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2018-09-25 10:14:23 UTC


2018-09-25 10:33:21 UTC

Why wasnt @Willem Petzer invited on YoutTubeZA tour?

2018-09-25 10:38:34 UTC

Willem's channel has grown really fast in the short amount of time since his channel started.

2018-09-25 10:38:40 UTC

pretty darn impressive

2018-09-25 10:40:42 UTC

We need an Alt-YouTubeZA tour

2018-09-25 10:59:56 UTC


2018-09-25 11:10:42 UTC


2018-09-25 11:30:50 UTC


2018-09-25 13:23:01 UTC

I don't think it's a SA quota thing, even in the US not too long ago there was a lawsuit against google/youtube because they straight up said "do not apply if you're a white or asian male" in a job advertisement

2018-09-25 13:46:58 UTC

This article provides a nice word salad to go along with your white supremacist braai.

2018-09-25 14:27:44 UTC

Robs blacks and browns of a legacy lol, who is forcing anyone to braai firstly, and secondly why can't they just do their own thing if it's not what they want to do? Why complain about what white people do. Good grief, roasting a piece of meat over a fire is an age of tradition in just about every non vegan culture lol

2018-09-25 14:47:12 UTC

M&G are predominantly vegans and soyboys so kinda makes sense....

2018-09-25 14:52:23 UTC

butt hurt because they can't enjoy a piece of tofu on a braai

2018-09-25 15:25:59 UTC

Lol, it's unbelievable the extents they will go to in order to demonize us and our traditions

2018-09-25 16:32:24 UTC

Have you guys seen this legit /pol/ tier South African Alt right Youtuber?

2018-09-25 16:32:53 UTC

"The Kaaplander"

2018-09-25 16:54:06 UTC


2018-09-25 16:54:07 UTC


2018-09-25 16:54:25 UTC

eagerly awaiting the meme's

2018-09-25 16:54:49 UTC


2018-09-25 17:02:34 UTC

@Rendier you look like a hype man at a rap concert, "ARE YOU READY?!" or "LET ME HEAR THE NOISE!!!"

2018-09-25 17:03:03 UTC

orrrr... that last pic "Sien jy hierdie palm van my...

2018-09-25 17:04:17 UTC

renaldo - hype man, youtuber, counselor, husband, politician,bitcoin miner. still not chosen for youtube za tour

2018-09-25 17:04:28 UTC


2018-09-25 17:05:44 UTC

TV always adds a few pounds

2018-09-25 17:07:13 UTC

african strong


2018-09-25 17:08:04 UTC


2018-09-25 17:08:37 UTC

there were like 5 fights in the room

2018-09-25 17:08:42 UTC

where should i look

2018-09-25 17:12:30 UTC

but seriously what happened? why was there like 5 different fights

2018-09-25 17:13:09 UTC

not the best time to start your new vlogging channel


2018-09-25 17:13:58 UTC

its a jungle out here

2018-09-25 17:17:50 UTC

Jub... were you trying to be clever with your name but spelt Gender wrong?

2018-09-25 17:18:37 UTC

Sup all

2018-09-25 17:20:28 UTC

anyone know when petrol is going up?

2018-09-25 17:25:13 UTC

got to admit it but its kinda entertaining when shit goes down in parliament

2018-09-25 17:27:02 UTC

Will Renaldo interview Kaaplander soon?

2018-09-25 17:29:01 UTC

He has more subs than Conscious Caracal though

2018-09-25 17:31:48 UTC

I would watch an interview with these guys, plus supporting smaller content creators in SA is always good.

2018-09-25 17:31:49 UTC

GG @DigitalWiking, you just advanced to level 1!

