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Get your wives here

Send refugees plz

Calm down slug, have some milkers

Was the divorce confirmed? There was so much gaslighting going on

Dana Lynn Bailey?

Beaners next door are blaring Sweet Home Alabama

💩 💯

Short hair for life

I had a real one back in 2009

I got 115 because I have shit tier math ability

That's why chingchongs fall off after 1st year university

>Slug's face when she is now available to come on 88 Minutes


I do not own any large hats

~5 months


Chinks wuz niggers

I emailed her a while back

Someone get Eli Mosley to contact her

tfw Jewish wife

The pic is from before we got married

It wasn't the same day Slug

It was the day after I believe

Mexico can send us all the Angie Varonas they want 🍆 💯

If we have 2 guests I pull back and do the intern thing

>he doesn't know about the Canadian Fuhrer

Meanwhile, at Rebel Media

So much thirst

Too many egos at the top

It's fine as long as we don't fight each other

You never like all your coworkers

Spics will get riled up when the first big ICE op goes down

Summer is going to be hot

Germany and/or France are going to war this year

Civil war, they're pushing for more migrants *hard*

France has been in a state of emergency since Bataclan

inb4 everyone leaves

Cinco de mayo operation maybe

6 I can see

It's in a /pol/ thread, someone says it's deleted

>I hate numales, time to make some Elliot Rodgers because muh dikk

@SLUG2_ Post hormone test results

They're called chugs here @D'Marcus Liebowitz


>buy ingredients
>make taco

SO hard

It invites bullying

Give me your address so I can send you sterons

Star Trek noise it sounded like

You can't truly relate to someone more than ~1 standard deviation from you in either direction

I used to know a female autist, she was not relationship material

Extremely bro tier

>he doesn't use OKC to get info on degenerates

Nigs lie like 6 year olds

Slug plz

Lauren is attractive but overrated

It's the fact that wrestling is a soap opera that's gay

Hey m8, I'm drinking an OE right now

You can kiss my cheap ass

Shit is definitely hitting the fan this summer

Would be a solid move by Breitbart

And a huge career move for her

>when they get your tax return and you actually paid a shitload, humiliating shitlibs after many months of demanding said tax return

Turns you into a vampire

Oh hey

You should lift for a few years first

Unless you have some legit condition

Even then you want to lose a bunch of fat

Because fat turns test into estrogen

Get some blood work done, see how your test and thyroid are doing

Did you get to see the actual numbers?

If not then you need a new doctor

Or just open up on him until he shows you the results

Pretty sure you have the right to see your own test results


I am not a huge guy

Getting back to it

I am not blessed strength-wise

Did 270x10 squats on Tuesday

I came off TRT to knock up the wife, stopped lifting for 3-4 months and lost 20lbs

Max squat was 460 at 185

@Convo Thanks

330mg test U every 2 weeks

TRT dose

Tbol is very outdated

It's for dodging drug testing


Says the meme incarnate


Consistency is the best thing you can have in lifting

I'm just into enhancement/life extension

>tfw 25% scandi couldn't save you from manlet status

Roiding is rough in the states, love those felonies


Muh roid monkey star man


I used the same shirt for ~8-9 years

Are you guys hearing someone I'm not?

I don't remember when I did that

40s aren't too bad

If you want to drink a 6 pack in one session then it's a real bargain

I've only had Olde English so far

It's not bad, just filling

If you want to get very wasted for cheap then drink it to the label and refill it with a Four Loko

>invite Convo on
>now half of the chat is him

Rev up that Hepburn method

8x2, 1 rep added per session until 8x3

Just another excuse to remove kebab

@TrashyGutenberg Should have taken his name and picture

Playing 12 with the waifu right now

Just emulate it, it's the same thing

You can download the International version with an English patch

@Convo Someone could hypothetically find illegal substances on Reddit

If you're in the USA then I advise you not to

Gear is relatively low risk unless you're a BBer or a retard

It's a personal choice, if someone doesn't want to use then it's their choice

Not really my business

All I can do is advise

I've been on for years m8

>tfw non-dairy Ben and Jerry's

>not posting 3d

Sterilize and make them comfort women

Along with "muh smallpox blankets"

Only showed up in the 1950s

My ears are burning

At what body weight though

5x5 is too much volume for strength gains after a while

Go to 3x5 then something like 5/3/1 or Hepburn

@JohnnyMonoxide heard you were at the protest yesterday

@Pepe the Impaler - DC Area I think you have the wrong goy

It is a big deal, they'll use it as leverage to ratchet things up again

Dude was over 250lbs

122kg body weight

>tfw balding
T-thanks marriage

Big roider showed up to the gym with a Trump hat, I wonder if he's on board

I don't know why people thought he was good after seeing his Flip wife

Mexico is starting to skip the middleman and grow opium

Especially with muh weed taking a downturn in profitability


That was my point

Coke and Heroin are the money makers now

China is bringing in fentanyl which they use to jack up profit

On the H

Niggers lie like 6 year olds

Absolutely salted

We're moving out to the country soon

Eating food

Probably interior BC


Page Slug

Rev up that nip slip

>when you're so gay that chicken sandwiches oppress you

Kebabs really earning the removal tonight

Who lets their kids run around an alley screaming at 9:45 at night

30 minutes later and I'm out of bed, no point in trying to sleep now

Fucking kebab-lets playing hide and seek behind cars in the alley here

10-20 seconds of quiet then SCREAMING

I should be able to beat the shit out of these kids' mother right now


Get some white sharia for this woman, stat

Fashy goys need to roll up like

>when you show up to protest and the bananas in pajamas punch you in teh face

>cat momma

Of courshe

@weev I'll see about mentioning it on 88 MInutes


Just conquer their asses

If it's this guy

Wrap it up and conquer :^)

>pants suit
>slam piece

inb4 they blame 4chan

What's the angle? The banking stuff is out of the caribbean

Who doesn't flex a little in the gym?

Shut up, animefags

I feel like making chili sometime, throw me a recipe

I'm growing habaneros

I can deal but my wife can't


Right, I remember her being advised not to eat anything too spicy

Could make carne guisada again, good but it's getting to be old hat

Would be funny if the alt light knights got RAHOWA started

No spoilers plz

Gonna plow that doctor 🍆 💯

Let's go remove some negroes, friend

@D'Marcus Liebowitz Can't chat unless a nigga wanna get jelly of dis heah watamelon noise

Wyatt posted it earlier and tagged everyone

@Eli Mosley Gonna get some real mileage out of this image

>not pinning 4ccs a week and leaving human-natty behind

Oh fug what's habbening

@badtanman My wife says I should friendzone Ann to bang Makoto

I just started Futaba's palace

Would bleach


So cuck his fat ass

Send her back to Vancouver for me to patrol

The trap probably gives better head than his wife

It is now

brb grabbing dinner

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