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Is it permanent or temporary? I don't trust Discord

It does the thinking face when it's forming new markov chains

if it's using markov chains then it's traversing word associations by proximity, the huge message it gave you about salmon was because you had a word somehow associated with a word in the slamon text

thinking face could be "no msg found" instead of building new entry

it could be operating on all text? I dunno. Would need to analyze the source

standing up for truth and justice is too much to ask

I am the baddest mofo in the land I had a hill

Feel how you like, but yes vote is yes vote

here's some huggy feels for my dim friends

Depends on what happens between then and now 😉

I believe that's not a kitty right thurr

Snow Crash, remember the internet connected data brokers that recorded everything?

"Look it doesn't take a genius to know that every organization thrives when it has two leaders. Go ahead, name a country that doesn't have two presidents. A boat that sets sail without two captains. Where would Catholicism be, without the popes."

actually Oscar gets it wrong about the popes, but whatever

HSI’s Asset Identification and Removal Groups (AIRG)

“Splash” was the code word we used for shooting down an enemy aircraft.

For instance: “Splash one MiG-21” indicates that aircraft has been shot down by you but says nothing about its pilot.

TFC is nothing, not IATA codes ... but ICAO codes is MRPV, which is a different airport, SYQ/MRPV
San Jose Tobias Bolanos International Airport
Costa Rica

I dunno if the indirection is intentional or if I just suck at figuring out the names of things, like if no one gives a crap about Italy's Taormina Harbour airport

destination TFC, IATA code isn't coming up under flighttracker, but it apparently is Taormina airport in Italy

Designation could be it, I thought was destination

An american colluding in american elections?

I wonder if it's a sign-in, or a call to have someone sign in

So who the heck was on that flight 😃

Not so. I tracked down the exact street camera when it took pictures in UK

if they're global citizens, I don't believe that that is a government you can share citizenship with USA

What are you really saying? UN controls your country?

Like, let's get real here and talk about what it means. If your goal is to subvert the government, well good luck

the only way out is to ride a wave of populism

on a foundation of your country first

"Did you watch the performance?" about Booker

"1000 points of light" -- hinted at the occult meaning by saying "which no one has figured out yet... "

It's stereotypical illumined one symbolism

When Trump Jr bought their building on 5th ave, iirc, and ruined their plans to build a giant ritualistic pentagram with it

I missed the part where he referred to metallurgy

Alchemy is another branch of the cult of the city, literal and not (instead a process of self improvement)

Then the priests of fire claim lineage back to what's his fucking name son of noah metallurgist

Often the various cults refer to some greater hierarchy fictionalized, but really the ladder up is real and there are people up there controlling the idea space

"The Great White Brotherhood" or whatever.

Intermediaries between yourself and God

Coal miners are also covered with white since they spray it down with lime for safety

so if you see someone depicting coal workers smudged with black, signs it is faked

So what do you think the symbolism is intending there to be?

Stoking the fires of the trump train fuel? 😉

Well, the Department of Energy must have been restructed because Obama would have hamstrung the nation under pretense of "Green Energy"

So mentioning Coke to Obama if indeed about energy represents power unleashed instead of smothered, if not a joke about Obama's nose candy 🤷🏼

nice to see an old meme as part in a much greater meme!

Inrupt is not enough of a pullback for privacy

Red october, red cross, payment to Rosenstein? Then, what is an american enemy combatant, then reference to suicide eg suicide weekend/week

I've been thinking about that in context

So if your goal is to subvert a nation and you use illuminati and death cult symbolism to unify agents moving into place, they could each be considered a point of light

Agent in position to pull off a hijacking of a nation

Or, wearing two shirts as in plain looking outerwear

Fraudulent SOP business procedure. Freaking buildings falling over or made with trash and elevators eating people

googling "gender reveal party" but I just know it's some stupid shit

Oh thank god it's relatively normal though a bit narcissistic

start tweeting under these retarded tags: #Resist #VoteBlue

start tweet replying to Jim Carrey, Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow

I was victimized by the white male CIS programmer who designed twitter!

@Botchan yidz eat kids. yidz rape kids. yids eat kids. yids rape kids.

@Botchan Gas the Jews. Zyklon the Kikes. Arbeit Macht Frei. Oy vey.

Hitler made a mistake in allowing the extradition of the Jews

Austin differs in quite a sizeable libertarian population

In coastal cities of CA that'd be the green party and dumb

Make your own memes. Want to have red october memes about the blood of the fallen soldiers? go for it! Or, Wanna talk about NFL's stupid flag? By all means!

Want to feature sean connery? Why not!?

Not only did you have any refutations approaching a level of normal debate

you fail at failing to make an argument, or insulting

thus, he likes it, living in their head rent free

you mean the capitalist lumberjacks are targetting TREES now?!

maybe freebsd will finally become the open sauce overlord

I like the way poudriere works, but managing building every package is crazy amount to do, but if you want to do source level patches like have an nginx server that doesn't freaking leak version info ever (like, really, why would someone ever need to know? honestly.... comeon...)

and then I upgraded and broke everything

you gotta turn on cartman mode and disallow new messages and then leave as the last message in every room a link to this room

it still grinds my gears they 187'd him

All of this would not be happening now if they hadn't

I think Podesta the fixer for Clinton through wikileaks emails leaked show fairly conclusively that he had something to do with the exact location Scalia died

"They thought she would win" thus becoming very literally that they were planning on her nominations ahead of time

Thus why this is so important now, and why it rhymes with history by troll in chief

Q could just as easily rub their noses in their "favored phrase"

He's well aware of their veiled language

I was having to ... be somewhere else ... away from the TV... and even my phone..."

there are a whole bunch that show the reverse is true

It depends on how deep down the rabbit hole you're willing to go

I was just grabbing links 😛 but it's not inconceivable to stage

If I made it my policy to #resist , I would also position myself as a #victim

They did get their coordination (4am) tool, I forget the name of it

Oh is Kero the Wolf that furfag that can't get his story straight?

You ought to know why white, black, and red are among humanity's most early used colors.

if it's noisy a jpeg at 80 quality is often good enough, though lossy

if very unnoisy png usually does the trick

He must have had an awesome line for the ice (from ... someone's ... beer?)

So apparently Donald Trump has been putting Kavanaugh through this to make people forget that the nytimes just printed a story

"How do you win though you lose an election?"

dude, the election has VERY CLEAR rules

this guy is a) a moron, or b) talking to morons and thus a douchebag

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