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2017-08-06 21:21:34 UTC

Automatic literally in the name

2017-08-06 22:06:57 UTC

For padding on the backside, there is that spray foam stuff that comes in a can. I think it's called Kwik Foam. It expands pretty good once its sprayed on. Anyone tried that?

2017-08-06 22:16:21 UTC

That stuff is to hard

2017-08-06 22:17:15 UTC

You would be better off gluing fome to the back then putting some fabric over it

2017-08-06 22:17:45 UTC

Or in the mid evil times they used thick lether

2017-08-06 22:29:41 UTC

Helmet liner pads??

2017-08-06 22:46:50 UTC

There should be a coordinated shield beating chant that we do to intimidate the enemy

2017-08-06 22:55:14 UTC

Buy a roll of camp mat at Wall mart for $8

2017-08-06 22:55:25 UTC

Cut it out and use spray adhesive or dap contact cement

2017-08-06 22:55:27 UTC


2017-08-06 23:30:00 UTC


I decided against it, but for offensive use of a shield it would be hard to beat one of these on each arm! #overkill


2017-08-06 23:30:59 UTC

I like it! Like a buckler

2017-08-06 23:33:41 UTC

THIS just premiered at SHOT show 2017, and will definitely be the ticket for Cville 3.0.


2017-08-06 23:52:13 UTC

@PureDureSure only if you what to get it grabbed and your ass whooped do to the hood controlling you by the shield

2017-08-06 23:52:31 UTC

That thing is mall ninja junk

2017-08-06 23:58:51 UTC


If you think that thing is for hand-to-hand, you're sorely mistaken. You mount the rifle for a reason: the standoff distance.

2017-08-06 23:59:43 UTC

If your watch the promo videos they are trying to promote it as being used for CQB

2017-08-07 00:00:01 UTC

Mobility is life that thing is death

2017-08-07 00:00:36 UTC

There is a resin why in Iraq we stoped using full interceptor baddy armor and switched to plate carriers

2017-08-07 00:02:30 UTC

I'd rather go prone behind cover tbh

2017-08-07 00:02:57 UTC

But I'll get behind you if you want to carry it ;)

2017-08-07 00:03:02 UTC

Clearly it's going to be used for breaching/assaults, and in teams. There is a difference between CQB and H2H. If someone gets close enough to you to grab it/you before you've put them down with gunfire, you're already in more trouble than you should be, shield or not.

2017-08-07 00:05:27 UTC

In situations where law enforcement will have a need for such tactics and equipment, they typically have a great deal more prep time and intel than soldiers are ever afforded. It's for set-piece assaults, not fluid warfare.

2017-08-07 00:06:27 UTC

@PureDureSure you have never seen combat have you ...

2017-08-07 00:07:23 UTC

It it is consensus in the LEO and Protection industry that that product is junk and will get people killed

2017-08-07 00:08:22 UTC

Just like the side armor and arm armor the US MC tried using in Iraq but it got more people hurt then it helped

2017-08-07 00:08:38 UTC


I also have a room temperature IQ, and can't possibly reason through the scenarios mentioned given the available information, before you ask.

2017-08-07 00:10:31 UTC

Till you've been there you can't get it. I work PSD and was infantry/ PSD in the army for 17 years including 2 tors in the sand box.

2017-08-07 00:10:40 UTC

That product is JUNK

2017-08-07 00:10:51 UTC

*slow clap*

2017-08-07 00:11:08 UTC

If you what to get your self hurt by using junk go for it

2017-08-07 00:11:33 UTC

Or you can listen to people that know what they are taking about

2017-08-07 00:11:39 UTC

Context, sir. Look up the thread.

2017-08-07 00:12:01 UTC

I'm also a certified CQB and small unit combat instructor

2017-08-07 00:12:22 UTC

There is NO use for that shield mount it restricts you to much

2017-08-07 00:12:27 UTC

There's no way that the poster before me was serious about using that "juggernaut" getup, either.

2017-08-07 00:12:49 UTC

And your legs and lower torso are still vulnerable

2017-08-07 00:13:09 UTC

I'm explaining the reasoning behind their invention and its marketing, not my intended use case

2017-08-07 00:13:38 UTC

It sounded like you were trying to say it was a good product

2017-08-07 00:15:30 UTC

I find the idea amusing. Like the bullshit in those "Army of Two" video games. That's all. Though I have no doubt that they'll find some - and you used the appropriate term - mall ninjas in local police departments to sell a few.

