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Yes, myself and another

Washington, PA or DC

You need a ride back up?

Im not the one driving, however I don't see why he would be opposed to it. It's close to where we live. I'll shoot him a text

@yankees arent people he said not a problem.

Right wing woof squads

A shekel for a good goy

This honestly sounds like daycare for the nigglets while the boons head our way

I think the best part about that headline is "massive rally."

Glad to be standing beside you @NoMore Dogma


We aren't going to let that happen now are we?

I'm glad this will be thoroughly filmed and documented and we will still be labeled the evil ones

Should be a massive wake up call to the normies

@lolyouwish I have a helmet like that, too. If it wasn't frowned upon as larpy I would be wearing the fuck out of it in cville. Will upload a pic when I get home

Port-o-johns are privileged

We are second class citizens to port-o-johns



We can launch our dirty diapers at antifa

Problem is, they won't smell any different

Needs a bit of polish

I would love to headbutt the fuck out of some antifa with it lmao

oh well

Looking for a space for Friday night only for myself and one other. Even if it is the parking lot and we end up sleeping in the truck, as long as we are with a group for when we head to the satellite points. Or, if any coordinators are lurking, we could just camp the night out at said location. We aren't getting into cville until at least midnight Friday (so technically Saturday)

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe lvl 20 Patriot militia
@Athena Marie lvl 50 Commie crusher

I never joined

Heard about it in college but didn't have the time for it

How will UTR ever recover

These fucks are a broken record

Brown peeepool maek us stronk

I'm pissed I donated to his bail...

At least I donated $14.88 😄

Didn't know Wes Bellamy modeled

ICG is where the kool kids are ☝️

It's tough hiding the power level when it's bursting at the seams



Pls no

Talking about the clown

Our defense funds don't cover clown deaths


What a faggot

I know it's /pol/ but there's some interesting things in this thread

Hi all. WesternPA goy here.

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