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Never used this app before.

I’ll figure it out. Seems easy.

Typed weird for a date

Right, is anyone familiar with that nomenclature for a date?

Also, you guys know who Gannett is, right?

Gannett=USAToday and a bunch of local TV news affiliates.

I think they also TENGA media

The OO (Oval Office) Prayer mentions sacrificing children. The FL shooting is an example. I think the prayer not only refers to human trafficking but also the deep state’s willingness to kill children or teenagers to further their agenda. Thanks for reposting the prayer.

That was straight up terrorism from a foreign nation. It is being dealt with by Trump without WW3

Notice the series of events following LV. Trump traveled, and the nation he visited rounded up theirs bad guys.

It was on the news.

Lots of explanations but only 1 truth.

Are you arguing that the DS isn’t willing to kill children to advance their agenda? That’s one of the things we all agree about.

IMO if the LV truth was confirmed we would have no choice than another Gulf War. We don’t want another war. Don’t take my word for it, YouTube John E Hoover and see if those videos make sense to you. But be warned, they made me angry. I don’t think these videos are manipulated. I think someone that knows what they are doing compiled publicly available data and tells a different story.

My bad, agreed. We are at war. Not hardware as much as software.

Instead of the Cold War this is the “Soft War”. Software War. Mental and computer software. Lol

I imagine that is a busy area.

Could be part of the rumored DS Air Force

Did not know 5G was up.

Hormone replacement therapy

Diff subject. IMO Snowden is black hat. Hollywood’s glamorization of him is evidence that he is probably dirty. Made him look like a hero of the people. I think he is DS and weakened the NSA on behalf of the CIA.

We are organized and plentiful.

Tucker Carlson Tonight is about Google/YouTube Censorship.

new topic: In the middle of one of the Q docs it says "4th deminsional negative entities" and below that is "PINDAR" at the top of the pyramid. WTF is a PINDAR and could the be "P" that Q refered to?

What are 4th Deminsional Negative Entities and who/what is PINDAR?

are their 4th dimensional positive or neutral entitites? WFT is a 4th Dimensional Entity?

Ok, so who is the Dragon Penis? Who wears a Gold cap or gold hair and is at the pinnacle of leadership. Their need for symbolism is their downfall.

Good morning all. I’ve seen a lot of David Icke. Fascinating stuff. Parts make a lot of sense other parts hard to accept. Interesting that this has a connection.

I think we need to focus on prayer. Pray for everyone to find their own truths. Pray for those blinded by deception to seek truth. If we are blinded by deception then we need the prayer too.

It’s all real. Pedogate pizzagate the decline of western civilization through music art and movies. It’s all real. Receiving grace from God through Jesus is real. Prayers do matter, they do help. Thoughts, not so much. Thoughts aren’t prayers. Prayers are deliberate and formal. Thoughts flutter around and produce other thoughts. So when someone offers thoughts and prayers, they can keep their thoughts and just pray for understanding.

Yes yes yes @hansolo_711 we control out thoughts, thoughts control feelings, feelings control emotion. The part where many differ is not letting emotions control thoughts. Not having control of thoughts leads to losing control of emotion which lead to chaos and despair.

Looks like an audio book of Behold the Pale Horse is on YT

Hey, allow me to share my process. I didn’t over think it. I started at Coinbase with $10 worth of Bitcoin. That configured my wallet. Next I assembled a miner machine which is producing around $20/day on NiceHash. I transfer from NiceHash to Coinbase about twice a week. Everything uses 2FA to move $ so it feels secure. I’m not getting rich over night but I am in the game.

Discussion question: What is YT’s track record for taking down sites? Is this a recent spike allowable by the ending of Net Neutrality? Are “things getting real” all of a sudden? Why now, why now?

YouTube exists so creators and consumers can be more directly connected. Why limit any type of video? Good stuff rises to the top and garbage stays garbage.

Right, right about the fire. And no doubt this will all play out in China over the next 20 years.

Or they learned to squelch free speech early there so it probably won’t be easy for Chinese citizens to upload videos

This cannot be allowed to stand but I can’t think of any logical recourse.

Jordan Sather with Destroy the Illusion is down.

Bombards body language channel is down.

Perhaps That image is telling us to pay attention to movie narratives? Seems vague but Q does make a lot of movie references.

I operate with smart tv and an iPhone. I have a pc but I find keeping it easy is best.

@Dani Clarke I totally believe they are doing that.

I think [p] is PINDAR.

I also found reference to PINDAR being an acronym for Penis of the Dragon.

I have a high res version of the map.

Ok, but it’ll be a bit. It’s on a PC in my office.

What if the blanks during the planned active shooter drill in parkland were accidentally switched with real rounds?

And Cruz is a convenient patsy

Maybe Sheriff Israel botched it and knew the crazy Cruz kid would easily be framed.

Aren’t their cameras everywhere?

Right, sounds legit

Who did pay for the kids Uber?

I can see the reason for suppressing Vegas truth.

I can see it. Look at timeline of following events around Trumps visit to SA.

I have some crypto. I mine

Nah, download NiceHash and get going. Improve the miner as you go.

