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never grab the top bag


President Hillary Rodham Clinton


This is extremely in depth...more Q crumbs and dot connectors than I've seen almost anywhere else @here

QContinuum was taken down by discord for undisclosed reasons...heres a link to the new server https://discord.gg/a6CBsu4

Don't usually link Sather, but in this case I believe he is correct...Meme Meme Meme lol

Best source on the planet for Q related info


Thank @IAmBecauseWeAre if you get a chance!!!

@tREEs Japonensis#6136


Started out much worse...we have broken their algorithms many times @Bleezer

When I first looked there were 4500 votes with no.hellno winning by 26%

Show starts in a few

Planned parenthood heavily supporting ford

Trump balloons are just the best burn ever...

What do you mean eat up resources?

Are the bots running on VPS?

Lol I was asking stedly because I dont think the cpu usage should be an issue on the VPS

1,879 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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