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2017-06-28 23:49:18 UTC


2017-06-28 23:49:48 UTC

Damn, looking up washington statues on google gets some good ass pictures


2017-06-28 23:50:05 UTC

look at the modern shit in the background

2017-06-28 23:50:11 UTC


2017-06-28 23:50:42 UTC


2017-06-28 23:50:44 UTC

This old coin

2017-06-28 23:50:46 UTC

@Tedium One of the ladies is trying to help me now. Thank you for being willing! If we can't figure it out, I might have to ask again.

2017-06-28 23:50:48 UTC

Evening fellas

2017-06-28 23:50:56 UTC

Evening dude

2017-06-28 23:51:18 UTC

My view ATM

2017-06-28 23:51:21 UTC


2017-06-28 23:51:25 UTC


2017-06-28 23:53:23 UTC

Cool coins

2017-06-28 23:53:31 UTC


2017-06-28 23:54:02 UTC

@Kevin FL lucky

2017-06-28 23:54:55 UTC

From what year is that coin? 19XX?

2017-06-28 23:55:10 UTC
2017-06-28 23:56:03 UTC

@Kevin FL I'm so jealous right now

2017-06-28 23:56:09 UTC

i can't find a better one

2017-06-28 23:56:15 UTC

cause i'm lazy

2017-06-28 23:57:04 UTC


2017-06-28 23:57:29 UTC

Shoes at the beach, mang?

2017-06-28 23:57:44 UTC

i want there

2017-06-28 23:57:56 UTC

if i was on a beach i wouldn't give a fuck

2017-06-28 23:58:07 UTC

Go naked m8

2017-06-28 23:59:01 UTC

I'm going home

2017-06-28 23:59:17 UTC

And then i'm going to drink a lot

2017-06-28 23:59:20 UTC

@Maxson mercury dimes

2017-06-28 23:59:20 UTC


2017-06-29 00:01:17 UTC


2017-06-29 00:26:52 UTC


2017-06-29 01:06:45 UTC

Anyone know/hear about what's going on in Venezuela? Apparently RWDS is happening and this is not a drill.

2017-06-29 01:09:40 UTC


2017-06-29 01:10:01 UTC

What is it about? I can't understand the languages being used

2017-06-29 01:10:19 UTC


2017-06-29 01:10:21 UTC

That is

2017-06-29 01:10:58 UTC

I wouldn't worry about it

2017-06-29 01:24:49 UTC

I wish we had a chopper

2017-06-29 01:25:55 UTC

@Tedium I was waiting on someone plus I did a little running and some sprint swimming to get my exercise in today

2017-06-29 01:35:37 UTC

do we have guys in michigan? @Thomas Ryan

2017-06-29 01:37:52 UTC
2017-06-29 01:49:28 UTC


2017-06-29 01:52:11 UTC


2017-06-29 02:01:12 UTC

Just a note, the van to Cville would be tax deductible

2017-06-29 02:03:47 UTC

do we know what part of alabama the van is driving through?

2017-06-29 02:10:09 UTC


2017-06-29 02:10:19 UTC

Montgomery @Intolerant Sean

2017-06-29 02:20:42 UTC

Is it taking the southern route @Graham?

2017-06-29 02:20:58 UTC

I don't think so

2017-06-29 02:21:11 UTC

Check in <#314232160355745795> For the van route

2017-06-29 02:21:27 UTC

There are two routes

2017-06-29 02:21:30 UTC

It will probably be the northern one

2017-06-29 02:21:41 UTC

does Florida have a vanguard discord

2017-06-29 02:21:44 UTC

Ah alright

2017-06-29 02:21:50 UTC

Don't wanna go though that alabama state right

2017-06-29 02:21:51 UTC

I'll prob just drive myself

2017-06-29 02:22:04 UTC

If any southern boys need a ride hit me up

2017-06-29 02:38:57 UTC

Do you feel it, boys?

Things are heating up.

