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Ima be on a bit later to check it out

Yo wasup

Im always active i often just lurk because most of what i say can be cancerous

But hey as long as my cancer infects sjw shills then i can be more chatty lol

,selfrole QPOSTS

From work

My store was affected by the salmonella shit

@Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins it did not contain any personal location info u dumbass

Yes but luckys market has locations across the fucking country

And as i stated lyckys has locations across the fucking coyntry theres like 100 stores in my state alone

Most of them in big cities

Besodes i aint afraid of shill fuckbois


Besides last time i was doxxed over 5 years ago i just doxxed them back n they shit themselves.

Most of the fuckers were kikes and kampfags

Stormfags and etc

Bunch of fucktard shills

Anyways need to het going my shift starts in 1 minute

Faith is my armor, Hope is my shield, Love is my sword. I bear the arsenal of god.

In current usage

Hallow, as a noun, is a synonym of the word saint.[3][4] In modern English usage, the noun "hallow" appears mostly in the compound Hallowtide, a liturgical season which includes the days of Halloween and Hallowmas.[5] Halloween (or Hallowe'en) is a shortened form of "All Hallow Even," meaning "All Hallows' Eve" or "All Saints' Eve."[6] Hallowmas, the day after Halloween, is shortened from "Hallows' Mass," and is also known as "All Hallows' Day" or "All Saints' Day."[7]

I'll be on voice once i get home

No u

Pfft.... Oldfags

New discord Emoji :Nuke:

When america made the best fucking cars ever to exist

@VOL what the fuck do you want nigger I'm busy making out with my girlfriend

@Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins shes same age as me

Only about a month or two older than me as a matter of fact

No she and i are 23

@PenSHITLORD what? Ew no i dont eant that ugly asss bitch whore of his.

nuke (for emoji)

perhaps i could go take a look myself

get some footage and then report back to here

ugh i cant believe how hard it is to make circle text in gimp, expect that mage meme in a couple days i kept screwing it up

plus i'm not as adept in enochian as another friend of mine is

so i found out from my great grandmas ancestry test (my mother's mother's mother) that i have some turkish and scandinavian/nordic in me

horaay i'm related to vikings too

hey and i may be related to the hiitites too

youtubes back up

at least my app is


if i were jacki8ng off i wouldnt be speaking on this server while doing it nor would i remain in VC

as i told you i was busy researching shit for my novel

and no i dont mean it like jiraiya says it

i'm also a ufologist remember?


oops wrong fuckin message

stupid copy paste errors

there we go

theres an interesting theory going on

apparently there was a live stream of the moon and it went viral when something "hit" the moon

8 hours ago one asteroid flew by just between the earth and moon

and now its rumored another one hit it

interesting thing is there is one asteroid that currently has a trajectory to hit earth in 2019

perhaps we are seeing the heralds of this Near Earth Object?

another theory i had is maybe its a covert nuclear test?

there is a such thing as "secret nuclear tests"

one alleged incident is known as the Vela Incident

this would be massive news because that means if it was a nuclear test then at least one nation on earth has developed the first interplanetary ballistic missile


could be a black project

and it may be connected to the theory about the mysterious booms on earth being secret underground nuclear tests

there is one type of nuclear weapon that could be developed in secret without anyone finding out

a pure fusion device

look up the "halfnium controversy"

halfnium 178m2 is a "nuclear isomer" that stores an exceptional amount of excitable energy

when the nuclei of it is excited via a process similar to flourescence it emits a massive amount of gamma radiation

halfnium has been explored as a means to trigger a pure fusion device

using induced gamma emmision

halfnium is one of two stable nuclear isomers

the other one being tantalum 180m

the other possibility is "red mercury"

there was a frenzy about something called red mercury in the 90s

a "ballotechnic" chemical

while rumored be be an isotope of mercury the overall composition is unknown

its a metallic looking red viscous liquid

when hit with immense pressure it releases an exceptional amount of gamma radiation

Samuel T Cohen was the one whom disclosed its existence

woah woah woah wait

Samuel T. Cohen......

Michael Cohen....

holy fucking shit

holy shit samuel t cohens parents were jews!