2017-08-07 00:19:34 UTC

And thanks for rubbing it in about your career. Lol. I was robbed of mine. Nominated to USMA by the then-chairman of HASC, but disqualified from service by DODMERB. I even tried a direct commission years later when some requirements were slackened to ease the personnel deficit brought on by GWOT, but was again denied the chance to fight.

2017-08-07 00:24:08 UTC


2017-08-07 00:28:11 UTC

Lol. How could you have known?! I'm picking. I just wanted to point out that I have desperately wanted that life from a young age (my grandfather did WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and my uncle graduated USMA in 1987), and I'm grateful we have men who have "seen the elephant" in our camp.

2017-08-07 00:30:56 UTC

We have lots of combat vets going I know lots of TWP are former military

2017-08-07 00:33:33 UTC

Our high school made us do a year-long project as Seniors, sort of like a junior dissertation. You did a paper and some sort of physical project, presenting both in a formal lecture at year end in order to graduate. I did a detailed study comparing the German campaign in France, 1940 to Operation Desert Storm. Many civilians are still unaware of the Stryker ICV family. At 16, I was closely following its development and knew I wanted eventual command of one of the brigade combat teams.

2017-08-07 00:35:47 UTC

My inability to wear the uniform has left a tremendous void in my life, with which only my children and this movement have enabled me to cope.

2017-08-07 00:38:41 UTC

That sucks

2017-08-07 00:38:49 UTC

But strikers suck also 😊

2017-08-07 00:39:54 UTC

Lol. Yes, I have taken some solace in the fact that they've sort of turned out like the second coming of the early Bradleys.

2017-08-07 00:40:32 UTC

Now they look like rolling fences with all the anti RPH cadges on them

2017-08-07 00:40:52 UTC

RPG even

2017-08-07 00:40:57 UTC

Do the men in the field like any of the light armor options? How has the MRAP been received?

2017-08-07 00:41:28 UTC

TBH I was a light fighter i liked the 1157 HMMWVS

2017-08-07 00:41:56 UTC

The MRAPS are great but suck for Iraq do to how narrow the roads are

2017-08-07 00:42:06 UTC

A lot of places they can't go

2017-08-07 00:42:20 UTC

So you have to dismount Outsode the town and go in on foot

2017-08-07 00:43:37 UTC

They are massive. They're put together here in South Carolina, down in Ladson.

2017-08-07 00:44:58 UTC

Really a war that should never have been fought.

2017-08-07 00:47:46 UTC

My best friend - also a Patrick, and still a Marine - fought through the whole battle of Nasiriyah right at the beginning of the war. He said it was the most miserable two weeks imaginable.

2017-08-07 00:59:29 UTC

Stryker > sdkfz 251

2017-08-07 01:21:10 UTC


2017-08-07 01:21:12 UTC


I dunno, man. There's nothing like the 251/16. The only thing better than flammenwerfer? Flammenwerfer x 2! Amirite?

2017-08-07 01:21:29 UTC


2017-08-07 01:21:33 UTC

Ever ridden in one? Lol

2017-08-07 01:21:37 UTC

What about a stern panzer

2017-08-07 01:22:53 UTC

Well, no. That would be a once-in-a-lifetime affair.

2017-08-07 01:23:01 UTC

You know some militaries still use the Sd.Kfz it is a modernized version but Romania , Fhe Chezec republic , Hungry and some of the Balkans nations still use them

2017-08-07 01:26:12 UTC

I knew Hungary, but not the others. That's awesome. Yeah, the Balkans love their German weapons. It's the last place still using 7.92x57 ("8mm Mauser") in any quantity. Which is a shame, because it's a damn good round. I have one of the Egyptian contract FN-49 rifles chambered for it.

2017-08-07 01:26:16 UTC

Gotta get your reenact on son


2017-08-07 01:26:46 UTC


That's glorious! Heil Hitler!

2017-08-07 01:27:34 UTC



2017-08-07 01:27:50 UTC


You've probably seen this short film (4 parts), then. But in case you haven't:


2017-08-07 01:28:29 UTC

Features StuGs and a couple 251/16s.

2017-08-07 01:29:47 UTC

We had trucks too lol


2017-08-07 01:29:50 UTC


In what part of the country do you live?

2017-08-07 01:29:54 UTC


2017-08-07 01:30:25 UTC

No shit. So you do the Bulge show at Indiantown Gap?