2018-09-25 17:35:20 UTC

@Moppy That's actually pretty funny, I loved the BLF part. Hope these guys do more

2018-09-25 17:48:21 UTC


2018-09-25 17:48:50 UTC

"English Hoer"

2018-09-25 17:48:59 UTC

Why not just say "whore"

2018-09-25 17:52:52 UTC

yeah, fake news spreads fast\

2018-09-25 17:53:59 UTC


2018-09-25 17:55:01 UTC


2018-09-25 17:55:05 UTC


2018-09-25 17:56:54 UTC

GG @SkankHunt42, you just advanced to level 1!

2018-09-25 17:57:08 UTC


2018-09-25 17:57:45 UTC

Which is?

2018-09-25 18:00:09 UTC

long story short the joke was directed at the boertestimony discord server being over sensitive not the movement or people making videos

2018-09-25 18:00:37 UTC

why do you think danie and willem removed their tweets? because they were wrong about the context

2018-09-25 18:02:58 UTC

being oversensitive?

2018-09-25 18:02:58 UTC

GG @Moppy, you just advanced to level 3!

2018-09-25 18:06:19 UTC

GG @Nogals, you just advanced to level 2!

2018-09-25 18:07:17 UTC

I'm still in the fog here, how's this disagreeing thing to do with the whore comment?

2018-09-25 18:09:28 UTC

Well I'm not a woman or a farm attack victim

2018-09-25 18:09:49 UTC


2018-09-25 18:13:10 UTC

And whores?

2018-09-25 18:14:25 UTC

@WuldGoGayForLauren yeah but @Rendier is a public figure

2018-09-25 18:14:48 UTC


2018-09-25 18:15:50 UTC

I thought Renaldo believed in offensive language

2018-09-25 18:16:33 UTC

So he apologised?

2018-09-25 18:17:05 UTC


2018-09-25 18:17:14 UTC

So he didn't apologise kk

2018-09-25 18:17:45 UTC

Well @WuldGoGayForLauren you're speaking for him atm

2018-09-25 18:18:17 UTC

Not really

2018-09-25 18:18:28 UTC

I did

2018-09-25 18:18:31 UTC

He left

2018-09-25 18:18:55 UTC

He said it was fake news in this channel and left

2018-09-25 18:19:02 UTC

No explanation

2018-09-25 18:41:54 UTC


2018-09-25 18:42:12 UTC


2018-09-25 18:42:14 UTC


2018-09-25 18:42:26 UTC

You can't just delete my rebuttal

2018-09-25 18:42:28 UTC

i just removed the part where people started arguing religion so i moved it to wreck room

2018-09-25 18:42:29 UTC


2018-09-25 18:42:37 UTC


2018-09-25 18:42:44 UTC

What an echo chamber

2018-09-25 18:43:37 UTC

What of my messages had anything to do with religion

2018-09-25 18:43:43 UTC

Literally wtf

2018-09-25 18:43:53 UTC

FFS sorry i removed 5 messages too much

2018-09-25 18:46:45 UTC

their server was purged because of nazi memes

2018-09-25 18:47:01 UTC

and jokes that were taken out of context

2018-09-25 18:48:08 UTC


2018-09-25 18:52:35 UTC

what happend?

2018-09-25 18:56:59 UTC

@Moppy If you want context go ask Willem or Danie, they are the ones that championed it on Twitter, they can either tell you the truth or they wont.

2018-09-25 18:57:30 UTC

they are

2018-09-25 18:57:38 UTC

porn and nazi stuff are off limits all over

2018-09-25 18:58:40 UTC

yeah well some people get easily offendedπŸ˜‚

2018-09-25 18:59:14 UTC


2018-09-25 19:02:22 UTC

attack helicopter welcome here

2018-09-25 19:03:27 UTC


2018-09-25 19:04:16 UTC

@Meerkat_RSA Demi-queer

2018-09-25 19:04:55 UTC

Mentally impaired

2018-09-25 19:05:02 UTC


2018-09-25 19:05:19 UTC

I'm actually a transcendent z'er

2018-09-25 19:05:23 UTC


2018-09-25 19:07:37 UTC


2018-09-25 19:08:03 UTC

Kill it

2018-09-25 19:08:10 UTC

with fire

2018-09-25 19:08:23 UTC

Nah, just a bullet in the back of the head

2018-09-25 19:09:10 UTC

wonder if they ever regret going that far with the modifications

2018-09-25 19:09:14 UTC

like other transgenders

2018-09-25 19:11:48 UTC


2018-09-25 19:16:27 UTC


2018-09-25 19:22:19 UTC

20:06] spursfan82: Good grief my dudes. Get a load of this:


2018-09-25 19:44:57 UTC


2018-09-25 19:45:20 UTC

@Rendier you’re late! πŸ˜‚

2018-09-25 19:46:13 UTC

always late

2018-09-25 20:04:34 UTC
2018-09-25 20:12:07 UTC

does anyone know when petrol is going up?

2018-09-25 20:12:55 UTC

Next week Wednesday

2018-09-25 20:15:37 UTC

For petrol bombs or for selling?

2018-09-25 20:16:05 UTC

for petrol bombsπŸ˜‚

2018-09-25 20:16:59 UTC

Legit questionπŸ˜…

2018-09-25 20:16:59 UTC

GG @StEaLtHmAn, you just advanced to level 5!

2018-09-25 20:18:36 UTC

I'm sure Apollo can make a meme out of that

2018-09-25 20:22:38 UTC


2018-09-25 20:25:16 UTC


2018-09-25 20:26:18 UTC

thats a good youtube series

2018-09-25 20:27:45 UTC


2018-09-25 20:31:02 UTC


2018-09-25 20:34:49 UTC

I shouldn't get carried away, we'll have antifa all up in this bitch again

2018-09-25 20:38:26 UTC

I think @AndeB you are confusing rhyme with assonance

2018-09-25 20:38:31 UTC

if you aren't trolling

2018-09-25 20:39:26 UTC


2018-09-25 20:39:35 UTC


2018-09-25 20:39:51 UTC

A dog, a plan, a canal: pagoda.

2018-09-25 20:39:52 UTC


2018-09-25 20:40:03 UTC


2018-09-25 20:40:16 UTC

Are we not pure? β€œNo sir!” Panama’s moody Noriega brags. β€œIt is garbage!” Irony dooms a man; a prisoner up to new era.

2018-09-25 20:40:37 UTC

redivider, noon, civic, radar, level, rotor, kayak, reviver, racecar, redder, madam, and refer

2018-09-25 20:40:43 UTC

redrum == murder

2018-09-25 20:59:38 UTC


2018-09-25 21:15:34 UTC


2018-09-25 22:10:11 UTC


2018-09-26 05:04:25 UTC

wtf are they protesting https://twitter.com/Artii_M

2018-09-26 08:59:58 UTC

@WuldGoGayForLauren think you need to reach a certain level to see that.

2018-09-26 09:00:40 UTC

@WuldGoGayForLauren "Does anyone else have perms to see chat history in Pofadder Pit?"

2018-09-26 09:01:50 UTC

Yeah i guess that does incentivise more investment.

2018-09-26 09:02:19 UTC

Well it's a strategy to discourage lurking

2018-09-26 09:05:02 UTC

No you aren't, if you have something to say you will say it.

2018-09-26 09:16:56 UTC

I guess it also prevents Antifas from shutting it down.
But it is pretty hard to get involved in discussions when you can't see the history

2018-09-26 09:38:49 UTC

@spursfan82 sadly the public discords like those are practically abandoned while the non public ones, essentially echo Chambers are becoming wildly popular. It's sad that those public groups like pofadder is being largely ignored... Hence why it appears i spend more time here than there lol. I don't like investing too much into an echo chamber, I've seen the fruits of that tree.

2018-09-26 09:41:16 UTC

@WuldGoGayForLauren Yeah, the thing is they fabricate screenshots or take 'em out of context.