My computer is acting retarded

i'll just post it in memetic armory

Here you guys go just as i promised

i just opted out of the arbitration clause

interesting this occurred just before midterms

@PawnWithAPurpose the pentagram is a symbol of the 5 elements water earth fire air and spirit. Each element corresponding to a cardinal direction spirit being in the center.

Its very important to know this because every elememt has its own characteristics and "personality" and each one has a yin or yang designation.

Air and water are yin elements earth and fire are yang elements. Spirit is both

Balance of yin and uang energies are crucial or the spell will not work

Also one should note it has a heptagram in it too a 7 point star which can correspond to the 7 archangels

@LaserTrain sure when i get home its an ancient latin protection spell

I grabbed it from one of my grimoires. Even though i dont know how to speak latin i can translate it to the point i can create a sentence its the same with japanese although i understand japanese much better than latin but mainly because latin is a fusional language and japanese os agglutinative

it wouldnt let me upload it directly

just so everyone knows the spell i provided may not work on november 6th since the 5th 6th and 7th of november is a new moon

but up till then it should be overall fine

and its really the few weeks leading up to election day that matter

be safe out there guys and god bless

wow, another virtue signalling zealot huh? *sighs*

listen dude, exorcism is magic, miracles are magic, blessings are magic, its all the same thing just from a different source

i get my source of magic from god

i'm gnostic

i'm not your average run of the mill christian

Q doesnt give a shit what our beliefs are

we are here for only one purpose

to save the fucking world from the satanic deepstate

lol dude, part of my side job literally is hunting demons

trapping them, banishing them, etc. the only spirits i summon are angels although i do also occasionally call on fairies aka nature spirits for aid as well

nature is but one of the many ways god emanates

angels were ordered to prostrate towards us for a reason, not only are they servants of god but servants of man as well

theres a reason why theres a 3 to 10 fold rule to magic, its because of god's forces via karma, you put something negative out there you only draw negativity towards you

on the other hand put something positive out there you attract positivity towards you and ward off negativity

yeah i know, when i practice magic i do not think myself as god, its an ability god granted us so that we can learn and guide ourselves back to his presence, this power doesn't just flow through us but everywhere around us, this life energy that breathes us and everything else into existence. Some call it our "inner light".

in the gnostic gospels and dead sea scrolls jesus talks about this "field" of life energy all around us and how we can "communicate" with it

@CurΓ© sure no problem we all have free will and we all have our own paths destined to walk

@Rivendell my conclusion about those screws are that they are artifacts of a past antediluvian civilization (Atlantis)

20,000 years ago was the middle of that time period (between 70,000 years ago to 11,600 years ago)

most likely similar to our tech

tunsten is known for high heat resistance and is used in aerospace engineering

but they probabl;y knew of the etheron flux field i.e. tesla style free energy

so they were probably more capable than us due to unlimited energy sources

we on the otherhand have only one thing blocking our advancement

limited energy our energy crisis

as a result we dont jhave enough energy to do the kind of advanced things we wanna do

i.e. space travel to other planets


Its because of the snowflakes

Just turn off safesearch or use yandex

Damn thats savage, meh she must be on her period


<:baku:499042937917669406> <:bone:499391412446429194> <:boneless:499391412211548170>






@PenSHITLORD no his dad fucked a democrat


That is awesome actually a few months ago a mars image of an active volcano on mars was leaked

Although it eas quickly 404d shortly afterwards

Mars is tectonically active

Which meams it should have a strong magnetosphere

Meaning a thicker atmosphere that we have been told


Sorry still on my phone

Just got off work

Heading to martial arts class

Crrow777 has some good stuff in regards to mars

2018-10-24 04:44:07 UTC [Outer Heaven #join-list]  

2018-10-25 20:51:48 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

yt etta james at last

2018-10-25 20:53:14 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

meh i prefer old 40s 50s and 60s music and a joint of weed while drinking a beer

2018-10-25 20:55:44 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

ze legendary zuper aryan ja?