2017-08-07 01:30:28 UTC

Those pics are from the Reading airshow and Fort Indiantown Gap event

2017-08-07 01:30:37 UTC

I did

2017-08-07 01:30:46 UTC

Haven't reenacted in a couple years though

2017-08-07 01:31:16 UTC

Nice. I'm actually originally from Scranton, and went back there for my undergraduate work.

2017-08-07 01:31:47 UTC

I'm from Baltimore originally but PA is Eden compared to MD

2017-08-07 01:32:52 UTC

Well, I can't speak from experience. "The Wire" is all that's been necessary to keep me clear of Charm City.

2017-08-07 01:34:12 UTC

When I was young we did live smack in the middle of Philadelphia, which was fine. But later, my dad had to work in West Philly, which was not.

2017-08-07 01:35:31 UTC

The wire is an accurate depiction of the ghetto. White areas are safe or were. Since the riots (that I joy rided through) the niggers have been spilling over since the cops don't give a damn after being thrown under the bus

2017-08-07 01:35:52 UTC

We later moved out to Bryn Mawr, and he even did a rotation at Geisinger, so we lived in Danville for half a year.

2017-08-07 01:38:49 UTC

Exactly. I'm familiar with several long-serving members of our local law enforcement here around Columbia, SC, and they are unanimous in expressing their frustration at the knowledge that they can't actually police because no one up the chain of command will have their back. They're also utterly disgusted by the defeatist, lazy, and plea-happy, if not downright catch-and-release prosecutors.

2017-08-07 01:40:45 UTC

These are men who felt a calling to their work (most after their military service, to boot), and can't believe what a mockery the institution to which they long ago chose to dedicate their lives has become.

2017-08-07 01:41:30 UTC

It's sort of like a more compact, intense version of what I think all of us truly red-pilled feel.

2017-08-07 01:42:26 UTC

I guarantee 9/10 White cops are either WN or sympathetic

I'm from a cop family and all my kin are sympathetic to us

2017-08-07 01:56:42 UTC

Well, once you're actually exposed to the filth, you know the score. Classmates at Scranton used to dismiss my "racism" as "ignorance" I had picked up in SC. I would explain to them that Richland County, SC is equal parts Black and White, so I had lived the experience, while they were the ones ignorant of the problem because they'd never left their insulated zip codes out in the wealthy Philadelphia suburbs.

2017-08-07 02:01:08 UTC

@PureDureSure yeah the Serbs love the 8mm the Serbian army uses a big AK in 8mm and I have one 😊

2017-08-07 02:02:01 UTC

No shit? That's amazing. I want one now! Actually, do they make an RPK variant? Lol

2017-08-07 02:03:37 UTC


2017-08-07 02:06:55 UTC

That's really neat! It's like a battle rifle counterpart to the AK. It's actually a lot like the PSL, isn't it? Just less DMR-oriented.

2017-08-07 02:07:10 UTC

When were these imported and what are they called?

2017-08-07 02:09:06 UTC


2017-08-07 02:09:53 UTC

It is called a M76 sniper rifle

2017-08-07 02:11:23 UTC
2017-08-07 02:24:53 UTC

Decisions decisions

Leaning PASGT but that face shield...


2017-08-07 02:38:29 UTC

Are you going to be on or near the shield line?

2017-08-07 02:43:19 UTC

The official shield line no, though my group has shields and a couple EMTs in it so were planning on being near any action to help

It's the classic mobility vs protection debate. The riot helmet even has a rubber seal along the top and sides of the mask. The cons are it's hot, heavy and hard to hear.

2017-08-07 02:44:08 UTC

So if you're not like, 100% dedicated to be part of the stationary wall, I'd opt for mobility.

2017-08-07 02:44:22 UTC

And run with the PASGT + goggles instead

2017-08-07 02:45:06 UTC

I know a lot (if not all) of our guys on the wall are running setups similar to what you have on the right with a full face shield, but if you're going to be moving around and needing to coordinate with people on the go, I'd probably go with the PASGT

2017-08-07 02:45:22 UTC

That's what I'm thinking, if this was fall or winter I'd go riot helmet but fuck being a heat casualty

2017-08-07 02:45:40 UTC

Yeah it's gonna be pretty warm, fairly humid as well.

2017-08-07 02:46:07 UTC

Long term forecast is 84 mostly sunny which isn't too bad this time of year

2017-08-07 02:49:45 UTC

True, but I think the humidity is supposed to be like 75% or something. So that's about 10 degrees added on, plus a bit of stickiness.

