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MsNatSocialist 2017-06-26 10:17:17


MsNatSocialist 2017-06-26 10:19:01


MsNatSocialist 2017-06-26 10:19:06

Made a chocolate cake!

Mayor of Fashtown 2017-06-26 10:25:36

Checkmate bigot


MsNatSocialist 2017-06-26 10:27:16

Damn brother, describe this picture for me... everything looks so great @Mayor of Fashtown

Mayor of Fashtown 2017-06-26 10:28:22

@MsNatSocialist hmm lets see. White chocolate macadamia blondies, peanut butter brownies, french breakfast muffins

MsNatSocialist 2017-06-26 10:28:46

They look delightful!

MsNatSocialist 2017-06-26 10:29:05


MsNatSocialist 2017-06-26 10:29:07

Made some scones with jam and cream too!

Campin' Carl 2017-06-26 10:29:30

my grandma makes the best scones

MsNatSocialist 2017-06-26 10:30:05

Does she make it with the lemonade or just the cream/vinegar mixture?

Campin' Carl 2017-06-26 10:30:22

i didnt even know lemonade goes in scones

MsNatSocialist 2017-06-26 10:31:16

Yeah, it helps binding process and aerates the mixture. Makes the scones become light and fluffy

Archer 2017-06-26 10:50:03

Id kill for some of that right now. Weve got shitty doughnuts for breakfast as always.

Archer 2017-06-26 10:50:46

Im not sure whos trying to kill us faster, our boss with the bad doighnuts and coffee or the criminals.

MsNatSocialist 2017-06-26 10:59:18

😦 sorry to hear @Archer

OrwellHuxley 2017-06-26 13:34:38


OrwellHuxley 2017-06-26 13:34:42


OrwellHuxley 2017-06-26 13:34:47


OrwellHuxley 2017-06-26 13:35:07


MsNatSocialist 2017-06-26 14:51:23

My inner Irish self is coming out! Hell yes! Stuffed potatoes!

Campin' Carl 2017-06-26 15:36:14

you micks arent to imaginative are you

Campin' Carl 2017-06-26 15:36:39

could you stuff your potatoes with something other than more potato and cheese?

YUGE 2017-06-26 16:14:52

@MsNatSocialist explain that cream to me

YUGE 2017-06-26 16:14:56

on the scones

YUGE 2017-06-26 16:15:57

I make really good scrambled eggs and made scrambled egg sandwiches on brioche buns for breakfast for Parriah and I and they were delicious. No pics though because there wasn't a foodposing channel yesterday!

MsNatSocialist 2017-06-26 21:24:18

@YUGE - you put thickened cream in a bowl and you beat it until it forms stiff peaks. Then you put it on desserts.
It's not the type in an aerosol can.

Chef Goyardee 2017-06-27 02:59:34


Mayor of Fashtown 2017-06-27 03:55:37


Erika 2017-06-27 04:36:37

Question: is it white genocide if we post Asian food?

YUGE 2017-06-27 05:56:56

@Erika pretty much

YUGE 2017-06-27 05:57:19

@MsNatSocialist sounds like whipped cream without sugar?

MsNatSocialist 2017-06-27 07:17:29

@YUGE - why do you put sugar in whipped cream? Eh

YUGE 2017-06-27 07:19:29

I dunno, you do though

YUGE 2017-06-27 07:19:33

not a lot

MsNatSocialist 2017-06-27 09:04:52


MsNatSocialist 2017-06-27 09:04:56

Stuffed potatoes with battered chicken

SDifference 2017-06-27 14:35:04

Oh there's a food posting channel now? I actually have a motivation to tryhard a bit now

SDifference 2017-06-27 14:36:11

@MsNatSocialist Those scones look good, you'd have all the britbong hooligans on your side

Chef Goyardee 2017-06-28 05:37:38


MsNatSocialist 2017-06-28 07:41:43

@Chef Goyardee - thank you, @D'Marcus Liebowitz was kind enough to give us it! 👌🏻

NuckFigures 2017-06-29 06:03:32

Since we're potato posting, if you goyim want to make french fries from the potato just like the restaurants, make sure to par boil them for five minutes first, Makes them creamy on the inside, and extra crispy on the outside. https://coub.com/view/vgi41

NuckFigures 2017-06-29 06:08:58

For flavor, you can fry french fries with garlic too. If you live in Eastern North America, you can use ramps in place of Garlic. I always swap out garlic with ramps when they're in season.


