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NDO Eric-TX 2017-05-29 19:01:49 [Southern Front #general]

NDO Eric-TX 2017-05-29 19:02:02 [Southern Front #general]

What's a meme

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-13 01:54:25 [Southern Front #general]


NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-16 11:52:57 [Southern Front #general]

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-16 11:53:19 [Southern Front #general]

Morning. You'd better be lifting @Fox Tx

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-16 11:55:11 [Southern Front #general]

Nothing like an interracial couple in the gym at 7am to start the day.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-16 11:58:06 [Southern Front #general]

Black shirt?

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-16 11:59:46 [Southern Front #general]

I gathered. You're meeting them at a gym?

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-16 12:03:06 [Southern Front #general]

Yeah be careful Fox.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-16 12:05:08 [Southern Front #general]

Maybe take someone with you.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-16 12:05:37 [Southern Front #general]

Honestly, having a plus one at these initial meetups isn't a bad idea.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-16 12:13:24 [Southern Front #general]

Fox what did you sell on Craigslist?

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-17 21:26:56 [Southern Front #general]

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-18 10:03:27 [Southern Front #general]

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-18 19:32:31 [Southern Front #general]

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-18 19:32:42 [Southern Front #general]

Is my heart gonna blow up fam?

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-18 19:33:29 [Southern Front #general]

In other news, if you're looking for a good preworkout, I endorse Attack lmao.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-18 19:36:12 [Southern Front #general]

Attack. That's the name.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-18 19:37:03 [Southern Front #general]

Yeah. But I wouldn't get it online. I got mine for 30 from a local place.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-18 19:37:07 [Southern Front #general]


NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-18 19:38:23 [Southern Front #general]

Fuck that.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-18 19:38:31 [Southern Front #general]

Not worth 50 bucks.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-18 19:39:31 [Southern Front #general]

The first half of that podcast was awesome.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-18 19:39:36 [Southern Front #general]


NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-20 00:33:36 [Southern Front #general]

Welcome @Kevin FL

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-20 00:42:04 [Southern Front #general]


NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-20 00:42:13 [Southern Front #general]

Sound the goddamn alarms.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-20 00:42:28 [Southern Front #general]

A group of Nazis held a peaceful and good looking rally.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-22 01:18:56 [Southern Front #general]

Report that page and send them this pic.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-22 01:19:08 [Southern Front #general]

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-22 17:27:55 [Southern Front #general]

"Wow spreading our message through IRL Roman saluting and screaming nigger didn't work. Better shit on the new generations approach to white nationalism instead of taking a look at myself and my organizations"

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-22 17:31:40 [Southern Front #general]

After all that kvetching by the SPLC to get stormfront taken down and the thing that finally kills them is their own outdated message.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-22 17:31:56 [Southern Front #general]

True irony boys.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-22 17:48:34 [Southern Front #general]

@SonderSchutz TX stop it I was having a good morning.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-22 20:31:59 [Southern Front #general]

Good shit man. Very positive. We need more positive propaganda honestly.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-23 02:12:22 [Southern Front #general]

Nigger dog

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-23 02:17:51 [Southern Front #general]


NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-23 02:18:20 [Southern Front #general]

Lady killer, except he CANNOT be around another dog without trying to violently rape it.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-23 02:18:35 [Southern Front #general]

Great show @RCO Nick-TX

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-23 16:49:17 [Southern Front #general]

Nathan is making trips to Europe? Meet ups are a lot closer, bro.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-23 18:14:43 [Southern Front #general]

GG, hand over the reigns to your twitter account.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-23 23:47:18 [Southern Front #general]

Ronny that's only for public servants I think.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-23 23:47:43 [Southern Front #general]

Shitty califags are still going to pile into Austin at huge numbers.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-24 01:39:45 [Southern Front #general]

Sup dude. Glad to have you.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-25 21:55:53 [Southern Front #general]

Are we only taking flexing pictures from now on?

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-25 21:55:59 [Southern Front #general]

Is that the new policy?

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-25 23:36:38 [Southern Front #general]

Monday Lathan.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-25 23:37:00 [Southern Front #general]

I've mentioned this. If you can make it to SM on monday, you can poster with us.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-29 12:54:39 [Southern Front #general]

Cut out energy drinks. Changed my life. NOS is the best drink on the market though. Followed closely by the Red Bull summer edition drinks.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-29 12:55:37 [Southern Front #general]

Another reason to drink Red Bull.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-29 16:29:29 [Southern Front #general]

@Thomas Ryan she's stepping down?

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-29 17:57:30 [Southern Front #general]

@Thomas Ryan Interesting. I'll ask Saxon about it when I see him next. This has been going on for two years now. Why would she cave all of a sudden?

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-29 17:58:46 [Southern Front #general]

@RCO Nick-TX It's not even that bad of a place to take a girl on a first date, dude. The commies would rather have some failing, pinata shop there instead. Unreal.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-30 18:58:49 [Southern Front #general]

This Billy Roper faggot needs a bullet.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-30 19:01:46 [Southern Front #general]

Remember the WN's for the part 30 years who have accomplished nothing?