2017-08-07 02:50:03 UTC

Still not too bad but I wouldn't want to be wearing that riot helmet all day long if I planned on being mobile haha

2017-08-07 02:52:09 UTC

My thoughts exactly

I spend years ww2 and cw reenacting in wool uniforms in summer and work a bit outside so I'm accustomed to summers around here... They can be brutal to Midwesterners and new englanders

2017-08-07 02:53:37 UTC

Yeah, it's actually looking more like 85% humidity now that I check. Still only about a couple more degrees difference. I tend to run warm but the heat never really bothers me.

2017-08-07 02:53:55 UTC

9/10 UV index tho so for us very HUWHITE people, be sure to take that into account.

2017-08-07 02:54:06 UTC

Especially considering we'll be in a large, open park with very little shade.

2017-08-07 03:02:08 UTC

Detroit guys - I was there for 13 years and now im in deep South and I am outside a lot doing manual labor when Im not wage cucking. Plan hydration into your battle plan down to the amount of Gatorade you will carry. By the time you feel thristy, it's too late to get the hydration into your cells.

2017-08-07 03:03:00 UTC

Thank yo in for the advice comrade

2017-08-07 03:03:15 UTC

Thanks for that heads up Karl. A lot of our guys have lived in deserts for a few years and we'll for sure have a solid plan in place.

2017-08-07 03:04:32 UTC

I'm bringing a gallon of water in my pack.

The 2 emts in my group are bringing IVs for those who do not listen

2017-08-07 03:04:57 UTC

Plus concentrated liquid Gatorade, 1 squirt per 8 oz watee

2017-08-07 03:05:08 UTC

@Stannisthemannis did you medic invites for those two

2017-08-07 03:06:08 UTC

I told them to but they are almost boomers when it comes to discord so they didn't sign up. I'll pester them again

2017-08-07 03:07:20 UTC

They're on threema though

2017-08-07 03:30:58 UTC

@V I T A L I T Y Sounds good - channel your inner Bob Probert

2017-08-07 03:39:29 UTC

Concentrated Liquid Gatorade?

2017-08-07 03:42:06 UTC

Yep, I usually take it backpacking to hide iodine tablet taste when drinking from springs, creeks etc

2017-08-07 03:42:27 UTC

Comes in a small squirt bottle. Wal-Mart/Grocery stores sell it near me

2017-08-07 03:50:35 UTC

I dont want concentrated sugar tho

2017-08-07 03:54:45 UTC


2017-08-07 03:54:55 UTC


2017-08-07 09:56:38 UTC

Bring Pedialyte @Hand Banana

2017-08-07 15:07:51 UTC

Probably better to wear regular sunglasses which would double as spray protection as well as dox protection.

2017-08-07 15:26:37 UTC

After much research for something suitable and relatively inexpensive, plus slightly "tacticool", behold:


2017-08-07 15:43:03 UTC

I'm bringing my DeWalt goggles. Lol.

2017-08-07 16:15:49 UTC

My main concern is potentially infringing the no-mask laws; I would only wear these if shit really hit the fan, otherwise it would be sunglasses

2017-08-07 16:19:30 UTC

VA will jump your ass over the masks, and ten to one says the nigger vice mayor won't be trying to get charges dropped for us if anything happens.

2017-08-07 16:20:48 UTC

Would ski goggles work? Lol

2017-08-07 16:21:00 UTC


2017-08-07 16:21:01 UTC

Ideally you want something snug fitting and shatter proof.

2017-08-07 16:21:32 UTC

Keep in mind nothing you will have is likely to completely stop the pepper spray, just slow it down. It does work its way around seals and get in.

2017-08-07 16:21:39 UTC

ESS are just that and can be found at any decent surplus shop

2017-08-07 16:49:22 UTC

And something with an anti-fog coating, or to which you have applied and anti-fog coating. It's going to be hot.

2017-08-07 19:43:23 UTC

ESS goggles are fucking huge though, I have a pair

2017-08-07 19:44:01 UTC

They have trouble staying in place if you just wear them by themselves without a helmet as well

2017-08-07 19:51:10 UTC

I don't have that problem

2017-08-07 19:51:18 UTC

Fit me fine

2017-08-07 21:24:12 UTC


2017-08-07 21:24:19 UTC

So should bring my armor now ...