2018-09-26 09:46:15 UTC

Yeah that happens, hence why you need to be active and showing you want to be part of the conversation.

2018-09-26 10:04:53 UTC

38° here and our pool is out of order 😦

2018-09-26 10:05:14 UTC

and no AC

2018-09-26 10:05:32 UTC

you should see the ban hammer thor meme that discord gives u when u ban someone from a server

2018-09-26 10:06:05 UTC

hehe yeah with animated lightning and sparks

2018-09-26 10:06:34 UTC

yea xD

2018-09-26 10:07:16 UTC

just thank your stars i'm not a mod ;p Zero memes allowed

2018-09-26 10:08:56 UTC

just old school ascii art

2018-09-26 10:10:11 UTC

C oo
_( ^)
/ ~\

2018-09-26 10:10:31 UTC

meh the spacing is off if you copy paste

2018-09-26 10:19:19 UTC

lol and I cant delete it

2018-09-26 10:19:34 UTC

ascii breaks discord

2018-09-26 10:20:24 UTC

that one works

2018-09-26 10:20:32 UTC

but is way to big

2018-09-26 10:30:37 UTC

GG @WuldGoGayForLauren, you just advanced to level 20!

2018-09-26 10:32:44 UTC

must be a very heavy phone ;p

2018-09-26 10:32:47 UTC

where you from caitlin? and why you such a poes

2018-09-26 10:33:11 UTC

Renaldo can barely hold it up lol

2018-09-26 10:33:40 UTC

because I don't need to be to get attention

2018-09-26 10:34:09 UTC


2018-09-26 10:35:18 UTC


2018-09-26 10:36:37 UTC

nah, was just wondering why you needed the chat history, according to unicorn riot I'm one of the main alt right nazis so you can just ask me directly if you want to get your dirt

2018-09-26 10:36:38 UTC

just joking

2018-09-26 10:38:07 UTC

about that unicorn roit shit, isn't that against TOS of Discord to use that info without their permission

2018-09-26 10:38:50 UTC

well they are definitely in violation of GDPR, dmca and a bunch of other things

2018-09-26 10:39:50 UTC

@WuldGoGayForLauren sorry if I offended you, I just got twitchy

2018-09-26 10:40:16 UTC

hate organizations like that. Shouting that everybody follow the rules but they themselves cant do it

2018-09-26 10:41:17 UTC

hehe, true, sorry. the internet is so shit I thought I'd come spend more time hanging out here

2018-09-26 10:46:54 UTC

well, they consider it war

2018-09-26 10:47:41 UTC

and they don't believe in rules and fair (pretty sure SJW army would be in violation of Geneva Conventions if they managed to do anything)

2018-09-26 10:47:48 UTC

well then they should be considered as terrorists and handled as such

2018-09-26 10:49:33 UTC

yeah it goes nicely with my vodka

2018-09-26 10:51:04 UTC

ag, the thing is in SA we don't have a problem of any specific ethnicity or culture. there are black people against the National Democratic Revolution and there are middle class white folks that are for it

2018-09-26 10:51:32 UTC

the problem is respect for private property

2018-09-26 10:51:39 UTC

nothing to do with race/creed/culture

2018-09-26 10:51:43 UTC

probably has a team of 100's trying to figure out who this Jub guy is and why the white supremist are trying to free him

2018-09-26 10:53:45 UTC

the horror

2018-09-26 10:53:54 UTC

our politicians are reading old speeches to us and replacing 'bourgeois' with white, it is only superficially related to race

2018-09-26 10:53:55 UTC

wait what

2018-09-26 10:54:01 UTC

@Meerkat_RSA cucumber sprite?