2018-10-27 05:56:27 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

no.... it aint 3 AM yet @Gordon Frohman

2018-10-27 05:57:06 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

spooky hour is 3 AM

2018-10-27 05:58:09 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

24:58 hours here

2018-10-27 05:59:23 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

everyone knows i live in the show me state, cuz i'm proud of it

2018-10-27 05:59:32 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

heart of america

2018-10-27 06:00:05 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

plus weeds gonne be legal here in november

2018-10-27 06:00:59 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

weed, our would be savior from the opioid crisis

2018-10-27 06:03:06 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

places with high marijuana use have low opium abuse

2018-10-27 06:03:50 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

plus getting high on weed is no different than getting drunk

2018-10-27 06:04:29 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

except you dont end up abusing your wife

2018-10-27 06:04:35 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  


2018-10-27 06:05:15 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

@K3 so? uis that my problem if someone else fucks up? everything in moderation my dude

2018-10-27 06:05:32 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

unlike others i know how to moderate myself

2018-10-27 06:05:54 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

besides its evolution

2018-10-27 06:06:01 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

let the idiots burn

2018-10-27 06:06:55 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

tbh it would benefit the economy in my state

2018-10-27 06:07:09 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  


2018-10-27 06:07:19 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

plus my statwe needs the revenue

2018-10-27 06:07:38 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

saint louis is an underfunded shithole

2018-10-27 06:08:06 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

plus it means the drug dealers here are run out of business

2018-10-27 06:08:30 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

meaning less gang related crime regarding weed

2018-10-27 06:09:07 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

weed is an herb

2018-10-27 06:09:13 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

a natural medecine

2018-10-27 06:09:24 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

better than the shit big p[harma puts out

2018-10-27 06:10:30 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

plus weed grows quick and is relatively easy to cultivate and unlike corn it doesnt deplete the soil

2018-10-27 06:10:48 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

and its cousin hemp can be used for fuel, paper, rope

2018-10-27 06:11:17 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

the only reason why corn is the main crop here is due to ethanol

2018-10-27 06:11:28 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

and its ruining our soil long term

2018-10-27 06:13:02 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

sheeit, has anyone ever heard of biogasoline?

2018-10-27 06:13:55 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

Structure and properties

BG100, or 100% biogasoline, can immediately be used as a drop-in substitute for petroleum gasoline in any conventional gasoline engine, and can be distributed in the same fueling infrastructure, as the properties match traditional gasoline from petroleum.[1] Dodecane requires a small percentage of octane booster to match gasoline. Ethanol fuel (E85) requires a special engine and has lower combustion energy and corresponding fuel economy.[2]

But due to biogasoline's chemical similarities it can also be mixed with regular gasoline. You can have higher ratios of biogasoline to gasoline and not have to modify the vehicles engine unlike ethanol.[3]

2018-10-27 06:15:24 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

basically if biogasoline becomes mainstream then goodbye oil pipelines and goodbye petrodollar

2018-10-27 06:16:20 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

actually it means america becomes self sufficient in the case of fuel

2018-10-27 06:16:41 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

we can finally tell the saudis to fuck off

2018-10-27 06:17:39 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

if Q anons plans go accordingly that may change within the next decade

2018-10-27 06:18:03 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  


2018-10-27 06:20:01 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

although i'm not a nazi, i do agree with hitler there to an extent

2018-10-27 06:20:09 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

Zionism needs to die

2018-10-27 06:24:48 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

it doesnt matter whos copying who

2018-10-27 06:25:45 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

i say it doesnt matter because who the fuck cares

2018-10-27 06:26:00 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

were all just a bunch of cucks lol

2018-10-27 06:27:26 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  

@!Charles Jenkem

2018-10-27 21:05:59 UTC [Outer Heaven #general]  


Happy anniversary niggers and jews!!!! Lets fuck shit up for the blue bastards on november 6th!

Julia Ioffe can go fuck herself, shes just dumb, obviously she hasnt seen trump's status

or has and just ignores it like every liberal puppet

a common trait in all blue jackasses is that whenever confronted with a valid argument they either just blatantly ignore it and continue or call "logical fallacy" on it.

and then this shit^

if they cant convince you then they resort to violence

they try to act intelligent but at the core of it all they are is uncivilized idiots

for the love of god why did i even bother browsing twatter and fakebook today wtf

what a shitfest lol i'd hate to be them

i'm glad i am no longer one of them

ah well it just means we are WINNING

something just came to me..... @FastJack @PenSHITLORD are the modern palestinians somehow directly related to the Natufians?

@lucid shes also wearing the inverted triangle in that clip

inversion of sacred symbols is the deepstate's thing

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