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Hello @Brad Small - thank you for the welcome.

He's trying to taint me

It's not gonna happen bro

@SLUG2_ - hope you loved that last pic... you have to stop sending me your dick too.

@SLUG2_ - back off @Brad Small will get upset

@SLUG2_ it was a private event. You weren't invited, because you're a shit cunt

That's cool, I'll chop your dick up and send it to all your lovers in a box... game of thrones style

I'll 4D this shit so hard that you'll wonder why you didn't play backgammon

4th degree burns?

Poor @SLUG2_ - do you want me to give you ice?

You can now pull the victim card

No, I'm Australian

I'll be pissed if (((they))) ban him.

Lauren Southern is Alt-lite all the way.

I don't really trust her

Agreed. Or she'll become another Tomi Lahren, she talked too much

Too much talk, not enough base action

Come like my page 😊

AFS needs to get a life by taking their own lives.

😑 that makes me so angry!

I'm very aware @Campin' Carl πŸ˜‚

😱 I was not being mean!

Did Hitler proclaim "emojis are for thots" ?

Well if he didn't say it, then I'll keep using it.

I'm 25, I'm not a girl.

Seniority rules haha

I was probably in school when you were born. It was a different time back then.

> not looking 25 and looking 20
> haha

I waste more of my life getting ID'd, drives me insane.
Police keep thinking I should be an L plater, they keep having to check my license

I'm a One Nation member, I have no hope

Nope, I know 10 others like me. Mostly in Queensland

QANDA is always boring hun, would rather watch Parliament Question Time.

I feel sorry for you @Brad Small

Nah, if you need booze to watch that shit - you need to be watching air strikes in the Middle East. Much better.

Hahaha! I doubt it... I just don't like them because they threaten my safety. I don't feel safe with them around.

@SledgeHammer - Stay off the black pills mate, not good.
We'll get through this together. Everything will be okay.

You have to care, if you don't care - then who will? I care... I want society to be white and I want to contribute to that. Don't give up brother.

@SledgeHammer - dear white brother, we all have our issues - the making thing is making ourselves better for our future children. We can do this... we have make each other accountable

Well I can purify spiral together


I feel the need to bake and feed you all. You all need to chill.

@Brad Small - what you're doing, it's not gonna work on me... I'm an NS woman, I'm not silly.

@Jarl_Ballin' - I'll bake you some

I don't have children right now, so I'm maternal as hell to everyone. I'm fairly sure people just want me to have kids to stop me from baking them stuff. I ruin many people's diets.

I want a husband πŸ˜₯ but I have high standards and people my age aren't wanting that or wanting kids. I have to date like... 35+ year olds


I want daughters to teach how to cook, sew and to do girly stuff. To watch my sons learn to be men with their father...

My 20 year old brother is getting married. My older sister has two children. I fail....

I'm not sure what happened, but I'll pray for you.

Oh dear Lord. I'm so sorry

3 days. 5 days is when you start having bodily functions force shut down.

Go take a lay down. Nap. Just block everything out for a few hours.

@SledgeHammer - have a tea with rosemary in it, it helps with calming and helps you sleep

I only own one pair of jeans. The rest is skirts and dresses. Pants feel weird. How do guys wear them everyday?

Men should wear nice looking pants, ripped jeans make you look untidy and I'd feel awkward randomly meeting my father if I was on a date with a guy with ripped jeans

Oh gosh, White Sharia?


Tiki torches remind me of that time I went to Bali about 8 days after the Bali bombings. Sad times... many white peoples lives lost.

Race mixing is vile, who could bring themselves to do that. Disgusting!

How hard is it to stay in your race lane?

Anime is degenerate @Brad Small - how many times do you need to be told darling...?

I like The Sims, I like creating houses and killing my sims... haha.

@blitzkrieg - maybe we could kill our POC sims together one day?

White nationalism!

Stalker? I don't stalk, I'm not a bird

I don't play games, I bake... has more of a benefit to many more people.

