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just order it right now tbh

no no this is what's really important

way of seeing who needs a beating*

being a fag and getting a beating is synonymous tbh i see your point

twitter: @bhp1911

jesus christmas

that's my favorite menu item


Car plowed into times square


Cumia is a guinea. Some of the most based goys left in the US

>race realist commander shepard

My current twitter is called Shepard and my avatar is an undead pinochet

The girl one lol

Hot redhead is peak waifu tbh

Few know this


There is something wrong with all of us tbh

Bigly if true

Reapers code for jews

Youre a big deal. People should respect you

You are setting the standard

@D'Marcus Liebowitz sheeit nigga @NuckFigures can keep a voice chat rolling all by himself

mein dudebro in arms







without full blown autism

hahaha brilliant




they need to know the truth tbh

who do i need to kill

i'll donate $14.88 to your campaign

honest opinions. i do those!

talk to them about preserving their way of life

make implications and allow them to draw conclusions. channel socrates to make them think

just be you dawg

you're a natural talker, you like talking to people

pretend you're a dudebro Trump

you can hide that underlying message when you speak

there are commonalities between that, and the things that appeal to your fellow denizens

and i imagine you know what those items are

if you know the locals i mean

the ladies want a fascist. Mr. Bond said so

oh mine too

Why We're Pissed is prolly my fave

and that new one he made about Trump lol

you'd have my vote tbh

what if you changed it to

"feral hordes of rabid niggers"

i can only get so erect

true story. that's how i lost one of mine

@Convo i like that effortpost

Feltchington Shart LOL

Seamus Mac Hyde lol

Btfo that poll fam fuck shit up

Durterte striking fear in his enemies while wearing a striped polo from walmart

Bershae dropping all kinds of blackpills tonight

@BershaeS we elected president trump and received president kushner

Because europe is spiralling down into a crevasse at record pace. Every day hundreds more whites are raped and murdered by mudvaders and nothing is done to stop it. Our time is finite

Every person lost and monument destroyed is permanent

I use that anger every day. You have no idea

But dropping redpills online, or even irl, is only a fraction of the necessary measure

And voting for more trumps and le pens won't stop anything

The only way to save our civilization is for an adequate number of people to sack up and initiate physical removal. Its not about good v bad or right v wrong. This is 100% us v them. No apologies and no compromise.

Democrats are irrelevant as an electoral block, but they arent the ones with the actual power anyway

Democracy itself is just a fraud idea meant to trick people into thinking they have influence

It doesn't seem like whites will achieve the gumption to save themselves by force until they are already so outnumbered as to make the uphill fight next to impossible

Now granted the Indo-European race is prolific at exterminating numbers far greater than their own

Especially where concerns opponents of mongoloid or subsaharan pursuasion

@FylnnGardian technique and footwork

@FylnnGardian yeah proper technique can allow you to use the ground as an anchor point and deliver your entire body weight into your punch, or throw

How can you take the redpill if youre jewish

But, shes jewish

Shes just a sjw jew bitch who like every jewess gets wet at the idea of being a victim and wants to be violently dominated by a white male despite her jewishness and proclaimed social justice beliefs

And that derpy fuckin face in that screenshot lol

@☇Unlimited Power☇ and always inevitable lol

^^^fellow whites

@☇Unlimited Power☇ id say dna test him but a bullet is cheaper

If only

Those antifa posts read like communist fanfics



Yes lol

Commies and jews love to be victimized

Thats why we have to white sharia their women LOL

Not the jewish ones. The only bull they get is the brazen variety

Its happening so the democrat jews and shabbos goy can rile of their kabal of useful idiots within the populace to actually think sessions did something wrong

So after this the media and online CTR shills will make up a slew of bullshit and fake news to get people to believe the opposite of the truth

Since they know most wont bother to question it

Most early model gen Xers and boomers are just afraid to be labeled racist nazis

Plz dnt buy tiger stripe or bdu shorts

Someone will mistake you for being an OathKeeper

Also fit women have a round butt its just the way it is. Flat butt and straight hips is pedo

Marrying a based somali is the last stand of implicit white identity

@Caerulus_Rex trick statement because everyone knows the stitching on the ass flap would have fallen apart by then