2017-06-29 02:39:24 UTC


2017-06-29 02:40:20 UTC

With as much notice Cville has there could legitimately be 1000 folks attending

2017-06-29 02:42:18 UTC


2017-06-29 02:44:10 UTC


2017-06-29 02:44:25 UTC

What's a roblox?

2017-06-29 02:45:05 UTC

A game similar to mincraft I think

2017-06-29 02:45:33 UTC

Autist play it

2017-06-29 02:45:35 UTC

Phil is lying, his kids definitely play it.

2017-06-29 02:45:42 UTC


2017-06-29 02:46:13 UTC

My oldest used to play it.

2017-06-29 02:46:42 UTC

Lol, one does.

2017-06-29 04:23:58 UTC

@Intolerant Sean I'll need a ride.

2017-06-29 04:25:19 UTC

Just dmed you

2017-06-29 04:29:41 UTC

How many tattoos are considered degen ? A kid saw my phone screen and I got his number and he has several

2017-06-29 04:30:02 UTC

I'm heavily tattooed

2017-06-29 04:30:11 UTC

Hands and neck

2017-06-29 04:32:12 UTC

@Intolerant Sean u got me pms about tomorrow

2017-06-29 04:32:25 UTC

Tattoos being degen is more personal opinion than anything. The only stipulation VA has about tattoos is preferably no hands and neck, but that's mainly a guideline to help prevent doxxing. Those tattoos are personally identifiable and difficult to conceal if need be

2017-06-29 04:32:56 UTC

^^ Agreed

2017-06-29 04:33:26 UTC

Gotta remember tattooers back in the day were conservative navy guys

2017-06-29 04:33:37 UTC

Not this nigger culture you see now adays

2017-06-29 04:33:53 UTC

and back before that, tattoos were a cultural thing in Europe

2017-06-29 04:34:05 UTC


2017-06-29 04:34:37 UTC

Arguably the oldest art form

2017-06-29 04:34:38 UTC

There's no issue as long as they aren't all over and they aren't swastikas on your eyelids.

2017-06-29 04:35:03 UTC

I would agree swaz on the eyelid is full retard

2017-06-29 04:35:40 UTC

Scythians (aka Kievan Rus, modern day Russia & East Europe) are known for their tattoos, Nordic cultures had them as well.

2017-06-29 04:36:44 UTC

This ^^

2017-06-29 04:40:50 UTC

Hey Bama boys let's start a monthly work out thing

2017-06-29 04:42:08 UTC


2017-06-29 04:42:26 UTC

If you don't lift today, the Jews win

2017-06-29 04:44:32 UTC

Been lifting today so they lose

2017-06-29 04:46:31 UTC


2017-06-29 04:47:05 UTC

Reminder Jews are beast

2017-06-29 05:11:30 UTC

@everyone let me know what you all think:


2017-06-29 05:11:56 UTC

@Billy Merse bad ass

2017-06-29 05:36:44 UTC

I did squats today

2017-06-29 05:36:53 UTC

It's my weak area

2017-06-29 05:37:05 UTC

185 10 reps 5 sets

2017-06-29 05:50:16 UTC

So, you don't have to give that twat clicks:


2017-06-29 07:54:39 UTC

Milo > Laura Loomer > Posebiac > Ben Shapiro > Rubin > Cernovich > Sargon

2017-06-29 07:54:59 UTC

worst to worse

2017-06-29 11:20:52 UTC

Waking up to coffee and racially charged hate from social media is a great start.

2017-06-29 11:48:39 UTC

Good morning sure is I just downed a nos to try to get rolling between work and working out my ass is getting kicked

2017-06-29 12:01:44 UTC

Nos is like legal crack dude. Normally energy drinks don't work for me but those give me heart palpitations

2017-06-29 12:04:43 UTC

I gotta cut back off them lol but it's the only way I can get in gear most days works rough some days

2017-06-29 12:05:33 UTC

Redline almost killed me lol

2017-06-29 12:06:34 UTC

I use C4 pre workout and black coffee lol

2017-06-29 12:29:00 UTC

Redline is half a bottle lmao and c4 you gotta follow the instructions it has a lot of caffeine in it so if you have had caffeine in 4 hours don't take it

