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Lohan attempting to kidnap child from street.


when a jewish lawyer tells you hes working pro-bono and is not expecting any payment, says it all really.

has #309 been deleted also now?

forehead and cheekbone structure are different

and that chinny chin chin

check the ears, schumer is lobeless

dunno, anything is possible - i dont see it tho

From @Blonde_Finn pic, the plane looks like a United Airlines’ B787-9 Dreamliner Business Class, it all matches seats/windows etc.


Im not a planefag but found this to be the only current result

The nose doesn't have those windows on the Polaris 787-9, not sure if that means much tho.


better pic from inside:-


I remember it - but there's a lot go through lol

Musta missed it zorro, not sure I get what your saying.

Im following this one heading to beijing atm from lax - it matches the same plane Q posted the pic of and is the only one of its type in the air currently, might be nothing.

I like to add the caveat.

im not a real planefag tho 😦 anyone here good at this?

btw that post has been removed (#309)

not necessarily Rivendell, but its probable that it is a Q member.

Q has used pics from deepstate devices previously

whats that got to do with the price of bacon?

no i mean, you stated that they are all original - noone said they were not.

not entirely sure what your adding to this tbh

that is speculation, as I pointed out - Q has previousy posted pics that have come FROM deepstate devices.

yes they are then still original

Apologies for the state of my country - will try to clean it up asap, brb.

the same group that controls the UN and was in complete control of the US and most of the world, until Trump got elected - there is no saving my country, doesnt matter which way you vote - its too deeply embeded here and the people are too brainwashed to see it.

the flight was from the us though - you think snowden would risk it?

,selfrole QPOSTS

he does stick out - who do you think he is?

yeah - i seem to remember that being posted awhile ago too - could be worth checking

looks like the same guy

I matched up the specific type of 787 as @Blonde_Finn posted and narrowed it down to the B-7879 being an exact match - internally at least (windows/layout/seating type) to the ```United Airlines’ B787-9 Polaris Dreamliner Business Class.```.

Did a search for that specific model and there was only one result - https://uk.flightaware.com/live/flight/B7879, no registration info.

I didnt check to see if it was the only 787 in flight, but there was probably many - however B787-9 was the only only of its type (the other 787's are different internally).