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-30 19:01:51 [Southern Front #general]

That's WN 1.0

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-30 19:02:00 [Southern Front #general]

Literally autism.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-30 19:03:56 [Southern Front #general]

If you aren't literally him, you arent a real white nationalist.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-30 19:05:25 [Southern Front #general]

Well played

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-30 19:08:01 [Southern Front #general]

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-30 19:08:15 [Southern Front #general]


NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-30 19:09:53 [Southern Front #general]

Thanks for putting me in the center of the photo

NDO Eric-TX 2017-06-30 20:17:37 [Southern Front #general]

Damn, nice storytime with @Riefen

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-01 02:41:37 [Southern Front #general]

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-01 02:41:39 [Southern Front #general]

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-01 02:41:45 [Southern Front #general]


NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-01 02:42:20 [Southern Front #general]

So the commies knew about it and still didn't show up.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-03 02:13:40 [Southern Front #general]


NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-03 02:40:49 [Southern Front #general]

Well, we do Austin so it makes sense. Texas has a lot of reasons to become WN's.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-03 02:41:45 [Southern Front #general]

I'd say Austin is the second most degenerate city in the south. Only being beaten by NOLA

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-03 20:02:33 [Southern Front #general]

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-04 11:09:17 [Southern Front #general]

Drop a report goys.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-04 11:35:26 [Southern Front #general]

If we can get this page taken down, that'd be awesome.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-04 15:14:11 [Southern Front #general]

@here thanks for the reports.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-05 22:01:35 [Southern Front #general]

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-05 22:02:02 [Southern Front #general]

This fucking kike

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-07 23:22:00 [Southern Front #general]

@Azzmador trigger warning please

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-07 23:22:21 [Southern Front #general]

That fucking video is enraging.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-11 18:53:36 [Southern Front #general]

But bake the fucking cake, goy.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-13 03:11:45 [Southern Front #general]

@Vaximillian TN How do you feel about Billy Roper nowadays? He just seems to constantly counter signal.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-17 02:43:55 [Southern Front #general]

Riften did.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-17 02:55:05 [Southern Front #general]


NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-17 02:56:05 [Southern Front #general]

Florida members seem to be joining at the rapid rate.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-17 02:56:15 [Southern Front #general]

Tired of all the gays and cubans?

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-17 03:11:16 [Southern Front #general]

Oh shit.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-17 03:11:20 [Southern Front #general]

We have a server for you.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-19 00:51:44 [Southern Front #general]

@Thomas Ryan >american vanguard

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-19 00:51:51 [Southern Front #general]

r u triggered?

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-21 02:09:07 [Southern Front #general]

@here If you are trying to ride the hate van to Cville, send me a message.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-21 02:22:10 [Southern Front #general]


NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-27 16:58:54 [Southern Front #general]

"Just call them globalist bro!"

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-30 03:42:03 [Southern Front #general]

Milk builds strong bones. Fighting your brothers builds strong bonds.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-07-30 19:07:52 [Southern Front #general]


NDO Eric-TX 2017-08-05 00:02:36 [Southern Front #general]

@SonderSchutz TX Bowl posting should be a bannable offense.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-08-12 23:15:23 [Southern Front #general]

NDO Eric-TX 2017-08-12 23:15:34 [Southern Front #general]

> nothing of value was lost

NDO Eric-TX 2017-08-13 13:14:21 [Southern Front #general]

This is a coup. Don't mince words. Azz is right.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-08-13 13:31:01 [Southern Front #general]

I haven't seen any proof of that besides Dillion's word.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-08-22 18:18:39 [Southern Front #general]

@Phillip-TX when my unit did OC training, we used "tearless baby shampoo" afterwards.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-08-22 18:19:15 [Southern Front #general]

Worked wonders. That OC shit just came right off.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-08-22 18:48:33 [Southern Front #general]

@Azzmador just giving possible options for countering this stuff in the future. The best options look like those wipes, baby shampoo and fans.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-08-22 19:25:40 [Southern Front #general]

Yeah that's the stuff. Acts like a degreaser.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-08-27 02:53:13 [Southern Front #general]

@Chef Goyardee order more Jell-O shots

NDO Eric-TX 2017-08-30 21:50:12 [Southern Front #general]

Me too

NDO Eric-TX 2017-09-01 17:50:44 [Southern Front #general]

"Hang out with communists"

NDO Eric-TX 2017-09-01 18:02:17 [Southern Front #general]

@Thomas Ryan there's a bunch of light poles in Austin.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-09-01 18:02:28 [Southern Front #general]

And a few bridges. We'll make due.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-09-01 18:03:02 [Southern Front #general]

It's called improvising

NDO Eric-TX 2017-09-01 19:09:01 [Southern Front #general]

Funny image, new text. 👍🏻

NDO Eric-TX 2017-09-01 19:10:20 [Southern Front #general]

@Billy Merse are they actually going to be at the bar?

NDO Eric-TX 2017-09-24 23:13:17 [Southern Front #general]

Lol @SonderSchutz TX that's fucking priceless

NDO Eric-TX 2017-09-24 23:49:04 [Southern Front #general]

Grey polos with blue jeans.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-09-24 23:49:13 [Southern Front #general]

For that southern look.

NDO Eric-TX 2017-09-24 23:52:23 [Southern Front #general]

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