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Hi Guise. Thanks for adding me, D'Marcus. I recognize some names here but not everyone.


Glad to be here. I miss my favourite Nationalists.

I just spent almost 2 months in Hongcouver. What a clusterfuck of Asians. It's ruined.

I'm waiting for the Wing-Singh Warβ„’ - it's coming.

They hate each other. I'm down for letting them kill each other off, then White folks can reclaim.

Get a combo lock keypad for your front door. Give her the combo but if things go south, just change the combo.

Give her the combo so she can come in anytime to do your laundry. And put a few sandwiches in the fridge.

If she doesn't do that the first time, change the combo immediately.


Isn't that against the law to discuss person medical history? Privacy acts and all. Never mind diagnosing without consent.


Alpha AF

Sounds exactly like baboons upset over lunch being late.

Spaghetti nigger or taco nigger? Vote now.

The no neck tats is throwing me off.

*mom and sister

All valid points

@yankees arent people Still not an argument. WTF Is your problem? Or are you just practicing for your freelance writing career?

Hint: Paragraph breaks are your friend.

Have a wonderful day.

I convinced Apple that Dear White People is racist.

Holy fuck, I did it.


Little old me got Apple to admit Dear White People is racist.


I've been badgering them for a while.

This is the email I just got from them. Admitting it's racist.

Even better, I'll send you the first email I sent them.

I know, right?? 😘

I mean πŸ˜‚

Check your hate privilege. Fucking cunts.

I've got all the original emails. I can confirm anytime you want to.

If you can confirm my real identity will be protected, I'll send you the email thread right now.

I'm only remaining anon for my children.

If you dox me I'll send you 100 lefties Canadians.

No, they are lefties.

Trust me, they aren't fine.

Most likely Sikhs and faggots.

Okay, ready to punch the send but first you have to promise, non-negotiable, to use the name Anita Bieverlekker.

I want some talking head to say my name out loud.


Say it slowly and out loud. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I need a beaver licker.

Not everyone does. πŸ˜‚

Off to sleep. Let me know if you need anything else @BrydenProctor

Send me a link to the post, @BrydenProctor at the email address I sent you the info.

Thanks Jews!

We're going to need more gas.


Even the USA is against this.

Fucking rights I'm posh.

NORSAT is our whole Fucking satellite system.

Not polish. POSH.

Dutch, not Fucking Polish. POSH.

I pay people to polish my floors.

Fucking Jethro is a faggot level 99

Justin Trudeau = Jethro.

He simpleton Jethro


Is Johnny here tonight?

Putin would kick his ass in IQ and strength.

I'm tight with D'Marcus.

He invited me.

That's my face.

I'm a Dutchie - Canadian.


I'm Nederlands. (Dutch)

Canadian when I was 24


I live in CND now.

Just moved here about a year ago.

CND- Canadian.

I was a huge shit poster on Twitter. Most of you probably followed me and I followed you.

I'm no longer on twitter.

Where's Johnny? He knows me.

What day was it? I was suspended a lot.


Anita Bieverlekker

Jacked Up On Wine

Sure is.



Good night.

Bubbles. In the hot tub.

POSH. not fucking Polish.


Pork chops, bacon, sauerkraut, new potatoes, sour cream dill sauce. Jew/Muslim repellant. Good food of the Gods. Grows nice strong Aryans. πŸ’ͺ🏻

We're going to need more rope.

A third world shit hole.

Can't wait until they find his parents chopped up and jammed in a rainbow garbage can.

Serial killer in the making.

Aeronautical Engineer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

If anyone is around and want something to do, can you please help destroy this video? My friend made this video and this asshole posted it after cropping out his watermark. Please and thanks in advance.

What's more scary - the OP or the likes?

When you stop in a tiny town and insist on a wine and cheese break.

All coastal Texans @here stay safe tonight.

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