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Jason Kessler is great on Radical Agenda right now. We need to win bigly.

Disregard Communists. Aquire political merit. Show up and occupy to honor General Lee. My Union-enlisted great great great grandfather would be ashamed of me if I didn't show up to defy these antifa niggers.

The DOTR is going to be so fucking satisfying. There's no punishment too severe for antifa.

Can we pool resources and just purchase some porta shitters for this (and future) events.

I'll guard toilets for the White Race

The ACLU has to step in, or it gives Whites a valid case to disband and replace the entire Talmudic Civil Rights establishment. This is a CYA move.


@here Are athletic cups recommend for protecting our big 'ol fascist balls? Or are the shields enough?


So is #MuscleCarNationalism a thing now?

Two years ago I thought I hated David Duke. Today, his pride is this Alt-Right rally is like an attaboy from grampa.

None should be homeless. Local networks should set up now to take in displaced people.

Watch the vid again to make sure that screen was BEFORE the impact. Don't spread disinfo. I grabbed that on Twitter but don't have data to pull up video to confirm

15 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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