2017-08-07 21:27:04 UTC

Hell with it. I'm bringing my shield baton and my flagpole

2017-08-07 21:53:23 UTC

Don't wearbody armor

2017-08-07 21:53:32 UTC

IF you wear body armor and commit a crime in VA it's a felony

2017-08-07 21:53:40 UTC

Unlawful Assembly is a crime

2017-08-07 22:11:59 UTC

Wouldn't ware it but it is going in the bag for a worst case sinereo where we take fire

2017-08-07 22:14:00 UTC

@Hand Banana Also just carrying a fire arm while committing a crime is a felony so any of us CCWing are going to be already fucked if arrested

2017-08-07 22:14:12 UTC

Hence I won't be CCing

2017-08-07 22:18:26 UTC

Yeah no thanks I'm not going unarmed anywhere need AntiFA

2017-08-07 22:21:43 UTC

Thats your individual perogative

2017-08-07 22:22:39 UTC

Gun = no brawling.

2017-08-07 22:23:49 UTC

Having fists you can use might be more useful

2017-08-07 22:24:04 UTC

I don't plan on fighting i plan on keeping my principal safe

2017-08-07 22:24:19 UTC

The problem is that in some situations they can hold the entire group accountable for the one as part of "the problem." So if one is arrested and carrying, it can effect everybody. I won't tell you not to carry, just be mindful of the major consequences potentially involved.

2017-08-07 22:24:42 UTC

If shit gets bad I have some one I need to get the hell out of dodge

2017-08-07 22:24:47 UTC


2017-08-07 22:25:06 UTC

Do what you think is best for you, knowing your own personal ability to handle these situations.

2017-08-07 22:25:26 UTC

For the average Joe Blow, I'd say leave the firearm at home.

2017-08-07 22:44:17 UTC

Don't let yourself be "that cuck" without a torch for Friday night's vigil!


2017-08-08 00:33:29 UTC

Shields at the ready...

2017-08-08 19:17:17 UTC

I've seen people talking about how a hat and sunglasses together is covering too much, but I don't know if that's based on law or a guess

2017-08-08 19:21:50 UTC

Find a white cop with rank insignia to ask

2017-08-08 19:26:41 UTC

anyone using a shield, what are you using in your other hand? i see batons are discouraged but would a 3 foot dowel be deemed unlawful?

2017-08-08 19:26:58 UTC

or 2 feet, whatever length

2017-08-08 19:28:25 UTC

I think flag poles are what most would be carrying

2017-08-08 19:36:42 UTC

What is the dress code for Friday night's tiki torch gathering - white polos?

2017-08-08 19:37:38 UTC

Hawaiian shirts and shorts

2017-08-08 19:38:02 UTC

Tiki torches are the last stand of implicit whiteness

2017-08-08 19:39:30 UTC

is there a standard issue gear list for attendees?

2017-08-08 20:02:52 UTC

>tfw you look like a school shooter


2017-08-08 20:02:53 UTC


2017-08-08 20:03:34 UTC

Needs moar bowl cut

2017-08-08 20:03:46 UTC


2017-08-08 20:05:52 UTC


2017-08-08 20:09:01 UTC

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe You actually look great in that fam

2017-08-08 20:09:51 UTC

@Athena Marie Is that an ironing board?

2017-08-08 20:10:08 UTC

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe lvl 20 Patriot militia
@Athena Marie lvl 50 Commie crusher

2017-08-08 20:10:50 UTC

I'm a girl. I don't crush anything. Haha. I just like that overkill photo

2017-08-08 20:13:38 UTC

Is that judge dredd?

2017-08-08 20:29:19 UTC

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe that hides your mii avatar lookin head 🤣

2017-08-08 21:44:56 UTC


@here We are about 20 guys driving through the border from Canada and we obviously will not be able to bring protective gear like shields and so on through the border agents, if you've got extra ones, some of our members are interested in buying them from you over there

2017-08-09 01:27:35 UTC

Just a reminder if you get arrested consider yourself doxxed all that is public info

2017-08-09 01:31:32 UTC

Bring running shoes

2017-08-09 01:32:05 UTC

Something that goes over ankles would be better

2017-08-09 01:32:17 UTC

Some well broken in boots are just fine even if you have to run

2017-08-09 01:33:20 UTC

if police do their job there shouldn't be any arrests on our side

2017-08-09 01:57:19 UTC


2017-08-09 01:59:35 UTC


2017-08-09 02:00:33 UTC

You can get taken in for being in an altercation, even if you were just defending yourself when someone attacked you.

2017-08-09 02:02:06 UTC

It doesn't matter how well police are doing their job, they aren't going to be able to keep both sides apart entirely the whole time, especially since it doesn't seem like they're going to set up barricades, remove antifa from the park, escort our people in, etc.

2017-08-09 02:02:52 UTC

As it stands now, we don't have a permit. They don't have to give us any special treatment.