2018-09-26 10:54:04 UTC


2018-09-26 10:54:33 UTC

no don't show pics i'll get nightmares

2018-09-26 10:54:42 UTC

sorry burnt the soapbox, this is more interesting

2018-09-26 10:54:47 UTC

pics or it doesn't exist

2018-09-26 10:55:30 UTC


2018-09-26 10:55:36 UTC

what is wrong with people

2018-09-26 10:56:03 UTC

is that a fancy way of saying they watered it down?

2018-09-26 10:56:17 UTC

I want Fresca back

2018-09-26 10:57:42 UTC

its probably bottled runoff from the cucumber scented cleaner they use on the tanks

2018-09-26 10:57:52 UTC


2018-09-26 10:58:00 UTC

vanilla coke is pretty awesome

2018-09-26 10:59:03 UTC

I went through a coconut water phase, ooof

2018-09-26 11:00:32 UTC


2018-09-26 11:00:38 UTC

finally a decent use for marzipan

2018-09-26 11:01:08 UTC

what do you guys think of the city of jhb honouring winnie posthumously ?

2018-09-26 11:01:27 UTC

city of jhb/da

2018-09-26 11:10:19 UTC

is the DA out of jhb now ?

2018-09-26 11:11:08 UTC

;p lol I don't really follow who controls what aria

2018-09-26 11:13:41 UTC

@rob ehh i read that comment like my ass

2018-09-26 11:15:24 UTC

I think the DA doesn't know wtf they are doing anymore. Directionless ship in a storm rocking from side to side

2018-09-26 11:15:46 UTC

guys the only sensefull problem in sa is cucumber sprite

2018-09-26 11:16:11 UTC

ja I was very keen on herman then I saw all his sucking winnie's ass on twitter, now I'm quite upset

2018-09-26 11:16:39 UTC

@AndeB dude, we want fresca back, cucumber sprite is way down on the list of issues

2018-09-26 11:16:57 UTC


2018-09-26 11:17:35 UTC

bring back harambe

2018-09-26 11:19:19 UTC

DA should rather honor harambe instead of that necklacing bitch

2018-09-26 11:19:39 UTC

fucking disgusting

2018-09-26 11:19:50 UTC


2018-09-26 11:21:02 UTC

did they say how the are honoring her ? maybe they will dedicate a trash dump to her

2018-09-26 11:21:37 UTC

Nelson Mandela, 27 years in prison, no problem, 5 years back with Winne: "Please Judge Eloff, set me free"

2018-09-26 11:25:28 UTC

which ones?

2018-09-26 11:29:20 UTC

Throw actual shit at the airport in that case

2018-09-26 11:29:27 UTC

been done

2018-09-26 11:29:27 UTC

GG @rob, you just advanced to level 6!

2018-09-26 11:29:36 UTC

Fuck off with the terrorist worship

2018-09-26 11:30:28 UTC

an airport should almost never be renamed

2018-09-26 11:30:33 UTC


2018-09-26 11:30:41 UTC

think of the confusion it causes world wide

2018-09-26 11:30:57 UTC

They can all fuck off and die

2018-09-26 11:31:28 UTC

it is frustrating, but you don't win a war with anger

2018-09-26 11:31:38 UTC

I like Jaws, great theme music

2018-09-26 11:31:41 UTC

wait wot

2018-09-26 11:31:48 UTC

Interfering everywhere they don't belong

2018-09-26 11:31:48 UTC

I thought we were in SA

2018-09-26 11:32:02 UTC


2018-09-26 11:32:03 UTC

Lmao it's not a joke

2018-09-26 11:33:26 UTC

yeah DA snipas cant shoot for shit we need real boers

2018-09-26 11:33:35 UTC

neither is antifa, doxing and cuntish behaviour online, let's discuss solutions, jokes are fine, but lets not be edgy just to get the server shut down

2018-09-26 11:34:10 UTC


2018-09-26 11:34:13 UTC


2018-09-26 11:35:23 UTC

Caring about Antifa is dumb

2018-09-26 11:35:26 UTC

just for interest sake who here grew up on a farm ?

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