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Thank You guys im glad to be a aprt of VA

Shelby County

just changed my nickname btw

Nice yeah i grew up in Birmingham but now i live out in the country

its beautiful out here

What county are you in? @Graham

We should meet up soon @Graham

fuckin down with that


@Graham you on twatter

Thanks man @Cody88 - FL

Just followed yo azz

I just followed you on twitter



Feel that

That girl need some help


It bums me out to see that. Really counter productive shit

Hey boys. I just an old friend last night. A good white man. Keep him and his family in your prayers if you pray. If not... just send positive thoughts RIP DK

just lost*

anybody have the va logo?



I don't think menacing is a bad thing but I do like the rwb

What county you from?

Nice I'm in Shelby @Walls Of Steel

Me you and @Graham should all meet up soon


It's some bread sticks tied to a hatchet

It's all good lil nigga

It's mozzarella stick tied to a shovel

do we have guys in michigan? @Thomas Ryan


do we know what part of alabama the van is driving through?

Ah alright

I'll prob just drive myself

If any southern boys need a ride hit me up


Just dmed you

I'm heavily tattooed

Hands and neck

^^ Agreed

Gotta remember tattooers back in the day were conservative navy guys

Not this nigger culture you see now adays


Arguably the oldest art form

I would agree swaz on the eyelid is full retard

This ^^

Hey Bama boys let's start a monthly work out thing

Been lifting today so they lose

really bummed on khaki dresscode ha

my nigga

lets talk about this khaki pants thing fam


what is the general consensus on these khakis

more importantly

whats up with the khakis?

is this concrete?

I feel like white shirt black pants looks a litle more serious

thats just my 2 cents

i think all black would be too much

but i think khakis has a very specific college look

to be honest

im not even trolling

i like the white shirts

just feel like black chinos or dress pants looks more dignified

hey it works

I just remember seeing VA & IE videos and being like goddamn thats a lot of khaki


there are a lot of varying shades which adds to looking not put together

i wouldnt mind a stricter dress code if it means we look very well put together and organized

should we have a meeting or?

was thinking the same thing

@everyone im going to tie dye all of your khakis if you dont wake up

lets discuss



its more serious, will be easier to match with different brands, makes since with our colors



yeah its awesome

really feeling the brotherhood on this one

straight up

we mine as well be wearing this


all these boys playing super meat boy

cant even pop in and say hello

yeah i feel that

memes make the alt right look like college kids too

its all starting to make sense now

this is why when i told my friend that i was alt right he said "oh those faggots"

you see where im going with this




im about to meme us


thats weird too


i agree

I tweeted something yesterday that really hurt everybodys feelings

well im about to hurt people

with these dresscode memes

im willing to fight for my right

I suggest the following

im not trying to be a bitch about it. but if i was walking up to a bunch of khaki boat shoed guys i would be like oh okay i can do this

im not saying it looks bad

im saying it doesnt look serious

oh good idea

possibly grey

meet in the middle

some of these guys gotta be in graphic design school

101 is different colors make people feel different ways

that what I meant tho



im saying grey pants

or black

instead of khak

im willing to give a try

i understand the idea that it doesnt matter

but i dont think vikings would have worn khakis

it is weird i have talked with multiple people about this

that it looks like chad

which is hardly arguable

im not exaggerating

ive talked to easily 10 people about this

about IE and VA


yeah basic war tactics tho

is dont look like a chad

i mean honestly all jokes aside

if anything people see it and either consciouslly or unconsciouslly assume that we are all wealthy college students. i remember thinking that like 3 months ago

im saying its not about the pants man


its about the association that people have with them

i feel you

were going to wake up and people are going to be bummed on this


My mom told me i looks handsome in my khakis

well on that note

im going to sleep

see you when im kicked out tomorrow

RIP me

Hey @Thomas Ryan check DM

So were terrorist now or whaaa



ive managed to be on some lists but never that ONE

First thing i thought was whose gonna be the first plant tbh


and i think he deleted it?

"best designs you can tell what they are from across the street"

maybe just jew star with hammer and sickle in the middle

@Thomas Ryan That poster is great

I was wondering why we werent on that flyer


Alright I gotta shower. Really enjoyed that @FairUse WA I just followed you on twatter.

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