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Hey all, I'll be in the D.C. Area from Thursday - Sunday wanted to know if there was any group I could meet up with? trying to avoid walking by myself.

Is there any plan for a meet up before we get to the park Saturday so we can all get there at once?

Any time can work. @Havamal

@Havamal will do man. Thanks


@Diethard thanks for the feedback. Still a work in progress

Print out and cut it out by hand. Was a pain I the ass tbh

Yea, I ended up and painted over it and made it a lot more clear now. It's looking sharp 💯 @Frederick De Peyrens - VA

Can always draw it on painters tape the cut out then paint

@IceBaine#6571 think the standard uniform is a white polo and khakis. I'm doing a cheap white polo that still looks pretty nice, some blue jeans and boots however.

What would y'all recommend for melee?

@Tiwaz fair enough

Yo I know it

Christ be with all of you.

@wyatt what's the context??? I'm in DC

Post live stream plz. Got cucked by D.C. Traffic

"There's only twenty people here to defend against nazis! Where the fuck are you!!!"

We should have a rally in front of the White House tonight.

Honestly what's going to help us the most is to fucking organize into one group instead of over 15

@yeah dude not saying its even doable just what would help

@yeah dude like we do now?

Nsm shouldn't have been there. That's boomer level white nationalism

We need to do something tonight. We can't in Virginia so let's make a statement in DC.

Trump needs to hear that we're pissed

Can someone please white pill me on today. Feeling pretty fucking down

@evelynbrauny1988 I wanted to get Dixie going as we left the park but no one would join in. Like it was a full retreat it felt like. We need to do something soon to save face. I'm in D.C. For a couple of days. Let's do something fam.

@Baeravon I agree man I really do. Today was big on coming together don't get me wrong. We need to change the narrative, that's what we're good at. We need to take it away from the fights and the crash. Let's do something in Washington. We're all here. It's the capitol. Let make a message clear. Antifa won't be there we can have our speakers. .

Does anyone have a screenshot of trumps tweet last night?? It's deleted now but basically said something along the lines of, why is the left offended by the confederate flag when they protest white communist ones. Killed millions of people.

31 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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