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Yeah, if you'd like, we could have you and our Washington guys get in contact

Couldn't hurt to network

Nolan - WA#6230 is his discord, or you could always use twitter if it's easier

@MatthewHeimbach where did you guys get those business cards from that were in the packet?

Figured I'd go to a place that I already know prints stuff like that

Okay, thanks

A system kinda like this maybe?

But a corporeal place to train members would be choice

Hail Heimbach


@here does anybody from pikeville still have a radio?

@here who is able to make it to NOLA?

The city is using antifa to attack protesters. We need everybody we can get

Where in the midwest?

I'll ask around

Event is this weekend if you can make it. Keep opsec

If there's state chats already it's probably not necessary

What, you can't remember my name?

You know what, @Fox Tx ? You're not invited to my birthday party anymore

👱 🤜 🤛 🐒

End racism

Yeah, it's not like my guys are ever going to meet up with those Texas faggots

@here hey fucksticks, mark your calendars

August 12th is Charlottesville part 2: electric boogaloo

Shut up Texas. I've never heard of you

Are you a fuck up? Were you not allowed on the main server?

I bet you look like the afterbirth of a cluster fuck

Tell Thomas to get a haircut

How's my Dillon impression?

More people, more stuff

**If you are not going to this meet up and you are not going to the gym, you're fucking wrong. Unfuck yourselves**

No, shitbag. Go to the meeup or go to the gym. Those are the only options

No comment

Probably busy with his trailer. If anybody is legitimately concerned though, I'm sure we can contact him

@Phillip-TX scrub the shit out of it. Nick should be able to show you

Did you just say the N-word @The Don GA ?

that really hurts, you know?

Can't talk shit now, huh?

I carpet bagged your mom

yeah, threw out my back digging

Rule 1

Were you watching weev stream fallout nv?

>Ulfric is the true high king
Nah ni🅱🅱a I am

only because you can't kill kids in that game

but they left the nigger alive

neither did I lol

fuck you, maybe I will

Wait a few minutes then @Nathan TX

the 10min limit is on the server

Hey niggers, set aside 3 months next year for the Vanguard Appalachian Trail Hate-hike X-treme

So I have a partly formed idea. If you examine Ancient Greek art, the heroes always have small penises and the satyrs always have very large penises. They associated large penises with lust, foolishness, and animal qualities, whereas small penises were logic, intelligence, and self-control. One who was not as well endowed was not dominated by lust and folly. This seems to have been the dominant opinion until fairly recently. Renaissance art depicts men with small penises as well, and I think even German depictions of the Ideal Aryan also had small penises. The idea of bbc originated from racism, the idea that blacks were animals obsessed with raping white women. Average penis size of a country seems to vary inversely with average IQ. So why is it that recently the opinion has shifted so that now big penises are a good thing? Is it because our culture is obsessed wit sex, or because we want to make niggers look better so we promote a quality that they have? Perhaps that is also why tans are valued nowadays, when in the old days people preferred pale skin. Therefore I propose that we find a way to turn our culture around and value small penises again, so we can shift our values from sex back to intelligence and from black back to white. However, I have no idea how we promote this without people saying "oh they only care because they have small penises" or something of the sort.

what movie?

I'm watching blood diamond

not enough niggerdeath tbh



Worth a try, but social media has been zuccing burner numbers

@rflagg SC that was Blitzkrieger. UK goy

Kek, also Teutonic vanguard when?

That is the worst bowlcut in the history of bowlcuts, maybe ever

A bowlcut

A really small one

He reads them SIEGE every night before bed

@Thomas Ryan how about work makes you free lol?

>nigger govt employees
No need to repeat yourself fam

Siener van Rensburg is incredibly interesting. I can't explain his visions in any way other than as a gift from God

If you haven't heard of him, look him up

Oct. 22, 1923
"In Europe I see a boiler coming out. I see a fire exploding from its lid. A woman stands and looks to the north. Her robe is white, then it sags downwards and she is dressed in black."

Sep. 13, 1914
"Darkness falls. Two lights. I see a mighty engine. Smoke is pouring from it. The smoke moves up into the mountains. I see people coming across the wasteland, I see a town that becomes like nothing."

That was about Chernobyl

he predicted AIDS too

but it would be faster to say what he didn't predict

NK is the last remnants of *NatBol


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Also because cows

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>tfw you put so much grit on a graphic the words are unreadable:


It's trying to fill the niche, yes

The day of my death is fate. Sounds familiar @Ronny TX

was it @here that somebody posted that Burzum song last night?

what are some other songs like that one fam?

who else is in LA?

How long of a drive is it from there to pick up tedium?

are the other ones going?

What part of LA are you in @Tedium ?

how much would gas cost you to get there?


none of those had dollar signs

Okay, and what time do you need to be there by?

and when do you want to get back by?

do you have a paypal?

that you can use to transfer money to a bank account?

Are you able to get a ride to:
1825 Interstate Hwy 10
Lake Charles, LA 70601

there's a bus leaving at 11:20 tonight. $38 is the cheapest seat round trip

If you want to go, it would be less than $1 per person to help you get there

If money isn't an issue, there's some wheels

On their website it says there's one at 11 tonight

pretty sure there's no such thing as a "last bus." They're open 24/7 it looks like

I'm sure one of the guys can pick you up

Who would be a representative of the party from the Kansas area?

anybody @here from Kansas?