You get what you pay for I guess. I go with GPU so I can sell the cards if I want out. Ant miners are dedicated so it is a bigger commitment.

I feel like my powers of discernment think Q is real but I appreciate the question. We should always question everything short of becoming self paralyzed

YT has lots of videos on Coinbase, NiceHash and miners. I have a multi GPU system with 9 graphics cards.

Looking forward to see it it @Dustin Nemos

GIF is cool. The program that analyzed the flag produces and email of the results. This gif is from the email.

But you gotta click it to see the action and some maybe hesitant to click it.

Cool, I’m on an iPad so I have to click it.

I found it and I think it means that we are stopping the end game.

Endgame is 50 states to 4 containment zones.

So I get this as a meme

Use this program from App Store.

I think the 4starflag is the only true hidden image that has been found inside a Q image.

@hansolo_711 change that to “stop the 4 horsemen”

Right all have hidden meanings.

I wasn’t thinking LOTRvm but I get it.

I think of 4 zones, NE SE NW SW that we will be confined too.

Closed Walmart’s will be where you go when you can afford to live in your own.

That is where you will go when you can’t afford to self sustain. So then they decide what to do with you. Re-education and reassignment or elimination.

Where did Johnny go? He got reassigned. (Johnny is dead)

So I think we are put in play to fight the 4zone endgame.

Yeah, putting all of these pieces together is scary.

If you were going to control the globe, wouldn’t it be easier if USA was 4 zones instead of 50 states?

I don’t delete.

This app have delete? Didn’t check.

4 stars isn’t dividing, it’s the homogenization of us.

Hmm, I should RTFM. Lol.

But the 4 stars in the flag is about confinement

It alludes to taking away the state boundaries, removing identity that make us different.

Not 4 states that “win”. 4 new states that are made out of 50

Think of our map without the state boundaries but with instead a big cross dividing us into 4 zones.

Right but our flag has 50 stars for a reason.

So imbedding an image of 4 stars is relevant.

And I get it. If i was making that image I would copy and past stars and build it up. The last 2 groups would be 27 stars each and I would overlay 4stars in the middle. That makes sense. But why not “merge layers” one last time before saving the image? I feel those 4 stars slapped me in the face.

somebody asked for a higher res Qmap. I have one better than this but it is too large to upload here.

it was a link one of the youtube guys had in the video description a few months back. When Q was emphasizing backing up stuff. I ran across it and downloaded everyting.\

There is a bunch of stuff. what is the easiest way for me to share?

here is a another cool image that some may not have

So I didn't make these images. I snagged them from an open dropbox link from a the comments of a youtube video.

i have more but i'm going to bed.

I did not make this. I got it from the John Q. Public Wikipedia entry. I believe we are he.

tucker carlson talking about youtube censorship now

saying youtube is paying SPLC to do the monitoring WTF?

southern poverty law center is doing the censoring

I don't think we should be speculating on who Q is.

nah, she is going on to bigger and better things

yes @oldpatriot I hear ya but I think we are also trying to avoid riots

well, I listen to feelings but they are controled by thoughts

I think I have a contingency plan for you to think about.

Let’s find a mobile game maybe 2 games. One on iPhone and one on android. Anyway, find a free game that has chat. Use the chat in game to chat live or leave messages. Like Township or something.

It would look like gaming chatter.

Goes to show you that it’s a disease. She could have any man, why target a kid?

So I think Trump throwing shade a sessions is part of the show. Q tells us to trust sessions but Trump is outwardly showing dissapproval of his actions. This makes the libs say, "Trump doesnt' like Sessions so I will support sessions" . It's Trump Troll level, the master...

the truth is written all over his face, zoom in if you dare!

I feel like we don’t know what cern could be capable of.

We are all part of the cern experiment

I think HAARP is for controlling weather

I’m not a physicist but I recall rumors of a pole shift long before cern was thought of.

That could be related to massive energy releases.

I wonder what kind of force feedback is generated by the particles inside the magnetic field.

In other words the particles are guided in a magnetic field, but what contains the mag field? Enclosure of some kind? And that enclosure is bolted to concrete. So what kind of force is translated from the particle all the way through to the bolts in concrete to ground waves? Questions upon questions.

Contingency ideas. Let’s agree on a game that we can all access in phones, tablets and computers that has chat. Like Township or something. We can communicate by Typing Q as in question and the response is E as in everything.

Then we know each other are Q

Understanding it could be a troll

So still being cautious,

Gives a common ground to build on.

Right, or a different game.

If you like that concept go react to it so it will gain traction.

Only on way to test that

Bombard’s Body Language is back. I think YT is embarrassed and trying to avoid lawsuits.

I say everyone who had their channels messed with be compensated for loss in revenue and time.

Just an idea to put out there. Try to keep videos short and to the point or get the point out in the first couple minutes. I see videos that look intersteing but if they are a half hour or more, I usually scroll on by.

So this image won’t stop popping into my head. Could this have been a signal or message to the world to start the plan that was intended to begin under HRC?

It’s like the DS decided to start the process of destroying America even though they lost the election.

She should lose her job for having it out without an immediate danger being present.

I don’t know.

Am i not supposed to post here?