2017-06-29 12:30:09 UTC

Yeah lol I have a no caffeine after 12pm policy myself

2017-06-29 12:30:15 UTC

Well i thought it was bullshit and drank the whole thing in one go lol

2017-06-29 12:31:00 UTC

No caffeine after 5 for me

2017-06-29 12:37:25 UTC

@SonderSchutz TX Ive done that before, maxs went up like crazy

2017-06-29 12:39:05 UTC

Haha fuck that shit

2017-06-29 12:42:03 UTC

Just use protein creatine glut and you'll be good all that other shit raised your heart rate way to much

2017-06-29 12:43:50 UTC

Water is your best friend a gallon a day

2017-06-29 12:45:56 UTC

And from experience if you ever take creatine mono hydrated which is best and works awesome get the water hot to dissolve it first otherwise it's going to cleanse your bowels like nothing you have had before

2017-06-29 12:54:39 UTC

Cut out energy drinks. Changed my life. NOS is the best drink on the market though. Followed closely by the Red Bull summer edition drinks.

2017-06-29 12:55:37 UTC

Another reason to drink Red Bull.


2017-06-29 13:10:13 UTC

Yeah that's a great story. For health reasons I try to avoid those but if I need it, I only get RedBull after seeing this

2017-06-29 13:12:57 UTC

Oh yeah I saw that. I need to keep better track of the companies I support and the companies I avoid

2017-06-29 13:38:38 UTC

That kit o connell article is cancer

2017-06-29 13:38:50 UTC


2017-06-29 13:38:51 UTC

*racist Easter eggs!*

2017-06-29 13:41:07 UTC


2017-06-29 14:16:20 UTC


2017-06-29 14:16:57 UTC

degenerate filth. One day I think these "marginalized" "folks" will be bulldozed into mass graves

2017-06-29 14:41:44 UTC

I want a poster saying Florida belongs to the vanguard

2017-06-29 14:59:00 UTC

"The inherent weaknesses of online culture will be washed away by more natural bonds as this scene shifts into the real world."

2017-06-29 15:35:54 UTC


2017-06-29 15:38:29 UTC

We're beginning our Florida shift as soon as we can

2017-06-29 15:42:10 UTC


2017-06-29 15:44:09 UTC


2017-06-29 15:44:21 UTC

That lying waste of life.

2017-06-29 15:45:49 UTC

What's up with that I don't keep up with TX news though it appears I should start

2017-06-29 15:46:12 UTC

That happen before Austin

2017-06-29 16:29:14 UTC

Clint from Oklahoma is doing okay

2017-06-29 16:29:29 UTC

@Thomas Ryan she's stepping down?

2017-06-29 16:30:59 UTC

That's what the article said.

2017-06-29 16:31:30 UTC

You can't rely on moderates to keep their spines straight when they get called racist.

2017-06-29 16:31:40 UTC


2017-06-29 16:32:10 UTC

I understand the doxx aspect from a business persepective but goddamn does it piss me off

2017-06-29 16:32:48 UTC

Her stepping down will have no effect on the left. They want the business shuttered.

2017-06-29 16:33:03 UTC

They never stop

2017-06-29 16:36:26 UTC

@NDO Eric-TX Just talk about how they make it look. Those thugs attacked *you guys* and then got arrested for starting fights.

2017-06-29 16:36:33 UTC

@NDO Eric-TX Paul takes over and turns it into an Alt Right watering hole. Result: Heads explode

2017-06-29 16:37:04 UTC


2017-06-29 16:37:46 UTC

In time we will have to form our own communities. Our own neighborhoods, businesses, etc

2017-06-29 16:37:58 UTC


2017-06-29 16:40:12 UTC

That's exactly the idea @Cody88 - FL

2017-06-29 16:43:18 UTC

One reason I think its so important for is to stay in contact with normies and feed them red pills small enough for them to swallow

2017-06-29 16:43:46 UTC

It takes time and effort to de-program people and recruit them for our cause, but its vital

2017-06-29 16:43:50 UTC

Of course, we can't exclude ourselves from these areas of conflict

2017-06-29 16:44:39 UTC

"How to Influence Normies and Win Fashy Friends"

2017-06-29 16:51:44 UTC


2017-06-29 16:53:03 UTC

I love this one

2017-06-29 17:03:46 UTC

Hey, that's pretty good!