Red cross


Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255


```Operators standing by.```
Anyone tried calling it?

call it 😃

I suck at memes... teach me

ahh when I posted - yeah im GMT+1



they used to have an option for timezone on there I think.

dont see one now tho

prob not what your after, I like it tho

looks like it could be decent

hes teamed up with Stephen Crowder now I think

Watching that Bannon doc I posted above, its good - only 15min in atm. If anyone has a link to the recent d'souza film, I'd appreciate it, not seen it yet.

sry for spam

I meant to post for someone else, wasnt looking.

welcome to put em in your tools section tho - dont think I can

Grassley comped? - Mr. Sanders being Bernie Sanders? to support his platform for a 2020 run?

I dont see Saudi Arabia specifically being mentioned in this bill anywhere




Alice & Wonderland


scrolled up - see its been covered already, doh.

manipulate public opinion and demonise Saudi Arabia - I can believe they were heavily involved in 9/11 along with Israel, but not under Bin Salman - this will be used to target him, from my understanding SA are now allies against the globalists.

the twitter post indicates the narrative push to be used

its only opinion - just find it odd that 610 doesn't mention anything regarding SA.

unless mr Sperry has clearance to read the classified docs ofc - hes a reporter at NYT

yeah, good job those passports fell out or we'd never have known

Think they are targeting Flake now as his vote will be to confirm Justice K?

Any ideas who the Democrat was that changed their vote?


from my understanding all Rep's voted yes, except two (who didnt vote no) - would then mean it was one of the Democrats Q was expecting a yes from (im assuming here).

Joe Manchin III was a yes

guessing someone is in big trouble with Q

yeah - Murkowski voted 'present' to nullify that one (so from that im counting 2 yes's that Q would have expected) there's one 'no' vote that should have been a yes - Q wouldnt post a guess.

btw - gratz on your new SC judge, from random UK person.

Sry - make that two of the D's no votes that should have been 'yes's'


Appreciated, no chance of that though - we are the swamp.

`+++` = house of saud?

love it when lefties call you a snowflake - lets you know that word has hurt them deeply, it doesn't have the same effect here that it had on you.

have a mic lovelexxxx?

could use some entertainment

dont be shy


you will be treated fairly - come share your opinions

June 14th

`FBI Rounds-Up 8 in LA Child Porn Distribution Ring` **-** <https://archive.fo/Zr6xg>

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EGDTmebyxc - President Trump about to arrive to speak.

its blocked for me - cant even see the article

unless I use vpn

sure no worries

didnt know I could

not getting a preview under my perm (in <#489840835924328458> )

> Hanging of flags traditional/occurs in this part of the country for what holiday?
'National day' **-** https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/hong-kong-economy/article/2166477/60000-visitors-mainland-china-flood-hong-kong-high

Noticed that vid I posted about Ivanka is being pushed by a shill on LL - didnt spot at first.
Link if curious <https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=smuuY_1539160393>

Spotted this on Voat (origin from 8chan)


just a proof - Q's post is directed specifically at reddit, but twitter has the pedo stuff - symbolism will be their downfall and all that, figured someone could make a proof with it.

President Trump walking out now.

gotta link?

I suck with video editing so putting it out there if anyone likes the idea - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGGibwT-FlA could make a good project for NPC meme with kanye superman cape + hat, flying off at the end.

I enjoyed it

Is shill rehabilitation possible tho?



***-*** COINTELPRO Techniques <https://stopsprayingus.com/shill-handbook/>

***-*** Media Matters 'Strategic plan for action' <https://tinyurl.com/hoaxlxf>

***-*** Astroturfing example (one of MANY) <https://tinyurl.com/y9c6j9o8>

***-*** Confessions of a shill <https://tinyurl.com/exshill>

***-*** The art of deception <https://tinyurl.com/ybr9bvuc>

***-*** Playbook of the enemy <https://tinyurl.com/yazdjplp>

***-*** The art of deception <https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/1021430/the-art-of-deception-training-for-a-new.pdf>

***-*** Shareblue Op 'Lincoln' leaked by Q Anon <https://voat.co/v/news/2518985>

***-*** ShareBlue workers, you have been warned <https://voat.co/v/whatever/2504218>

***-*** The art of hysteria <https://remedianetwork.net/2014/06/23/the-arch-of-hysteria/>

***-*** Fake news example <https://hooktube.com/watch?v=S1kttXsXoDo>

***-*** Example of Information War on 4chan /pol <https://steemit.com/informationwar/@stevescoins/an-example-of-information-war-on-4chan-pol-is-assange-alive>

who's "we"?

I dont post crap, try watching the vid.

anychance of a :shekel: emoji to pay the shills with?


shes hot and not a jew - wedding ring is on the right hand

im no expert, just looked it up


news is just 24hr coverage of the plastic dildos, why did they need a FF now? was it to take the focus off of the Papadopoulos interview?

the caravan?

yeah, could be that.

or could be to keep their security detail?

all these incidents are too obvious before the election - i think most people were made aware just how far the democrats will go to get what they want from the kav hearings, this is all just getting too obvious now.

but we wont hear from Q till after the mid-terms prob

yeah i agree

like this?

I tried the translate, couldn't get any of the translators to show:
"- [ ] Supprisingly you will find it to now say "I beheld Satan as Barak O bama."

yolo - show a screenshot of "- [ ] Supprisingly you will find it to now say "I beheld Satan as Barak O bama."

I get that the 'cabal' believe in satan, like poo's think cows are gods

baal is pagan cum drinking god, also referred to as satan

i agree, doesnt make it real tho.

lol - ill let you carry on here, when it comes to the religious stuff I try, but Im not on board.

posts ending in god bless are directly from DJT

are you suggesting that it didnt actually happen? (twin towers)

```yolo20152016Today at 21:28
What reality? Is that? Did the twin towers fall in our reality? Was it a clear deception? Our is the story accurate?``` elaborate

Ive looked into this before, its obviously a load of bollocks - you'll like this:- http://www.jonathankleck.com/uscurrency.htm

im not knocking you, I really dont have a opinion here - can you explain the taylor swift thing tho - best to do it in general offtopic im guessing

got a mic yolo?

meh... I know that part, but you suggested he knew before hand

Probably already been posted but just spotted this hit piece:- https://archive.fo/34X9m


wouldnt this get the lawyer disbarred? - client/attorney privilege and all that.


Im not seeing it - nice idea tho

mirror + invert

Next week will be big

heard him highlight that

God bless. is DJT Q sig (just my opinion tho)

and just like that he vanished

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📺 **Media tools**
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🔒 this emoji is more secure then an iphone - there is no such thing as a secure mobile os

I'm trying to word this gently so you don't take it personally. iPhone is less secure then other mobile OS's, this is mostly because people like you think it is more secure.
>muh linux
its an illusion of security that you have been sold - the only security in-place is so competing corporations cant steal your data, so they have to buy it. All mobile os's are bad.

I use fredboat - what do?

sry ptt not working

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