Shout Ree at them and see what they do


Reptilian rat monster

Do all jews see themselves as a badass

Jews are shit tier programmers

@FylnnGardian just hate on cargo shorts colored like bdus

Probably not even propper tbh but one of the cheaper not quite right brands

Although the cheaper brands give you a FUCKING ZIPPER lol


I dunno man ive never had a zipper break on any clothing

Everything else before that

Except...a coat

I just dont like

When i wanna pee im not trying to wait

White belt. What

Asgardian is literally a golf club chad stereotype

Hand proves youre not a nigger

Or sand people, street shitter, injun, gook

Because your hand is either white or not white

They'll never recover

This is worse for them than mili


90% of military wives are thots lol

Women who enlist are even worse they absorb so many dicks their MOS should be labeled cum dumpster

@MsNatSocialist one person doesnt change the group dynamic

Its like black iq. Yes some of them are above 100 but most are at or below 85

I was just about to ask the same

50 shots fired from a rifle

Over 10 mins

Sounds like someone was trying to murder Congress in a baseball field lol

I was thinking commie


Maybe it was an oath cuck

75 yards with a rifle if you arent making standing headshots kys

5 shot but none dead as far as i know

One was a lady cop who thought the right course was to tell him to drop his weapon after he already started shooting

Do you feel empowered yet ma'am

Fucking fantasy land kind of like what happens here

Plz stop stealing gun sir omg halp need man cop


Midwestern boomer leftist hahahaha

Maybe he really is a banished oathkeeper LOL

Is bernie not pro union?

We memed this guy into existence lol


Antigun liberal, comes prepared for a gunfighter match


Of course he only must have brought 2 mags like a faygit

Now congress got a taste of the kind if violent communism we face all the time

He was a sanders campaign volunteer LOL

@Convo roller blade for real quads brah

Some kike tried to pass me in a no passing zone

When i was waiting for him at the light he wouldnt make eye contact

His license plate was shalom-4

It was a great tease tbh

Scalise no leg army crawled 15 yards trailing blood before anyone came to help him lol


@Vanguard terrible shot cause he's a communist

i was thinking 556 too cause he didn't manage to actually kill anyone lol

except Scalise who may bleed out eventually, looking that way

cause that shit fragments so bad

@SwiFT if only though lol

they said he shot 50-60 rounds and ran out of ammo and resorted to pistol

tells me he only brought 2 mags

so, i am thinking he bought the gun recently and used the 2 mags that came with it

all hail the Saint Dylann Roof blessed be his name

sounds like a hero to me

*true american hero*

oh yeah fuck no lol

@wyatt is right thought we need national CCW reciprocity, bigly

cause thats what Republicans do, like Rockwell said

i live in NC and i can't carry in MD

i have a 300blk i like it

300blk is more affordable than it used to be too. i guess that depends what you consider affordable. it's about the same as 308 nowadays

and there is a shitload of manufacturers for it

the Remington UMC seems to have sporadic accuracy with it though

yeah bigly

i just like to stock up on some more exotic ammo types lol

i just about have something for everything

Sig is, or just recently was, getting bought by the Jew who buggered Kimber so get it in before the company goes to shit lol

i shot an FNS 9 the other day speaking of which

shooting near Barclays Center in NYC

all the boomer oath cucks who think the police shouldn't be militarized. all that does is allow midwestern boomer leftists to shoot politicians with impunity lol

i know

they should be able to use whatever they deem necessary

if the shooter today were a pro, some cops with handguns would have been massacred

literally why 357 magnum was invented

cops: more firepower plz

early century example but the point is the same

you need to advance with the competition

that story needs a jaunty tune

fireteam of rangers we, robbin banks to all our glee, we ignore police's please, the pirate's life for me

my dad said "good thing it wasn't you"

i said "i would have picked different targets. Scalise is /ourguy/"

lol sounds like a good time

does your lord husband approve of this in our new white sharia world

OH. okay

just giving you a hard time



i'm pretty certain the white man's penchant for war and violence would allow us to coordinately demolish all african governments in a short period and genocide the populace if someone would just get a move on

that continent has too many resources and wildlife too ignore

well then

there you go


we can round up the stragglers to put on a hunting reservation

people can come from round the world to hunt the mysterious negroid

yes to teach the churrens their evils and see them in person

see Jimmy how they just defecate where they happen to be. disgusting

observe how they constantly battle each other for nothing and have an insatiable lust for rape

we know goy

weird lot of habbenings today amirite?


fuckin boomers

such jewish mindset, grew up in one type of world, invented the diploma ponzi scheme and sold it to the following generations knowing it was a scam but tricking the youngins into believe it was necessary

i dont recommend anyone go beyond associate tbh

unless trade school or military

they are

it's a huge scam and most teach you nothing

and even with a valid degree, certain schools teach you nothing

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