@Brad Small I'll bake swastika cupcakes for you

I know what he is, I just like baking. Lol.

I went to a Hitlers birthday BBQ

Brad couldn't stop being a thot if he tried. He's too thotty to function

They all say that.

I had one @Jarl_Ballin' - we had bacon too. Halal and kosher free

Brad, I was at that party

You're lucky I wasn't doxxed

My ex was actually a pedo, creepy as fuck when I found out

My ex boyfriend was a pedo... for real. And he claimed to be NS too.

No... I've always loved Hitler πŸ˜‚

My dad is an ex skinhead, he stopped when he had us children. He taught us the right way. Grew up on WW2 documentaries.

Guys in military uniforms. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


Awesome work!

Did you tell him to shove a baguette up his ass?

Hitler should've kept France

Hahaha! I'll just bake hitler a FΓΌhrer cake and all will be good.

Being a Dingoess is pretty great. Being Australian is badass. Everything is trying to kill you here, the people and the wildlife.

@Vanguard - sure we can arrange this

Scared Brad?

I bet you tell all the Dingoesses that Brad

I own a knife, I wouldn't even know how to get a gun in my bloody state

I prefer people call me by my real name tbh

I used my real name on TCR too

@Brad Small - I basically use the same name and handle for all my social media. I like my real name, so I'll keep using it.

Wtf, how do you get a PhD in Diversity? Does she change colours like a mutant now?

I'm a business graduate

I wish I taught PhD in Home Economics and Etiquette

I'll just teach people how to use an oven... a big shiny large enough to fit people in oven

Vanguard, same. Finishing school for 4 summers.

I can bake both! "Get a girl that can do both" haha

And mathematics, you fuck measurements up and it turns bad, real fast

Night everyone! Lovely chatting with everyone and meeting new people. Have a an amazing evening/day! 14/88

Sheila's or Dingoesses

Hahaha! That's funny. You have a good evening Vanguard.

I have a flute, hahaha. It's a weird instrument.

Lots of photos please!

Death squads now?

I am a girl @Barcode


I've been here for ages. Lol

And? I'm a Dingoess.

What one?

I'm not sending anyone DM's lol.

My pic is my profile picture. Deal with it

I just woke up, no shit

Everything in Aus wants to kill us


@YUGE - Brad didn't fail anything. He did well.



I'm at work and I'm constantly surprised by how dumb people are when it comes to their credit cards. These excessively rich people have no clue how their cards actually work and when their cards don't work... they go into a full scale freak out. Like wow.

Maybe I should put my IQ on my resume. πŸ˜‚

@YUGE - brother, it went well... you can unsink Brads boat. πŸ˜‚

Oh dear, you're already anticipating his death already.

I'm always yellow online. Irl I'm so white I'm almost transparent

Oh wow, I'm orange today... bad spray tan!

@SLUG2_ - after we're married

I think that's about right.

Lies and slander!

Night everyone

Morning everyone

@SledgeHammer - wtf... settle

Thank you for following me on Twitter. Lovely to finally speak to you.

@Brad's mobile - ensure me that you'll give me a firm hand when I disrespect you, right?

I'm so happy I've met someone in full support of white Sharia baby.

Yeah, you did @queenarchitect
Yes, he did.

@SledgeHammer - why are you against WS? It's good, what's so wrong about a woman being obedient to her man?


And? I have enough respect for Brad, to know when I can and cannot talk.

Why would I be raped when I'll be in the safety of my home.

Marriage is consent

@SledgeHammer#2270 - I think you need to go rape a white woman and make her yours.

Awww he's gone

Love you too, my kind sir.

Someone need to have a tea spoon of concrete.

😘 xx @Brad Small


I love that! Can I be your Eva to your Hitler?

Love your name @queenarchitect

Brad keeps me in line

The lady of Brad needs only a firm guiding hand by her man.

He will.



It does indeed


I love it

Come on chat

"You believe in genocide and killing other races"




White Sharia is perfect @Athena Marie

@Convo - I'm taken.

