the fucking cancer ward?

2018-10-31 03:05:59 UTC


2018-10-31 03:06:58 UTC

We are not in Kansas anymore.

2018-10-31 03:08:56 UTC

Is there a point here?

2018-10-31 03:09:52 UTC

@yolo20152016 stop spamming amazon links

2018-10-31 03:10:00 UTC

you are breaking rule 1

2018-10-31 03:10:11 UTC

literally everything you post is trash

2018-10-31 03:10:16 UTC

I am thinking that the avatar is legit. NPC in da Q Gen.

Reasons why I don't miss being a fagit reddit mod for one god damned second

2018-10-31 03:13:19 UTC

I feel so much more enlightened by your duckduck go link you posted from your iphone. What are you doing?

2018-10-31 03:31:06 UTC

>goes to sources
>none cited

2018-10-31 03:31:09 UTC


Have all my down voats

2018-10-31 03:32:25 UTC

@yolo20152016 <:kys:499392165571723284>

2018-10-31 03:32:33 UTC

<:kys:499392165571723284> <:kys:499392165571723284> <:kys:499392165571723284> <:kys:499392165571723284> <:kys:499392165571723284>

>ignore Q drop with pdf of MKUltra research

>post this infowars level crap

2018-10-31 03:32:57 UTC

>ignores cited research with proper sourcing

2018-10-31 03:53:47 UTC


2018-10-31 03:53:51 UTC
2018-10-31 03:53:58 UTC

this is you

2018-10-31 09:05:39 UTC

None cited after all this Q research you couldn’t link the Nazi and operation Paperclip. Let me guess school shooters are just bullied children who Were just bullied https://archive.org/details/ABCNews_MissionMindControl-CIA_and_MKULTRA. What’s funny is you know I’m right but you are not humble enough to admit it. Everything has meaning, and it’s all connected I’m sorry I don’t have CNN ARTICLES FOR YOU to watch and pop up story books. I thought you guys were intelligent investors not some brainwashed leftist trying to pretend to be intelligent Q investigators. Look guys I’m on 4chan I’m smart. https://s3.amazonaws.com/bk1/bk2/the-franklin-coverup.pdf. You really have no idea what’s going on.

Your only sources have been awarded for being a parody. GTFO this channel with pedantic faggotry you are still trying to spread with zero backup. @yolo20152016

2018-10-31 09:55:44 UTC

Look guys I’m on 4chan I’m smart.

2018-10-31 09:59:05 UTC

Just like a leftist you had one source that was discredited. So all of it is. Bullshit. Are you a research or are you some hack? Seems like you’re a hack. I’ve provided you with multiple scholarly articles and books and CIA ARCHIVED books. John Decamp was a Nebraska Congressman and represented the abused children. Let’s also ignore Q even though you claim this is a Q channel. What is it?


2018-10-31 10:00:40 UTC


2018-10-31 10:03:28 UTC





2018-10-31 10:09:47 UTC

I was simply saying a single photo had meaning to it and you should research it more. You don’t want to fine I will.
I’ll let you go back to the circle jerk and hopefully no one else challenges your world view, because you’re so right about everything.

Your presentation of the topics with the foundation being baseless and esoteric deserve to be on another server such as the one you already have. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

2018-10-31 10:25:45 UTC

Blah blah blah you sound like CNN but seeing how you say you’re beasts maybe I’m exposing who you really are? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/jailhouse-letter-guccifer-laments-failure-to-expose-crimes-rails-against-clinton

2018-10-31 10:46:27 UTC

will your handlers let you use a microphone yolo?

are you ignoring all your discredited sources?

we arent comped, you are bad at teaching yourself dicernment.

we arent censoring you

we just dont agree with you

2018-10-31 17:29:45 UTC

Yall are brutal wow

2018-10-31 17:32:26 UTC

Every source releases information with the supposed tag that it's just for informing the public and for the public's own good when in reality it's for profit.

@bubbles there is a reason that Q posts on 8chan and not reddit.

2018-10-31 18:54:00 UTC

Please make the window smaller and take a more square screencap. That way discord doesn't compress it to the point that the text is for ants.

t. Phoneposter

2018-10-31 23:14:01 UTC

Hey, wow, the Clinton’s worship satin? You realize your telling us stuff we know. You want to impress us? Tell us in about 2 sentences and a link to proof. If it’s worthy we will ask for more or congratulate you for being clever.

meh it's an open forum this place is not for everyone but we like the culture here.


2018-11-01 01:04:37 UTC

Anyone know why silence from Q for so long?

2018-11-01 01:04:49 UTC

@patriot_refuge might have to do with the midterms

2018-11-01 01:05:08 UTC

Perhaps it could be interpreted as "interference" if within 28 or so days

2018-11-01 01:05:16 UTC

Should only be a week or so more

2018-11-01 01:05:16 UTC

2018-11-01 08:33:22 UTC

Red October: Shocktober Is Over - Global Stocks Lose $8 Trillion, Most Since Lehmanhttp://news.valubit.org/shocktober-is-over-global-stocks-lose-8-trillion-most-since-lehman/

2018-11-01 10:19:32 UTC

@Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins only a pathetic, man child would respond like that. Grow up pussy

2018-11-01 15:03:48 UTC

Q predicted this

It's called profit taking

notice the uptrend and we aren't even close to the 60day SMA

RSI is still solid

>8Trillion now was alot in 2008 hence uses for other indicators

2018-11-01 16:12:07 UTC

For some reason, I'm sure SA won't end well.

2018-11-01 20:32:39 UTC


2018-11-01 20:33:32 UTC


streisand effect in overdrive muh doodes

2018-11-01 22:07:19 UTC

@Politechal87 the funny thing is even if Q is a Larp (which everyone knows it isn’t) it wouldn’t matter because the purpose it is/has served is very real. It mobilized the public in growing numbers against the very real modern day world wide mafia. Those are articles only serve to sway weak minded people in the middle.

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