Was that /ourguy/ or literally our guy?

What group was this?

What group was that individual in?

I don't give a fuck about the alt right

I'm talking about the other pic

Again, idc

I'm talking about the person getting choked

Does that make it better?

The person that's choking him

What group?

The people around him?

Oh so it's them

I just want to know who I'm going to black bag until I find that fuck

In a hypothetical self defense situation of course

Anybody call ICE yet?

He's an illegal after all

He was "listening to music in the driveway"

Nice. Fingers crossed for lost job, DUI, felony assault, and a deportation


Y'all gotta try bison burgers some time

no I haven't lol, any good?

Report him to faceberg lmao

They'd probably think it's legit

And send cops to his house

@TXStormer email them anyway

It doesn't matter if he's one of them. If he's percieved to be one of them and it's causing them to lose funding and support, it puts them between a rock and a hard place

Either double down or disavow

If we keep pushing, disavow is the path of least resistance

they were already our guys though

__Faggots:__ I made this (*cucking*)
__Texans:__ You made this?
__Texans:__ I made this. We wuz Texas


but we wuz texas n shieet

with our fucking based mestizos

That Europa rises shirt is ***A E S T H E T I C***

My brother has that tattoo, but with a lion @rflagg SC

@everyone **If you are a State Commander, give your head count to @Thomas Ryan within 24hrs**

#EndRacism tbh fam
😎 🤜🏻 🤛🏿 🐒

We've got a couple chattanooga guys


Are you not an autistic Jew like the rest of us? Oy vey, I'm calling the ADL

>Dixie chat
>doesn't have a bible bot

@everyone DM me if you are the owner of the twitter account @DKnights_ATX

@TXStormer those are pretty rad

they're using the old eagle tho, new one has the fasces flipped

vote 1 is pretty good

You have the logo with the fasces faced downward? @Thomas Ryan


Go to DC and Raph can give you a swazi lol

^can be arranged, I'm sure

the memorabilia is cool

he's not hitler tho

I'm pretty sure he would've taken Eva with him anyway and not married some Argie chick

and there's no way he would've survived til now with all his health problems

>not Pluto

it's like you're underestimating the Reich

What's going on @Fox Tx ?

Probably not or it would be a massive health risk

I could find it probably

it's fake though

can you dispute it?

Gotta pump those numbers up

the super light skin ones all have black hair. Medium light skin has blond

just hair my dudes

For what? @Fox Tx

Probably like a day or two before the event just to make sure the bank has time to process it

Seizing the company would be literally worst case scenario, not for any minor thing

<:thomas:318917535720407061> **T O O T T O O T** <:thomas:318917535720407061>

>jean shorts
Have some self-respect people

Khakis, as close to coyote tan as you can. BDUs would be good for other situations, but not for rallies

Did his shop get shoah'd @Fox Tx

That would explain it

oh that's you redskegg?

no, I'm talking to somebody in a faceberg group with your picture

yeah, I doubt that guy is us

I doubt he's in here

idk what that is

I approve

what, are you albanian @TXStormer ?

are they muslim?

that's because in east yurop, fascism is the norm

Kosovo je Srbja tbh my dude

joking, I don't really have a dog in the fight


well, that can easily be fixed tbh

Austrian nobility were kikes

I didn't say serbs were smart lol

that would be albanians

and if you're countersignaling Codreanu, I'll gas you myself

educate yourself

I've never seen you before @TXStormer are you new?

just not active?

<#328573447703756810> is a link @Kevin FL . You'd want to use <@&327489067526651905> to get their attention

I was infiltrating

kek, this article is by an Italian *political party*

shitlording it up over in italy

@here if you are a veteran, current or former police, security, or have some sort of skill you think falls under that category please DM me ASAP

As soon as you want to make one @Phillip-TX lol

Me irl

Brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things (Philippians 4:8). Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right (Proverbs 20:11). Since I know, O my God, that You try the heart and delight in uprightness, I, in the integrity of my heart, have willingly offered all these things; so now with joy I have seen Your people, who are present here, make their offerings willingly to You (1 Chronicles 29:17). As for me, You uphold me in my integrity, And You set me in Your presence forever (Psalm 41:12).

Dillon actually killed him. Damn skinwalkers

They're serious business. Skinwalkers will mess you up fam

Congrats to Matthew Heimbach! He's off living the 14 words right now, but his second child was born yesterday

So that's pretty cool

@MatthewHeimbach congratulations from all of us. Hail victory!

Your hair can't be tussled if you get a haircut @Thomas Ryan

Are we SIEGE-posting now lol?

Give bricks to whites and they'll build a city. Give a city to blacks and you'll be left with bricks

I disagree on the slavery thing. We shouldn't force ourselves to rely on another race

Genocide is perfectly acceptable in circumstances e.g. the jews. Their existence is a threat to ours. As the kikes say, "it's just business"

Other populations, sure. We don't need genocide to maintain ourselves though

Well, gene pool part yes

But after that


It symbolized power becuase they were carried by Lictors. Lictors were basically the bodyguards for Consuls and Praetors in ancient Rome. Their significance is that they were the only weapons allowed within the city of Rome.

Just a note, the van to Cville would be tax deductible

Tattoos being degen is more personal opinion than anything. The only stipulation VA has about tattoos is preferably no hands and neck, but that's mainly a guideline to help prevent doxxing. Those tattoos are personally identifiable and difficult to conceal if need be

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