Awww! This chat is perfect

Brad is way taller than me, haha.

Yeah, I'm 5 foot 2

We should have a women's chat here...

White burkas

She has a nice back and subtle features.


Convo, you can't kill the meme

Brad, do you want me in that dress or the burka?

Anything for you Brad

You can wear whatever you want under a burka, it'll be only for your man though. The way it should be

I want the stripped dress.

We need to change the fashion world



Don't counter signal me @Campin' Carl

I'm not Brad. I'm his lady.

@SLUG2_ - marriage first with my man, then babies.

I'm Catholic

Bed early and early morning, organise a yummy cooked breakfast to sweeten the deal and then take him to church.

I cook pancakes with bacon and fried tomatoes and mushrooms.

I'd rather not feel like a starving Ethiopian child until lunch time.

@D'Marcus Liebowitz - can we have a Kitchen and another broom closet in this chat?

Feels sad man

I agree with @Athena Marie - go to bed

Good evening @Athena Marie - how was your evening last night?

That sounds ridiculously fun! Glad you enjoyed yourself.
I spoke to Brad and also just had dinner with family.

I finally downloaded the discord app on my macbook. Thank fuck. The phone thing was driving me bananas! Was going to kill a kike

I agree

I'm sure Brad would agree that we should have warrior babies.

What if we both killed kikes?

While... I'm pregnant?

Eh? wtf

Brad has a trophy, that trophy is me

We'll get them back baby, we'll just kill a few kikes and put it in the trophy they'll get and swap it for the original.

@SLUG2_ - ask @Brad's mobile - he is the man, he makes the decisions.

On my way to Blairs trail

Blair Cottrell - to be exact

Lol! Do you want me to try to live stream the trial?

I'll see how I can wire myself up before going into the trial, then live stream it.

If not, I'll just hold my phone inconspicuously in my hand.

If I could have cameras in the court room, I'd Periscope it

Nah, open personal cameras are illegal in courtrooms here

My state is a nanny state, run by the ultra left

Lol, no, but there is plenty of trannies here

We have a rainbow flag on a flagpole in front of the state Parliament House

@Gray - damn it, should've warned me new people were coming in - would've prepared a welcome basket of baked goods and a sacrificial Jew

Oh children! How exciting

I heard children and now I'm done for for the entire day. Thanks guys, I thought I'd go through an entire day without feeling maternal

No, I don't want a degree - I already have one. In business. Lol.
No, I want at least 5.

> Studied business degree
> unknowingly walks into a degree where the Jews inhabit
> instantly regrets it
> graduated top of my class
> pissed Jews off

> degree provides me the ability to organise the hell out of a household and manage people (children).

I didn't know men actually wanted that still until I joined this movement. I thought men had been sucked into the cuck machine. I was surprised.

In modern Elizabethan times, women would need to manage the manors whilst the husband was out on long journeys for business.

@Accipiter - I'm terribly sorry to hear your struggle. I'll pray that you'll find a good life.

I'll light a candle at church this Sunday for everyone in the movement safety and prosperity.

I'm Catholic

I kinda had no choice, Catholicism has been in my paternal family for centuries.
My mother was Protestant though.

@Hand Banana - you mean my qualification or @Brad Small ? The latter was a better decision.

I wish our pope died though. He's a vile example

Don't get me started on the pope, I'll be here for days with my laundry list of irritations.....

Thanks Kenny! I'll give it a listen after the trail this morning.


BAMM! I'm pregnant! πŸ˜‚ hahahaha

I volunteer to lend my voice to this podcast

@Athena Marie - ask your man if you can join

Nah, well call it "The Trad Hour"

Why do seppos post cars all the time? It's a strange phenomenon

I'm a lady

A woman

Did you just assume my gender? πŸ˜‚

Again, you're using the incorrect pronouns! 😱

Here, I'll get you a shovel to dig your hole deeper... might get to China too

I hate driving, unless it's fast driving - speed limits make me angry

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