Chef Goyardee 2017-06-29 19:57:26

Nice, I haven't ran into ramps too often here in Texas.

Mayor of Fashtown 2017-06-29 22:28:48

What the deuce is a ramp

Phoenix- GA 2017-06-29 22:58:54

Its an incline generally purposed for transportation across elevations

Mayor of Fashtown 2017-06-29 23:57:50

🤔 🤔 🤔

Phoenix- GA 2017-06-29 23:58:29


NuckFigures 2017-06-30 06:43:09

Ramps are a species of wild onion that grows exclusively in Eastern North America. They're best described as a cross between onion and garlic in flavor, but sweeter and milder than both. In texture they're similar to green onions. They're also called wild leeks in some places. They can't be farmed because they take years to mature from seed to flower, so they're exclusively foraged. I'm still lucky in that all I have to do is walk five minutes down to some wooded hills to find thousands of wild ones.


NuckFigures 2017-06-30 06:44:48

Most people don't know this, but Chicago was actually named after these wild onions. The etymology of Chicago was a Francocization of the injun word Shakawa, which referred to these onions, as they were plentyful in the area where Chicago was founded.

NuckFigures 2017-06-30 06:47:00

Or not Shakawa, *shikaakwa, according to wikipedia.

NuckFigures 2017-06-30 22:51:24

Anybody growing anything this year? My sweet corn just silked today.


OrwellHuxley 2017-07-01 11:31:05


DrDude PhD 2017-07-02 07:21:47


Kaiser Dishelm 2017-07-03 23:49:03

@Lupus_Dei - NC if you eat a mosquito burger and the mosquitos have been chowing down on AIDS infected jungle people, do you get AIDS??

Anita Bieverlekker 2017-07-04 01:19:37

Pork chops, bacon, sauerkraut, new potatoes, sour cream dill sauce. Jew/Muslim repellant. Good food of the Gods. Grows nice strong Aryans. 💪🏻


Nikephoros 2017-07-04 04:13:16

Sounds delicious!

NuckFigures 2017-07-05 09:41:20

San Marzano tomatoes coming along nicely


Johnathan Boone 2017-07-05 13:41:45

>tfw only beefsteak tomatoes growing

MsNatSocialist 2017-07-06 00:41:27


MsNatSocialist 2017-07-06 00:41:28

Brad made this for me yesterday for lunch

NuckFigures 2017-07-06 04:27:30

I tried to grow beefsteak last year, but unfortunately many of them developed blossom end rot due to drought.

SLUG2_ 2017-07-06 13:43:43


SLUG2_ 2017-07-06 13:43:55


Campin' Carl 2017-07-06 14:51:30

pineapple on pizza is the last implicit stand of canadian identity

YUGE 2017-07-06 16:55:06

Pineapple on the right pizza is amazing

MsNatSocialist 2017-07-07 00:41:14

Pineapple on pizza is my favourite. I also like it in burgers.

Archer 2017-07-07 00:45:38

You upside down people are strange

MsNatSocialist 2017-07-07 01:59:46

@Archer - you'll eventually catch up to the future. Pineapple is a thing in the future.

Archer 2017-07-07 02:00:53

Pine...Apple...does it come from a pine tree? My simple southern mind is not equipped to handle such odd concepts.

MsNatSocialist 2017-07-07 02:07:16

It comes from this @Archer :

MsNatSocialist 2017-07-07 02:07:48


YUGE 2017-07-07 04:22:03

@Archer I don't really care where it comes from but it's delicious.

NuckFigures 2017-07-07 10:26:03

Technically it's a berry. It's thought to have originally grown wild in and around what is now Paraguay and Southern Brazil.

NuckFigures 2017-07-07 10:26:58

The Spanish spread them around the world after they settled the area, like they did with corn, tomatoes, peppers and others.

NuckFigures 2017-07-07 10:29:06

The neo-marxists say we "stole" them from the redskins, but if anything we perfected them through centuries of eugenics. The corn and tomato strains we eat today are nothing like what the redskins grew.

