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2017-05-14 00:40:26 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Hello @Brad Small - thank you for the welcome.

2017-05-14 02:03:37 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]

2017-05-14 02:42:07 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

He's trying to taint me

2017-05-14 03:38:09 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

It's not gonna happen bro

2017-05-14 03:39:28 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@SLUG2_ - hope you loved that last pic... you have to stop sending me your dick too.

2017-05-14 03:40:35 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@SLUG2_ - back off @Brad Small will get upset

2017-05-14 03:42:27 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@SLUG2_ it was a private event. You weren't invited, because you're a shit cunt

2017-05-14 03:43:49 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

That's cool, I'll chop your dick up and send it to all your lovers in a box... game of thrones style

2017-05-14 03:44:50 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'll 4D this shit so hard that you'll wonder why you didn't play backgammon

2017-05-14 03:46:57 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

4th degree burns?

2017-05-14 03:48:23 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Poor @SLUG2_ - do you want me to give you ice?

2017-05-14 03:48:36 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

You can now pull the victim card

2017-05-14 03:58:59 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

No, I'm Australian

2017-05-14 07:55:03 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'll be pissed if (((they))) ban him.

2017-05-14 07:58:14 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Lauren Southern is Alt-lite all the way.

2017-05-14 07:59:40 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I don't really trust her

2017-05-14 08:02:20 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Agreed. Or she'll become another Tomi Lahren, she talked too much

2017-05-14 08:02:39 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Too much talk, not enough base action

2017-05-15 09:12:55 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Come like my page ๐Ÿ˜Š

2017-05-15 09:58:43 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

AFS needs to get a life by taking their own lives.

2017-05-15 11:12:03 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

๐Ÿ˜ก that makes me so angry!

2017-05-15 11:15:02 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  
2017-05-15 11:26:41 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'm very aware @Campin' Carl ๐Ÿ˜‚

2017-05-15 11:28:10 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

๐Ÿ˜ฑ I was not being mean!

2017-05-15 11:29:24 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Did Hitler proclaim "emojis are for thots" ?

2017-05-15 11:30:08 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Well if he didn't say it, then I'll keep using it.

2017-05-15 11:31:06 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'm 25, I'm not a girl.

2017-05-15 11:31:57 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Seniority rules haha

2017-05-15 11:33:19 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I was probably in school when you were born. It was a different time back then.

2017-05-15 11:36:09 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

> not looking 25 and looking 20
> haha

2017-05-15 11:38:29 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I waste more of my life getting ID'd, drives me insane.
Police keep thinking I should be an L plater, they keep having to check my license

2017-05-15 11:40:45 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'm a One Nation member, I have no hope

2017-05-15 11:42:39 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Nope, I know 10 others like me. Mostly in Queensland

2017-05-15 11:44:25 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

QANDA is always boring hun, would rather watch Parliament Question Time.

2017-05-15 11:45:43 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I feel sorry for you @Brad Small

2017-05-15 11:48:02 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Nah, if you need booze to watch that shit - you need to be watching air strikes in the Middle East. Much better.

2017-05-15 11:54:58 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Hahaha! I doubt it... I just don't like them because they threaten my safety. I don't feel safe with them around.

2017-05-15 12:00:09 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@SledgeHammer - Stay off the black pills mate, not good.
We'll get through this together. Everything will be okay.

2017-05-15 12:01:31 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

You have to care, if you don't care - then who will? I care... I want society to be white and I want to contribute to that. Don't give up brother.

2017-05-15 12:03:18 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@SledgeHammer - dear white brother, we all have our issues - the making thing is making ourselves better for our future children. We can do this... we have make each other accountable

2017-05-15 12:04:10 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Well I can purify spiral together

2017-05-15 12:04:13 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-05-15 12:06:21 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I feel the need to bake and feed you all. You all need to chill.

2017-05-15 12:07:38 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Brad Small - what you're doing, it's not gonna work on me... I'm an NS woman, I'm not silly.

@Jarl_Ballin' - I'll bake you some

2017-05-15 12:09:09 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I don't have children right now, so I'm maternal as hell to everyone. I'm fairly sure people just want me to have kids to stop me from baking them stuff. I ruin many people's diets.

2017-05-15 12:11:13 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I want a husband ๐Ÿ˜ฅ but I have high standards and people my age aren't wanting that or wanting kids. I have to date like... 35+ year olds

2017-05-15 12:11:56 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-05-15 12:14:25 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I want daughters to teach how to cook, sew and to do girly stuff. To watch my sons learn to be men with their father...

2017-05-15 12:15:30 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

My 20 year old brother is getting married. My older sister has two children. I fail....

