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2018-09-28 19:34:23 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I am not sure he flaked out tho. He gave a recommendation then voted YEA to forward the confirmation to a full Senate vote. I think he tricked the libs. Feinstein wasn't happy and Leahy was truly confused by Flake. We should know more as the Republicans sort this out. Did someone say here last eve that Murkowski is going to vote for confirmation? Perhaps all that heavy handed bullying is blowing up in Feinstein's face. I sure hope so cos she needs a new one.

2018-09-28 20:00:10 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Agreed! This part of the confirmation is over - Judge Kavenaugh moves to the Full Senate - period. What Flake and the others do on that floor is their business. What POTUS decides with the FBI is his business. The FBI have already investigated this man six times and have refused an additional investigation... and my very well refuse to do another! Flake did include the terms - FBI to investigate only what was currently in front of this committee - meaning no more crazies out of the porn lawyer's closet. I don't trust libs tho, and would bet new allegations are on their way to being leaked from Feinstein's cast of minions. This is being played out in the court of public opinion and the world is watching this circus! #MAGA

2018-09-28 20:37:03 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

it's so FFFFFucked! Who will step forward this week?

2018-09-28 20:37:20 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

and it appears K's friend Judge will cooperate with the FBI

2018-09-28 20:38:41 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

say what???? Who is she? Is this why all her Internet footprint has been erased? I want the FBI to look into her background - hmmmmmmmmm

2018-09-28 20:41:25 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

so weird - too many clowns in that family

2018-09-28 20:41:41 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  


2018-09-28 20:43:30 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

OH PLEASE OH PLEASE - let this really be happening

2018-09-28 20:44:26 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Doom1776 you are right about that abortion pill thing - this could blow up BIGLY - maybe our 5D POTUS knew and that's why he allowed the libs to come up with the FBI investigation???

2018-09-28 20:45:07 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

How could they come back from this -

2018-09-28 20:45:35 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

there is not enough kettle corn in the WORLD to keep up with this movie!

2018-09-28 20:50:11 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

CM Blasley?

2018-09-28 20:52:00 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  


2018-09-28 20:57:05 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Holy Shit Batman!

2018-09-28 20:58:34 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

How could he not know who was in front of him?????????

2018-09-28 21:00:40 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

there is no way they aren't connected - Schatzberg, chair of psychiatry at Stanford University???Well-known university psychiatrists promoted psychoactive drugs

2018-09-28 21:01:03 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

she was completely drugged out - caffeine please

2018-09-28 21:01:39 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Or is she really any part of this? I don't know - they use people - they insert people - she could disappear as quickly as she appeared

2018-09-28 21:01:48 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

there is no way POTUS doesn't know about this

2018-09-28 21:02:00 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  


2018-09-28 21:02:51 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

You know it - and a SF company in Feinstein and Pelosi's backyard? Booker, Harris.....

2018-09-28 21:03:28 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  


2018-09-28 21:03:42 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

This needs to be on qresearch

2018-09-28 21:03:52 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

go to 8chan

2018-09-28 21:04:28 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

This chick has multiples, and I mean that in every definition possible

2018-09-28 21:04:58 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Thanks @Lucifer Inlustris this is kinda big

2018-09-28 21:05:17 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Freaking crazytown

2018-09-28 21:05:39 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

she was obviously testing the merchandise yesterday on the tube

2018-09-28 21:05:53 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

cool - good job Doom - is anyone looking into it there

2018-09-28 21:05:58 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

right on

2018-09-28 21:06:13 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Q needs to see that people are awake to this shit

2018-09-28 21:06:40 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

great digging - there has to be more - and Grassley is retiring - hmmmmmmmmm

2018-09-28 21:43:30 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

LOL @Doom1776 I know - I just had to work too - dang it! We get the weekend to hit it hard tho

2018-09-28 21:44:36 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I have a hunch that POTUS just took the dems into a trap - now the FBI will be looking into HER background as well as his, right? They would have to cos they have to place them in the same spot at the same time.... TRUST WRAY

2018-09-28 21:45:38 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Dems cannot say - oh Trump is going after the victim because THEY just requested it

2018-09-28 23:13:08 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@SirW00f that is exactly what I'm thinking - hope she doesn't get crazier and arkancide herself this weekend - now that she isn't needed and is no longer an asset

2018-09-28 23:14:53 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

This is all well planned out - I'm serious - this is truly POTUS' 5D chess and the dems just got played BIGLY

2018-09-28 23:22:25 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Ecclesiastes 10:2 β€œThe heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.”

2018-09-28 23:25:06 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@LaserTrain I am right there with you - but think that the FBI should also look into her past to ensure SHE didn't just lie under oath - which everyone one of us knows she did....

2018-10-06 22:12:28 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  



2018-10-06 23:27:14 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Wouldn't it be just too ironic if Murkowski has her name on a few sealed indictments???

2018-10-06 23:46:19 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  


2018-10-26 18:29:26 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

who puts collage prints from 8chan on the outside of their windows on a brand new van?

GAB has just been taken down

I got kicked... but I'm back.... jowdy

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