I pay for Red so I don’t see ads.

You look at this stuff long enough the acronyms fall into place.

I made the Q face. I’ve got mad photoshop skills, I trying to use few words and say things with the image.

I’ll try to crank some out. Feel free to tell me the topic

QNN is talking about the Podedta/Linkin Park connection.

Greedy bastards. All about $

This is like a high stakes actual reality show.

Lol, they live, that is for sure.

Consume and conform

Perhap an urban shield drill involves what todo when military move in to shield the city from foreign attack?

We all are thinking that on everything now.

Doesn’t mean we’re wrong.

I’m sure they all knew what they were getting into.

I get it but I think the harder you push him the harder he pushes back.

I watched the pbs doc on trump, he was the young, brash, out of control bully that got sent to military school by his father. He came out a weapon

The world makes pedos, God makes good people that get distorted by the world

hey, besure to set your avatar, other wise I think your avatar is Mickey Mouse's behind.

Hey, I want to throw this out. I think we need to be going back and looking for more Proofs so we are better prepared when Q starts posting again. Go back through the Q posts and look for stuff that jumps out at you and try to proof it. Let's talk about stuff.

this has a little Nemo thrown in

We should hold today’s society to such a high standard.

@Saintlady9 sure, send me the image you’re wanting me to use.

Looks like somebody was screwing somebody they shouldn’t have been. Was the officer unarmed because he was in a no gun zone?

Oh wow, didn’t realize it was their kid. Guess infidelity wasn’t involved but definitely trust was betrayed. How horrible the kid must feel. IMO He will probably be found dead from self inflicted wound/OD. The guilt will kill him once reality sits in.

I’m around, mobile

I glanced at your pdf @Romans 6 I’ll dig in when stationary

@Mr.White509 I like that picture, the Q-Team. I think 3 of them are under attack, 2 of which have left and the 3rd has had their clearance lowered.Not sure who the other 2 are, can you name them?

Morning folks. Want to pick a q post and discuss/research?

How many think it’s too quiet and stuff is about to go own?

What year is that ad from?

Wow, predictive programming.?

@Saintlady9 I did. I’m mobile right now. Will be in front of a computer later. You should DM me requests please.

It’s art for me about spreading truth, not necessarily about specific situations.

@tommy110669 right, can you track some others down with dates?

Is there a folder someplace where we can post stuff for each other?

Their need (requirement) for symbolism will be their down fall. Q

They are like the Riddler in Batman mythos. If they don’t leave a trail and gloat in some way, their deceit is not as tasty.

@tommy110669 I would love to review all that.

Don’t recall that movie

I feel jfk was a turning point and the DS has been prominent ever since.

I still recommend not targeting the kid. Lots of stuff messed up about FL without messing with any of the kids.

If anything, push the kid that is speaking against Hogg

The kid that is calling for the sherif to resign

Right, lots of easy targets. Sherif Israel (probably not even his real name).

zoom into this if you dare

anything i post is free to use as far Im concerned

mmmm, take a big, juicy bite of truth

@Mr.White509 he can garner support of the left by supporting that but i think he knows that would never pass. Forces the left to agree with him, which they hate doing.

No, why are you here Mr White?

Read the Q posts, this fits the plan.

IMO Trump know that the dems don’t really want to ban guns. They want to talk about it just like DACA.

He is positioning them, giving them rope. Some will build a hammock out of the rope and be fine. Others will take that rope and fashion an elegant noose to hang themselves with.

He is and no one has been playing that in a while. Decades

I’m watching Corsi, wish he would get to his point instead of telling us details about his viewers comments. These long videos are brutal

IMO, and I studied communications like many of you have, videos should be 20minutes max. If you need more than that to make a point then you might need a series of videos.

And we done sit around and talk about being on the same page, we just are on the same page, welcome

Thought experiments that produce discussions that need to be had.

Oh, they keep trying. Sucks that they are willing to sacrifice kids to push their narrative, but that is what you do in a war when everything is on the table.

@Douglas Castle @Romans 6 @mr.mark he has already declared a state of emergency. 12/21/17 EO regarding Corruption and Human Trafficking

State of emergency comes befor martial law

I don’t think he needs martial law to do what needs to be done. But I think a state of emergency allows for military arrests.

3rd paragraph of EO.
I therefore determine that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.

@imdb, IMO Mandela stuff is bs, willing to discuss if you want.

@garrettg1029 re, USSS. I think the gun being found recently is proof that they are doing their job, in general, however you never know if an agent could become compromised.

@della4 , yeah, I guess the study of the Mandela Effect is real, but one should first do an in depth study of how our memory works.

IMO the Mandela thing and flat earth are setup to make conspiracy theorist look crazy.

@garrettg1029 you make a good point, would like to know more about the program that requires the USSS to design drills for high schools.

I like the way you connect things @garrettg1029

Alight @Romans 6 , what’s the point of it?

@Romans 6 let’s say it’s 100%, why or how did it happen, CERN? Tell me more.

So vhs tapes across the world changed?

We see truth, typos don’t matter.

@oneofhis look up the original Hebrew text

If your looking into bible stuff, let me recommend

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