Nikephoros 2017-07-08 00:03:03

It's an ananas

MsNatSocialist 2017-07-15 07:40:05


MsNatSocialist 2017-07-15 07:40:18


MsNatSocialist 2017-07-15 07:41:04

It's got mars bar, cherryripe, marshmallows, strawberries with whipped cream and vanilla probiotic yogurt.

Mayor of Fashtown 2017-07-15 12:54:15
KKKutie 2017-07-15 19:02:24

@MsNatSocialist pm me dat recipe

MsNatSocialist 2017-07-30 05:00:08

Having some awesome American styled food with @Brad's mobile

MsNatSocialist 2017-07-30 05:09:50


MsNatSocialist 2017-07-30 05:09:54

Cheesy chilli fries

MsNatSocialist 2017-07-30 05:38:21


MsNatSocialist 2017-07-30 05:38:23


MsNatSocialist 2017-07-30 05:38:39

So full people!

Mayor of Fashtown 2017-07-30 07:29:56


MsNatSocialist 2017-07-31 02:12:34


MsNatSocialist 2017-07-31 02:12:45

Work lunches 💜

YUGE 2017-07-31 04:06:09

What's on that chicken @MsNatSocialist

MsNatSocialist 2017-07-31 04:10:35

@YUGE - a breadcrumb crumbed outside. It is schnitzel.

YUGE 2017-07-31 04:10:55

looks delicous

MsNatSocialist 2017-07-31 04:11:59

Thank you. I'm trying to be good with what I am eating now.

Based Dad 2017-07-31 15:16:47


Based Dad 2017-07-31 15:17:01

Low and slow


Based Dad 2017-07-31 15:17:49

8.5 LB Boston Butt. Low and Slow. 20 hour cooking time. Insane.

Nietzsche 2017-07-31 17:55:54


Archer 2017-07-31 19:17:56

Thats some nice looking lobster

Nietzsche 2017-07-31 23:07:05


Nietzsche 2017-07-31 23:07:31

Lobster tail and claw in creme fraiche and vermouth sauce

Nietzsche 2017-07-31 23:07:34

With potatoes

Nietzsche 2017-07-31 23:08:32


The Goy Scout 2017-08-02 00:15:52

Made my own BBQ sauce today. Implicitly white behavior. It came out great. The secret recipe included garlic, rice wine vinegar, Orange juice and unrefined honey

MsNatSocialist 2017-08-02 00:23:24

This all looks yummy as hell

Nietzsche 2017-08-05 01:06:38


Nietzsche 2017-08-05 01:07:00

Y'all niqqas like cheese?

TiborSzalasi-MI 2017-08-06 01:07:24

@here what is the most implicitly white cookie? asking for my wife

Vanguard 2017-08-06 01:07:44

chocolate no bake cookies

Barcode 2017-08-06 01:07:46

Oatmeal cinnemon

Barcode 2017-08-06 01:07:56

Or Snickerdoodles

Vanguard 2017-08-06 01:07:57

it also implies you had a functional family unit and your mother made them for you

halafradrimx 2017-08-06 01:07:58

@Chef Goyardee


halafradrimx 2017-08-06 01:08:07

Look it up!

aetratus 2017-08-06 01:08:15


14 2017-08-06 01:08:30

Macadamia cookie

Kurt14Lipper 2017-08-06 01:08:32

Gingerbread, nigga.

Kurt14Lipper 2017-08-06 01:08:45

Ain't no POC gingers.

TiborSzalasi-MI 2017-08-06 01:08:49

my wife is making swazi shaped cookies for the cville after party

14 2017-08-06 01:08:50


Barcode 2017-08-06 01:08:51


Belligerent Ship 2017-08-06 01:08:51

white chocolate chip

Barcode 2017-08-06 01:08:56

c'mon man

Belligerent Ship 2017-08-06 01:08:59


Barcode 2017-08-06 01:09:00

jews have red hair, too

Barcode 2017-08-06 01:09:06


Kurt14Lipper 2017-08-06 01:09:48

They aren't POC. They're POS.

comcast 2017-08-06 01:13:21


Kurt14Lipper 2017-08-06 01:16:26

That ain't no cookie, nigga. Bix nood.

comcast 2017-08-06 01:44:44

Can yuou substantiate that assertion with any facts or are you going to countersignal *food* all day

D'Marcus Liebowitz 2017-08-06 02:35:16

@here ya son, dat voice channoo

Vic_Mackey 2017-08-06 02:48:03


Campin' Carl 2017-08-06 07:42:37

@TiborSzalasi-MI anzac biccie of course

Chef Goyardee 2017-08-06 15:14:44

I had headcheese and a delicious mezcal cocktail last night.