2017-06-29 17:14:47 UTC

Weren't the nuke and atom both discovered / made /whatever by jews?

2017-06-29 17:15:23 UTC

Ay sot it vos ze dschermanz

2017-06-29 17:15:27 UTC

I thought the Nazis made it

2017-06-29 17:15:35 UTC

@Maxson u stop speaking german

2017-06-29 17:15:45 UTC

American and German ingenuity

2017-06-29 17:15:53 UTC

@Fox Tx nay!

2017-06-29 17:16:02 UTC

I swear to god if u speak german when we meet irl

2017-06-29 17:16:12 UTC

Oppenheimer was a Jew

2017-06-29 17:16:41 UTC

Atoms were made by the Jews. Every component of life itself is a Jewish construct.

2017-06-29 17:17:12 UTC

By spliitting the atom you disrupt Jewish supremacy and thus the universe explodes.

2017-06-29 17:17:24 UTC

**That's** how atom bombs work

2017-06-29 17:17:44 UTC

@Fox Tx u wot m8!

2017-06-29 17:17:46 UTC

If you look at the structure of an atom you can see that star of David πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚

2017-06-29 17:19:05 UTC

@Maxson I will make Lathan do something to u and he is a monster

2017-06-29 17:19:21 UTC

@Thomas Ryan the "Jewish construct" thing is the same argument the lgbtqrstuvwxyz crowd makes with "white cis heteropatriarchical constructs and shit.

2017-06-29 17:19:39 UTC

I was joking, it was a joke

2017-06-29 17:19:59 UTC

@Thomas Ryan Can tell sometimes.

2017-06-29 17:20:04 UTC


2017-06-29 17:21:22 UTC

@Fox Tx oi you're a wanker m8!

2017-06-29 17:21:44 UTC

@Maxson sure cunt

2017-06-29 17:22:02 UTC

@Fox Tx <:reeeeeeee:318919743509889027>

2017-06-29 17:22:30 UTC

Dingo bants are the best bants

2017-06-29 17:22:54 UTC


2017-06-29 17:23:44 UTC

Shut up seppo

2017-06-29 17:25:01 UTC


2017-06-29 17:57:30 UTC

@Thomas Ryan Interesting. I'll ask Saxon about it when I see him next. This has been going on for two years now. Why would she cave all of a sudden?

2017-06-29 17:58:46 UTC

@RCO Nick-TX It's not even that bad of a place to take a girl on a first date, dude. The commies would rather have some failing, pinata shop there instead. Unreal.

2017-06-29 18:02:20 UTC

Yea I know it's maddening

2017-06-29 18:26:17 UTC


2017-06-29 18:26:22 UTC

NRA are as bad as anti whites πŸ˜‚

2017-06-29 18:30:06 UTC

Hang on is this for real? bit.ly/2tcPr0c

2017-06-29 18:30:58 UTC

Is this "our" Will Fears?

2017-06-29 18:31:34 UTC

Keep in mind that article was linked by UT Antifa so it may just be a guy with the same name

2017-06-29 18:32:24 UTC
2017-06-29 18:34:02 UTC

He showed up to the Robert E Lee protest in NOLA. Didn't know he was a nigger tier loon

2017-06-29 18:34:28 UTC

Stabbing your ex is some shitskin behavior

2017-06-29 18:34:56 UTC

@Zyklonius B Gassem-LA wait what article is this

2017-06-29 18:35:09 UTC

The one I linked above

2017-06-29 18:35:51 UTC

@Zyklonius B Gassem-LA I don't think it was him

2017-06-29 18:36:08 UTC

Someone with the same name? Not sure how we'd verify

2017-06-29 18:36:22 UTC

Or was he a suspect and exonerated

2017-06-29 18:37:54 UTC

@Zyklonius B Gassem-LA could be him but history is history

2017-06-29 18:38:12 UTC

Uh what?