2017-08-09 02:03:21 UTC

i thought police said they are honoring the original permit in terms of providing security

2017-08-09 02:03:36 UTC

They have no obligation to.

2017-08-09 02:04:10 UTC

I would not count on it. Best to prepare for the worst case scenario, and be pleasantly surprised if things go better.

2017-08-09 02:07:07 UTC

Purchase self defense insurance

2017-08-09 02:09:17 UTC


2017-08-09 17:08:23 UTC


2017-08-09 17:08:36 UTC


2017-08-09 17:38:29 UTC

@Diethard thanks for the feedback. Still a work in progress

2017-08-09 18:04:29 UTC


2017-08-09 18:17:32 UTC

how'd you make the eagle stencil?

2017-08-09 18:21:39 UTC

Print out and cut it out by hand. Was a pain I the ass tbh

2017-08-09 19:06:52 UTC

@IdentityIndiana especially with all those awperatwd little pieces on the wing, damn

2017-08-09 19:08:06 UTC

Yea, I ended up and painted over it and made it a lot more clear now. It's looking sharp 💯 @Frederick De Peyrens - VA

2017-08-09 19:21:49 UTC

I want to paint the Italian fasces on my shield but I'm artistically retarded and can't do it without a stencil. Any ideas how I can make one?

2017-08-09 19:22:41 UTC


2017-08-09 19:24:18 UTC

Can always draw it on painters tape the cut out then paint

2017-08-09 20:09:54 UTC

@here Are athletic cups recommend for protecting our big 'ol fascist balls? Or are the shields enough?

2017-08-09 20:17:05 UTC

Better to have a cup and not need it than need it and not have it

2017-08-09 21:28:57 UTC

Should I dress up? I don't want to ruin good clothes if there's a chance I might get attacked. Just curious if there's a dress code.

2017-08-09 21:43:02 UTC

@IceBaine#6571 think the standard uniform is a white polo and khakis. I'm doing a cheap white polo that still looks pretty nice, some blue jeans and boots however.

2017-08-09 21:56:11 UTC

I'm wearing flip flops, a wife beater, and swim trunks (2 sizes too big and with the American flag pattern)

2017-08-09 22:04:22 UTC

Where is that coming from?

2017-08-09 22:10:56 UTC

steel is heavy, get a construction hard hat

2017-08-09 22:11:11 UTC

in white or black for muh aesthetic

2017-08-09 22:11:37 UTC

Pasgts or bust

2017-08-09 22:12:22 UTC

Use a helmet cover if you do steel. Steel gets hot as bawls in the sun

2017-08-09 22:20:15 UTC

Get on TWP level


2017-08-09 22:25:48 UTC

@here what is the freaking uniform for Saturday??? We doing I.E. white on khaki or what?!?

2017-08-09 22:26:13 UTC


2017-08-09 22:26:59 UTC

Mostly everyone will be in white bloc

2017-08-09 22:27:06 UTC

Groups have uniforms, if you're not in one I guess there technically isn't one

2017-08-09 22:27:12 UTC

Looks great goy

2017-08-09 22:27:12 UTC

Is there a general plan? I don't want to embarrass my brothers by looking phenomenal while the are in walmart khaki/polo

2017-08-09 22:27:38 UTC

@Quartermaster's Ghost This is what I was looking for

2017-08-09 22:27:41 UTC

>Shopping at walmart ever

2017-08-09 22:27:58 UTC

Alright, I tried

2017-08-09 22:28:05 UTC

At least business casual I'd say. My picture is the uniform for the TWP officer corp

2017-08-09 22:29:00 UTC

You copied my PSD uniform 😜

2017-08-09 22:29:10 UTC

Just busting your balls comrade

2017-08-09 22:30:33 UTC

The TWP uniform other than the tshirt for plebs is some kind of Golden Dawn/Nordfront hybrid it seem. Intentional? Maybe

2017-08-09 22:30:42 UTC


2017-08-09 22:34:24 UTC

It's going to be hot as balls. Dress for the weather

2017-08-09 23:04:43 UTC

@Quartermaster's Ghost we need to do tucked ties

2017-08-09 23:22:24 UTC

Somebody should make a standardized shield design/blueprints for ourguys that you can make with basic supplies & tools.

2017-08-09 23:25:09 UTC

We did

2017-08-09 23:25:21 UTC

Its pinned on this channel I'm pretty sure

2017-08-09 23:26:35 UTC

I don't see it

2017-08-09 23:31:04 UTC

@Hand Banana you may be right

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