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@sharialabeouf Hey there! Dr Science Dude Here.

@sharialabeouf Which blather channel? 'Black Mouths Blather" ?


I like cooking with Gas

Logical reaction

Whom are you talking to?

Is Spectre in this Discord? He's the Real Shrink

Yeah, a full fledged MD

Human Factors Engineering

Also called "Ergonomics" but most people know it as Usabiliy or "UX"

So I'm Industrial Engineering, Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science. But I have a Minor in Stats

Time on Task, error rates, perception, Human information processing, visual computer displays, etc etc

I've been published in the International Journal of Industrial Engineering, Proceedings for the HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society) and co author of a couple of IBM Red Books.

and I'M Unemployeed and looking for a Job!!!!

Dude, I dropped out of college the first time.

I went to work for 10 yeas before I figured out what I wanted to do, went back to school and since I was 'interested' in the subject, aced my way thru my courses. It's not a matter of being smart it's a matter of being interested and applying yourself.

Tons of things are now overlapping these days, even the neuroscience part of cognitive psychology.

University system is cucked. It was cucked when I was back there in the early 90s at NCSU in Raleigh NC of all places.

I mean, when Moo-U is cucked, NC is fucked

@badtanman I do lots of interesting research on commercial applications and websites; I just had a job where I ran two large experiments/usability tests on over 1000 people exploring how they used a ebusiness website.

Carolina and Duke are HORRIBLE; even back then. We didn't know what to call it, but looking back it was SJW and cucks at those two universities.

NCSU Psych Dept had three major cucks as professors.

I haven't written code in years. I'd have to start all over again. Last experience was with C and PL/1

Aside: I hated writing code

To me it was like doing crossword puzzles


I remember one time I was working on some code and couldn't get it to work. I went to bed and in the middle of the night I was dreaming of working on the problem and dreamt up the right code, woke up and wrote it and it worked! That's when I KNEW I needed to get away from it.

Liberals needed to take it out on the administration and not the people sent to fight the war by the administration.

Vietnam was horrible. I grew up watching the nightly body count on the TV. It turned my stomach back then.

And then all the old men in DC got on the TV and said how many villages they had taken and the dead young people were swept under the rug.

My entire FUCKING LIFE, it's been the OLD FARTS in DC ruling over the young, wasting their lives, raping the economy and telling us how to live. I pray that Generation Z will be strong enough to take this country back and rid us of corruption.

I know. They're just as much ideologues as the corrupt neo-cons

The destabilization of the ME started with Carter and him letting the Shah of Iran being deposed

then carter gave away the panama canal

These dictators were put in place by the USA to hold down radical Islam. Dictators only work in those parts of the world due to the savage nature of the people who need to be controlled.

They can't handle 'Democracy'

They're savages

Is that Assad's religion?

Assad's brand of Islam is very 'western' in that it is very tolerant and protective of Christianity and there's none of this Sharia crap

The Christians from Syria who've fled due to the bombing in their home country all have high praises for Assad; the ones that I've met, that is.

The ones that have family over there would love to go back, but their cities has been destroyed.

That neighboring country should be made rich with 'diversity'




Rich chocolate Diversity

I can point you to resources

You're joking right? Miscegenation used to be illegal and as far as I'm concerned it still should be. @badtanman

Crown on the Rocks

"Shekel for a Good goy"

Now go get your pay check

We missed the perfect opportunity to turn that festering sore into a glass parking lot, but now, maybe the Russians will help us.

"Not All Muslims" is right up there with this one ...

Uh, last I checked there was only ONE 'constitution'

Muh Constitutions! Oy Vey! I'm gonna tell Ezra on you!

Says "our greatest ally"

Texas State fair is NOT for niggers.

Obviously the only thing you know about Texas comes from the major urban areas

Nigger Houston and Dallas and Spic El Paso

I'm English/German/Irish and it's not over until you give up

Could there possibly be a pattern here?

Ya'll talking tentacle porn again?

Holy Kurt Eichenwald, Batman!

A Muzzie is a Muzzie

All degenerate MUD seed

This Thread; many normie red pills This Thread

Fucking Based, man!

He's a time traveler, man

No, what gives?




The man is a genius with snark

You want soy? I'll give you SOY

@RedRightHand BEST LINE YET by Trump

Time to LIFT

You should meet my mother. She's Celopatra; cause she's

wait for it...

Queen of Denial


Carpet Bagging infiltrator

Like the Bush family

Spencer drunk tweeted about the Irish one night

@RedRightHand not very good things, and he ended up deleting it.