Chef Goyardee 2017-08-06 15:14:50

Life is good.

Nietzsche 2017-08-06 18:26:56

@Chef Goyardee You're an Ausin guy, right? You should check out El Chicon. The name might be spanish, but it's not actually beaner food

Nietzsche 2017-08-06 18:27:02


MsNatSocialist 2017-08-07 00:45:19

ANZAC biccie, or a ginger-nut biccie...

CELT 2017-08-07 05:26:56


MsNatSocialist 2017-08-09 10:02:54


SLUG2_ 2017-08-09 15:17:20


Archer 2017-08-09 19:23:29

You gotta poke holes in the crust first.

Eddy 2017-08-09 19:46:51

what the bloody ell went on here

Nikephoros 2017-08-10 22:35:41

Housewifing skills need improvement

Storm Macdonald 2017-08-11 02:11:09


Storm Macdonald 2017-08-11 02:11:37

My inner spaghetti nigger

MsNatSocialist 2017-08-19 04:28:54


MsNatSocialist 2017-08-19 04:28:56

So much freaking food!

MsNatSocialist 2017-08-19 04:29:16


MsNatSocialist 2017-08-19 04:29:37

Americans... you do food so well

SDifference 2017-08-19 04:29:42


Kiwi Goy 2017-08-19 04:30:06

damn nice!

Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-19 04:30:14

Welcome to burger land

MsNatSocialist 2017-08-19 04:31:02

I'm in Australia @Lupus_Dei - NC - but this place is run by Americans

Lupus_Dei - NC 2017-08-19 04:31:57

Ah, yeah enjoy the lack of portion control then. Lol, we take it wherever we go

MsNatSocialist 2017-08-19 04:32:33

I thought the hot dog would be smaller, but this is like a foot long damn

mooples 2017-08-19 04:33:31

Dog bless the usa. Freedom aint free

MsNatSocialist 2017-08-19 04:33:53

Nope, it's all going to my thighs 😂

Campin' Carl 2017-08-19 04:34:07

its normal sized, youre just tiny

MsNatSocialist 2017-08-19 04:34:30

Aye! It's not! I usually get the kind from Wendy's

Arthedain 2017-08-20 13:03:20


Arthedain 2017-08-20 13:22:46



Anita Bieverlekker 2017-08-22 01:42:02

When you stop in a tiny town and insist on a wine and cheese break.


MsNatSocialist 2017-08-25 03:20:58


MsNatSocialist 2017-08-25 03:21:03

Brownies anyone?

northern_confederate 2017-08-25 03:30:24


Horatio Cary 2017-08-25 23:02:07

@MsNatSocialist what the fuck did you call me

MsNatSocialist 2017-08-26 02:27:56
Horatio Cary 2017-08-26 12:13:10

you called me a brownie you piece a shit

Wraff 2017-08-27 16:35:48

You are a delicious, chocolatey, fudgey, baked pastry treat you brownie

F39 2017-08-28 23:11:20

I am scared of accepting brownies from strangers after that /k/ meet-up graphic

Archer 2017-08-29 02:53:52


Archer 2017-08-29 02:54:01

Never ever will I take that risk.

Archer 2017-08-29 02:54:14

First it'll be semen, next it'll be LSD.

erz1871 2017-08-29 07:48:10

it was shopped tho

erz1871 2017-08-29 07:48:17

i know my /k/ommandos

Commodvs Detritvs 2017-09-01 07:16:56

Maple duck ftw

Arthedain 2017-09-03 13:28:28



LovelyPorridge 2017-09-04 18:10:53

i'll tell you what's a good food is. Honey. It lasts a long time and is good. but dont eat too much

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