2017-06-29 18:38:27 UTC

Dude that's some seriously fucked up shit

2017-06-29 18:39:35 UTC

Whether it's him or not we shouldn't be tolerating nigger tier behavior

2017-06-29 18:39:47 UTC

The same way we don't tolerate sodomite

2017-06-29 18:40:03 UTC

I had to check and see if I was even in the Vanguard channel

2017-06-29 18:40:11 UTC

He isn't a member

2017-06-29 18:40:32 UTC

I understand but he's at a lot of events that Vanguard would be at

2017-06-29 18:40:52 UTC

But if it's not our concern then whatever

2017-06-29 18:41:21 UTC

There was two, and he was very valuable in setting things up with the event coordinators for those. They were not our events to decide who was or was not going or helping.

2017-06-29 18:42:31 UTC

Look I understand that it may just be someone who has the same name and the fact he's not in jail indicates he wasn't convicted

2017-06-29 18:43:08 UTC

But it appears to me that that sort of behavior is tolerated as long as he's helping Vanguard and associated idiological groups? I find that to be pretty shit tbh

2017-06-29 18:43:44 UTC

If I'm misinterpreting what you're saying then just say so. I hope I am

2017-06-29 18:49:09 UTC

He's not helping us, he's involved with local groups that we are involved with. There are no direct ties between us and him.

2017-06-29 18:49:32 UTC

We have distanced ourselves in the past from him because of this. We are aware of his past and the complications it brings.

2017-06-29 18:54:48 UTC

Well most of the time he just shows up and does his own thing.

2017-06-29 18:56:01 UTC

What's the official stance on IE? I thought we shunned them due to Damigo's equivalent nigger behavior but go to things like CVille 1 and 2 solely because of the size and in attempts to recruit

2017-06-29 18:56:35 UTC

We haven't shunned IE. We work with them loosely and have no real concrete ties or agreements.

2017-06-29 18:58:48 UTC

Our DC guys are on good terms with their guys. Outside of that pretty minimal contact. This is still an edgy movement and you're going to get people on the edges of society although things are rapidly changing.

2017-06-29 18:59:20 UTC

"This" as in being far right or alt right?

2017-06-29 18:59:30 UTC

This as in VA

2017-06-29 18:59:35 UTC

WN in general

2017-06-29 19:00:35 UTC

We inculcate ourselves by having the standards we do. That doesn't mean the wider movement doesn't have folks with unsavory pasts

2017-06-29 19:09:26 UTC


2017-06-29 19:11:42 UTC

F to pay respects

2017-06-29 20:01:00 UTC


2017-06-29 20:02:53 UTC

This post is going to cause some butthurt.

2017-06-29 20:12:33 UTC

Wonderful well take back our land from the jews and undesirables

2017-06-29 20:31:00 UTC


2017-06-29 20:31:20 UTC

Canada's police

2017-06-29 21:14:41 UTC


2017-06-29 22:43:42 UTC

I get off work, come home. Sit and relax to unwind and what do I see?

2017-06-29 22:43:52 UTC


2017-06-29 22:44:30 UTC

BEING FUCKING NIGGERS. I'm pretty fucking aggravated today. Goddamnit just what the fuck are we waiting on to exterminate some of the vile creatures

2017-06-29 22:44:57 UTC


2017-06-29 22:51:38 UTC

Just look at them. Look at their fucking brain dead faces. The one on the right with his eyebrows raised. Fucking break limbs and tie them to a stump in the woods and let the critters take care of them.

2017-06-29 23:09:43 UTC

Get the rope!

2017-06-29 23:10:47 UTC

Hang em high I can not mention the things I would do to a rapist or pedophile

2017-06-29 23:12:17 UTC

Wtf is billy roper

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