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It hurts.


Everyone gonna be so ugly in the future WTF

When people make the "*group* weren't considered white in America *number of years ago*!

A Jew stabs people in Portland and everyone blames white people

Jews run all the banks and govts doing all the scummy stuff and everyone blames white people too 😤


Super male vitality

Opinion on sunflower seeds guys

I'm eating sunflower seeds now

Scared my sister hehe

At least we stopped Hitler and aren't speaking german

Despite the fact that they lost two wars and aren't speaking only English

The police have their hands tied don't they

I feel marawi was a trial run

Seriously if the response is to use me as a prop and say we should love muzzies, I'd rather them just let me stay dead.

Fascism 🙂

There was an anonymous donation of 50 thousand pounds 9-10 hours ago.

Qatar is going to be getting bombed by morning probably

Part of my family came from Germany after the war, and most of them supported the war and relatives fought in it

Return of the Florida man

I love those pictures holy fuck

We got a good thing going if Metro 2033 happens irl

Take out Qatar and AJ Plus goes bye bye, plus we get to learn new CIA stuff


There's a gay dude getting a haircut before me lmao

Fresh haircut

Some guy was saying I'm just like the left with white identity politics



It's just like America, rural counties and cities divided

Might as well just end your life if you post that on a verified account


*everything about their views and imagery screams communist* "omg fascism!"

This is why the right sucks

I'm skeptical

Antifa revealing a strategy

Seriously what law

*Hey guys, I'm going to organize a small protest at Mount Rushmore. I won't tell anyone im going, so when no one shows up to counter protest, they'll prove the law shouldn't protect it anymore* fucking geniuses we are dealing with, eh??

How many of them will actually show

They could cry

If these people weren't tools of a group running the biggest psychological warfare campaign in human history, they wouldn't last 5 minutes

That actually sounds possible in this climate

And nobody would do shit about it

Anchored in the concrete slab

At a graduation party for a friend & surrounded by white people 🙂

That looked great in Houston

Nobody got hurt I hope

Antifa flaked?

Sounds like a win

Yeah the new one is super commie porn even more than the last

Bethesda going the way of Ubisoft

Wolfenstein world is literally White paradise in the 60s with futuristic technology "LOL EVIL NATZEES"

The new order was bearable but now Bethesda showing some jewishness

Who's worse antifa or oathkeepers/proud boys?



Let's meet

We wuz Texas 😂😂


Just got done at the food bank. There's hundreds of jars of peanut butter

Sitting at this table of engineers and it's all white people and two token Indians

Kinda ugly but still a shoe

Use them as commie bashers

Or to ward off dubya

I would just assume so and prepare for it

Only a handful showed up to the rally in March, but I suspect they'll bring more since this isn't a normie event.

That's snowflake melting temperature.

I think it's fake

I searched the site it was supposedly posted on

I'd rather die than be seen in public with that

Someone else made it

Me: "fuck Trump, he's breaking so many campaign promises"

Them: "yeah and colluded with Russia!"

Me: "now hold on just a moment you liberal commie faggot"

It's hot as FUCK

We were standing at attention and not allowed to move lol

Pictures of us in IGD already

Yo there were boyscouts on the steps right outside the doors lol

Letting everyone know I made it back safely and in good time

We need box drill etc class

Is it cause we're never at peace

@TXStormer those look amazing

Gotta keep growing!

This one was good. "omg neo-nazis holding a rally at the Texas Capitol building!"

>actually a bunch of well-dressed White men & women making true statements and not attacking people senselessly

😺 from Chef

B-b-but the people on CNN said they were all supposed to be ignorant people with shaved heads and tattoos covering their faces?????

Showing my friend these pictures and he has no idea I'm standing right there lmao

U r all gerbils!

That article. Restaurant could have just asked us to leave and we would have. I don't blame them if they felt scared to

@Tedium I asked for that one too lel

That weather will miss me entirely. Haha suckers

They're talking about communism and fascism on tucker Carlson lol


WPWW *White Polos World Wide*


Can't tell if satire or brainwashed author

It's not on the website

Thomas made the original, I just put the old logo instead of the blue star

does it look weird with the wing touching the blue rectangle

Lots of people have been asking if we sell them, we should try!

Raining good here

For fucks sake EVERY commercial is race mixing propaganda with ugly mixed kids.

Let's just turn our green/blue/grey eyes and red/blonde/black hair into JUST BROWN

This is why I don't watch TV ever

Got my OTF knife back 😃

Everyone wearing white polos and khakis now

I refuse to believe people are so ignorant that they think any battle in WW2 happened in Georgia, but honestly I cant say I'm surprised

A liberal who actually listens to a fascist explain what fascism is??

I understand why conservatives think fascism is national socialism and that its the same as communism

Everyone is taught since 3rd grade or so that only one 6 year period in history matters and that 6 million people died without question

And since right wingers watch steven crowder and hate socialism, they get triggered at the national socialism part

And equate it with leftism and use the terms as insults, instead of just calling them communists.

Pride in ownership, people want to make their own stuff better

Oath CUCKS unironically think this is accurate

There's the jews, but who's the next most dangerous, the commies or these traitors?

Is he making the "whites fought before so get BTFO, bigot" argument?

Muh freedom day is next week

I'm working with this guy named Kyle and I couldn't find him so I had to ask people if they've seen Kyle with a straight face 🤣

I thought that was it

That kit o connell article is cancer

*racist Easter eggs!*

NRA are as bad as anti whites 😂

Woah I did not know about this, though it doesn't surprise me now that they used colonial troops to occupy the Rhineland

If Jews are false flagging us then that means we are making waves

I was gonna say

When have we ever put "heebs" on propaganda

Something is afoot

And I don't like it 😰

I hear rubbing

So they're calling us, IE and Antifa terrorists?

I think it would really help the suidlanders fundraiser.

Who shoots up a hospital with a rifle that has no pistol or rifle grip 😂


Wtf IE 😂

I sure as hell am not willingly gallivanting off to Europe to take part in destruction there

Please tell me he's not wearing our colors

At 5:00 he describes how our guys saved him from getting beat up by commies

Good job

He wasn't wearing that striped shirt in the after picture


Who is that in the rally picture

And where is he now

Is he on discord

He's got one of our shields, standing there with our other guys, who is that

Lordy lord

But that's also a well known uniform we and IE wear

So someone random could have just worn it to blend in

There's no way

I'm in corpus right now

In a few hours shit is going down

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