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I am not



Im neither.

Oy vey

@MsNatSocialist good idea..... Most of my heritage is saxon and nordic ... that I can piece together through my family anyways. Im 20, not jewish, and Im from Texas lol.

@Convo Im not polish...


Are we all saying our issues now wowowow

nope @Convo

but thanks!

WAS I took it out tbh.


I would imagine so and are you talking to me? lol

Oh, IDK what either of those are and I have a fashy goy already ... sorry bout that... @badtanman

I've never had a shitlib professor tbh. Sounds like it sucks

No I'm in Texas with white teachers at a 70% black school lmao. It's suprising to me as well, maybe next semester I'll have a heeb or something to make up for it.

What is with yall and Polish girls?


Marie Woods 2017-06-29 17:14:47 [Southern Front #general]

Weren't the nuke and atom both discovered / made /whatever by jews?

Marie Woods 2017-06-29 17:17:46 [Southern Front #general]

If you look at the structure of an atom you can see that star of David ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜‚



Aren't you a guy? ๐Ÿค”


McCain need to Mckill himself.


Oof good luck

Why is it everytime I log into discord y'all are being weird??

@MsNatSocialist he's just throwing you under the bus haha rip

@MsNatSocialist I'm permanently banned from Facebook ๐Ÿ˜ญ I missed you too!!

I don't think I've unfollowed anyone on Twitter though? I changed my user bc someone on IG was tryna dox me for a bit, but that's all

Well...I asked for it. I doxxed them back too only to find out they work for Facebook and are a spy haha

Yeah @@MsNatSocialist @shlomo.shekelstein is my user

@MsNatSocialist feel free to tag me in when they happen bc I'd love that!


You guys made the thing cry!

Did the utr speakers ever get to speak?

Someone said in another discord channel I'm in that they got to speak at a different park, so I suppose that isn't true then. Sad.

Honestly I'm pretty blackpilled on cville- Saturday (Friday was amazing). What is the opinion on that? Everyone keeps saying it's a win, but I don't see it. All I see is us turning into the old white nationalism with jewnewsโ€‹ in full force. Got any white pills for me? Or am I right to assume to Saturday was a mess?

Oh! Hopefully there's video footage then to be released from it!

That's good at least!

I didn't think of all of this. Thank you.

What would of been a better response to this Kang?

I'm the bottom commenter of course.


Those would work. Idk why I can never think of witty responses. Only insults ๐Ÿ˜‚

Who that?

PewDiePie was? I want proof!


Who is Sinead

Is that the heathen woman person?



They have a bunch of people's dox. Spreading all over Tumblr...

People need to stop putting their work info out on fb JFC. They probably got it from Facebook bc a lot of the doxx are Facebook profile shots.

^ fr

@UPGRAYEDD I think you will be ok. There's way too many people to doxx everyone. Just breathe and if your religious pray.

Best to probably just log off of anything political for a few days and deactivate all social media with private information on it for a couple of weeks tbh.

What's going on?


I'm on here off and on


Aye thanks

Mariewoods88 on Twitter

She can't even read. It said to email it not tweet it. I thought Ashkenazi were supposed to be smart.

Might be smart to take down the Charlottesville channel....

Here's a white pill (kind of) - if you goys need one, anyways.

Just glad to help in anyway I can tbh

I hate this guy. Go give this a thumbs down he's spread lies.

What's going on with antifa? They chimping out?

Jesus Christ.

This is picking up speed quickly... Like 0-100 in a matter of days.

That's what I was thinking. Civil war may be sooner than later.

Shit. Should I be worried that I'm one of the only whites at the black college I go to? I mean if racial tensions and such like keep building....

@MsNatSocialist can't, I'm about to go to sleep. I've got work in the morning.

There are no white neighborhoods. All spics and blacks....

Ah yes south east Texas for yah

Let's get this fucker fired.

NVM we just got him fired


That faggot

He was posing with the statue and thinking it was cool. Probably helped pull it down.

No jobs for antifags. ๐Ÿ™…

Right now I'm working on finding these fags. Doubt they have a job bc they're black but we can socially shame them.

Meant to send this photo oops

Oh what the heck


Why is gab down?

This is beautiful

Might be the negro behind it making you feel ill....Hes gross looking.


Guys don't blackpill. The more the left cracks down the more radical people will get. Yes the left is going to get a hell of a lot worse, but so is the right.

We just have to think of new ways to get our info out to the public

That's what the kikes want

He is a kike faggot tho.

He cucked? On Twitter or ?


Tucker defending daily stormer. (idk if this has been posted btw. Sorry if so)

Oh NVM. Right above. Oops

Texas feels that big when you're driving across it.

Lmao the kike totally kvetched "oy veyy, he knew I was Jewish just by lookin at me" *hand rubbing nervously intensifies*

How do you know?

I haven't been keeping track of him is why I ask.


Good then!

That is true for both


I haven't seen that, where can I find it?


That's fucking beautiful. I saw part of one of his speeches where he said he didn't know the facts, but God bless that man.

So I just read that cantwell has a warrant out for his arrest from the FBI. Does anyone know anything about this? Or did we already discuss this and I'm late to the party?

Where at?

Is the daily stormer down again?

I might actually die in hurricane Harvey rip me.

>Living in corpus
>Not evacuating


This is why niggers say white people are crazy

Thanks! @โ˜‡Unlimited Powerโ˜‡ Im actually just hoping it decides to not go near me as no one really knows where its going....

This nigga only half way through this hurricane. Not even to the eye of the storm yet. RIP HIM. He gonna die.

Harvey could be /ourhurricane/ if it does kill all spics and niggers. tbh.

How the heck does this dude even have service is my question...roofs are literally collapsing around him.. but he can get phone calls and live stream....I cant even do that inside a building half the time.

Corpus usually does.... idek why people try to live there.

is he even alive anymore?

oh he is

thank god. I thought i heard a man die.

Is this God trying to purify Texas? lmaoo

Did that guy die? Poor Jeff. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Im glad Jeff is alive.

In Houston, you can go days without seeing a white person tbh.

Yup. and not even high IQed niggers who want to work. Just street bums who sleep in boxes and walk in the middle of busy roads and try to open your car doors...

Not right now @YUGE

My parents live there so... though RIP. Im closer to Louisiana personally rn.

That means that there is a chance all of the niggers will drown!!!! spics wont bc they can swim sadly. Thanks for the whitepill!!!! @NuckFigures

@YUGE GOD NO. Its horrid! We have less faggots than san fran i think though.

@YUGE Someone once told me you can smell the aids in the air there.

New Orleans should be so they can all drown in this hurricane.

Cities are trash anyways. The best parts of the south are usually in the small towns.

The towns small enough to not have a Walmart for at least an hour drive anyways...


Hey goys, what's going on ?

Aren't they both nogs? One monkey and one potato?


Use a game cheat and fix it ๐Ÿ˜‚

Eww why is he kissing it

Poor drumpf :(

@Ilya Muromets probably bc I rarely post in here

So north Korea nuked itself? Lmaooooo

That's not Kaiser

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