2017-05-15 12:17:33 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'm not sure what happened, but I'll pray for you.

2017-05-15 12:18:27 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Oh dear Lord. I'm so sorry

2017-05-15 12:20:13 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

3 days. 5 days is when you start having bodily functions force shut down.

2017-05-15 12:21:13 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Go take a lay down. Nap. Just block everything out for a few hours.

2017-05-15 12:22:24 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@SledgeHammer - have a tea with rosemary in it, it helps with calming and helps you sleep

2017-05-17 13:49:11 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I only own one pair of jeans. The rest is skirts and dresses. Pants feel weird. How do guys wear them everyday?

2017-05-17 13:51:31 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Men should wear nice looking pants, ripped jeans make you look untidy and I'd feel awkward randomly meeting my father if I was on a date with a guy with ripped jeans

2017-05-17 13:52:05 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Oh gosh, White Sharia?

2017-05-17 13:52:11 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-05-17 13:55:09 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Tiki torches remind me of that time I went to Bali about 8 days after the Bali bombings. Sad times... many white peoples lives lost.

2017-05-17 13:57:00 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Race mixing is vile, who could bring themselves to do that. Disgusting!

2017-05-17 13:57:51 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

How hard is it to stay in your race lane?

2017-05-17 14:01:09 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Anime is degenerate @Brad Small - how many times do you need to be told darling...?

2017-05-17 14:02:34 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I like The Sims, I like creating houses and killing my sims... haha.

2017-05-17 14:04:25 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@blitzkrieg - maybe we could kill our POC sims together one day?

2017-05-17 14:04:50 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

White nationalism!

2017-05-17 14:05:09 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Stalker? I don't stalk, I'm not a bird

2017-05-17 14:06:08 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I don't play games, I bake... has more of a benefit to many more people.

2017-05-17 14:06:46 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Brad Small I'll bake swastika cupcakes for you

2017-05-17 14:07:59 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I know what he is, I just like baking. Lol.

2017-05-17 14:08:55 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I went to a Hitlers birthday BBQ

2017-05-17 14:09:58 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Brad couldn't stop being a thot if he tried. He's too thotty to function

2017-05-17 14:11:22 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

They all say that.

I had one @Jarl_Ballin' - we had bacon too. Halal and kosher free

2017-05-17 14:11:41 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Brad, I was at that party

2017-05-17 14:11:49 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

You're lucky I wasn't doxxed

2017-05-17 14:17:38 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

My ex was actually a pedo, creepy as fuck when I found out

2017-05-17 14:18:22 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

My ex boyfriend was a pedo... for real. And he claimed to be NS too.

2017-05-17 14:18:38 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

No... I've always loved Hitler ๐Ÿ˜‚

2017-05-17 14:19:45 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

My dad is an ex skinhead, he stopped when he had us children. He taught us the right way. Grew up on WW2 documentaries.

2017-05-17 14:21:05 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Guys in military uniforms. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

2017-05-17 14:21:38 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-05-17 14:23:42 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Awesome work!

2017-05-17 14:24:32 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Did you tell him to shove a baguette up his ass?

2017-05-17 14:25:07 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Hitler should've kept France

2017-05-17 14:26:12 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-05-17 14:28:53 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Hahaha! I'll just bake hitler a Fรผhrer cake and all will be good.

2017-05-17 14:29:49 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Being a Dingoess is pretty great. Being Australian is badass. Everything is trying to kill you here, the people and the wildlife.

2017-05-17 14:30:56 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Vanguard - sure we can arrange this

2017-05-17 14:31:39 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Scared Brad?

2017-05-17 14:32:17 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I bet you tell all the Dingoesses that Brad

2017-05-17 14:34:11 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I own a knife, I wouldn't even know how to get a gun in my bloody state

2017-05-17 14:35:52 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I prefer people call me by my real name tbh

2017-05-17 14:36:36 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I used my real name on TCR too

2017-05-17 14:38:18 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Brad Small - I basically use the same name and handle for all my social media. I like my real name, so I'll keep using it.

2017-05-17 14:40:15 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Wtf, how do you get a PhD in Diversity? Does she change colours like a mutant now?

2017-05-17 14:40:49 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'm a business graduate

2017-05-17 14:41:55 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I wish I taught PhD in Home Economics and Etiquette

2017-05-17 14:43:02 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I'll just teach people how to use an oven... a big shiny large enough to fit people in oven

2017-05-17 14:43:37 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Vanguard, same. Finishing school for 4 summers.

2017-05-17 14:44:19 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I can bake both! "Get a girl that can do both" haha

2017-05-17 14:46:20 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

And mathematics, you fuck measurements up and it turns bad, real fast

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