@RedRightHand I think I have the tweet, lemme check

@RedRightHand here it is

@RedRightHand Yeah, if you search Twitter for @RichardBSpencer and the word IRISH, you'll find the uproar on June 3rd and 4th

English/German/Irish here

@RedRightHand Yeah, he's into academic intellectual masturbation; no need for that in the movement.

I thought White Hot Takes was the official AltRight Band

Intellectualism has its place, but here we need to be clear and concise. With planning and clarity of action.

You talking about Cerno again?

I though his wife was Russian?

We need Dolph Lundgren

Yes, and blond children

Some people don't age well

@badtanman She WAS pretty

Suidlanders Fundraiser
June 23, 2017 by admin, posted in Articles, Updates

Vanguard America is doing a fundraiser to host the South African civil defense organization, the Suidlanders, in Washington D.C. on July 7th, 2017. Every donation we receive from now, until the event itself will be going towards their efforts in South Africa.

@D'Marcus Liebowitz Suidlanders Fundraiser
June 23, 2017 by admin, posted in Articles, Updates

Vanguard America is doing a fundraiser to host the South African civil defense organization, the Suidlanders, in Washington D.C. on July 7th, 2017. Every donation we receive from now, until the event itself will be going towards their efforts in South Africa.

@Zorost Hear about the Trump Quote based on Julius Cesear Play? Trump: "Mueller is an honorable man. They're all honorable." Et Tu Brute?

@BellaDashwood He's One Shapiro Tall

@Vanguard Yeah mine did too, so I bought a new battery cause bloated Li batteries are dangerous

I thought it was based on Cheetos and Little Debbie Snack Cakes....



@badtanman Just posting what it recently tweeted;

Storms rolling in right now, thunder and lightning


@RedRightHand Is this you?

Oh My ...

@MsNatSocialist I think Hansel and Gretel got rid of her.

@NuckFigures the account that tweeted that is a parody antifa account. Are you sure those DMs are true?

My Twitter: @Jesse_sDad

My Gab: DrDudePhD

anyone care to explain how foreign nationals have constitutional rights

Rothschild & Cheney Energy Co illegally drilling in Golan Heights area #GenieEnergy

Who is this White House Reporter?

@Convo D'Marcus invited me; and Yes, I'm a Dr. PhD.

@Convo Yeah, excercise is good; go to the gym and work out, get the good flowing

The Satanic Verses
Richard Spencer (raised Episcopalian), Hunter Wallace (raised Methodist), and James Edwards (raised Southern Baptist) discuss the Southern Baptist Convention's denunciation of the Alt-Right, as well as Christianity's relationship toward nation, race, and culture.

Hawaii has to go back.

not there anymore

So the UN moved the goalposts: They stopped waiting for these migrants to get into the sea. They're "rescuing" them on mainland Africa.

Nazi Geese

It was true in my mind, Goy!

Magic Super Nazi Bullet

#SNAP = Sustaining Nigs And Punjabs

Dr. Henry Bello, NIGERIAN (possibly Muslim) Doctor, had several arrests

They're NOT sending their best!


<:wewuzkangs:283520748256231425> 😂

What's the definition of Irony, again?

We talked about this last night

We should have China-man meat festival


@Gray Great email to Anita; did you send it?

@Gray You gave me a great Idea, thanks!

It's Time for #TheThirdRail featuring our favorite MD, Spectre!
Episode 15: Swedes, Venezuelans, and Jews… Oh My!

Nappy Haired Quasi-Tranny Negroid turns Lesbian and race mixes with European girl #DoctorWho


*Downtown Arkansas*


Of Course....

Gay Guy: im gay, i dont like girls
Liberals: wow, anyone trying to change you is fuckin nuts

Straight Guy: im straight, i dont like dicks
Also Liberals: ok man thats pretty ignorant

Use my coupon for Texas goodies! OFFER CODE 711132 REQUIRED Offer expires 7/5/17 Pick an arrival date before 7/30/17

archive of CNN threatening private citizen

@AGSchneiderman CNN MUST be prosecuted for violation of the § 135.60 of the New York criminal code "coercion"

Here's the whole article archived =>

If it's brown, flush it down

I've got people in NY State promising to call the NY AG over CNN's blackmail and their violation of their criminal code

Oh Noes! It's global warming! Quick, call Chelsea Clinton!

@☇Unlimited Power☇ You're welcome to post it there. My twitter account is locked to avoid shoahs

I have a lot of respect for Putin; he's a hard ass

I have a cat with eye color like that

Texas here


How long have we had a #whitepower Handshake?

First cousin marriage is legal in Maine so long as the couple undergoes genetic counseling to ensure that – should the couple wish to have children - there is little-to-no risk of serious health defect], and Texas (2005) have also banned cousin marriage.

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