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but hey mars dosent exist ey?

have you seen the moon?

have you ever been outside?

its nice to look at the moon and the stars in the evening

through a telescope

nice i totally get that the earth is round

@Deejay from Earth the earth is round

like a ball

it has been proven

and gravity is not a lie

900 feet is nothing retard

earth is not like a toy its fucking 40,000 km over equator

good call dumbass @Deejay from Earth

see ya in space @Deejay from Earth if gravity doesn't exist

@Deejay from Earth are you attracted to your house because of its mass?

do you go to kindergarten @Deejay from Earth

its some nice insults

ill quote you on science

come on Deejay give a response

yeah deny the proof always work

@Deejay from Earth you need a safe space

@Deejay from Earth if you stand on the west coats of Ireland and look towards Washington you wont see it because its on the other side of the globe! moron


scroll up


solid argument @Deejay from Earth

oh we will

and if you by any chance are right im jumping of the edge

this has already been proven many times i dont get why you want more of a beating just give up you wimp. you are not man enough to accept defeat

no ill jump of the edge if you are right ill fucking carry earth for all eternity

do you know why rivers run down?

gravity is the answer

do you know why the Nile still runs because the river is getting forced forward by a constant flow

and thats the case with the others to

if you were digging the Suez would you try and dig the air because of the curvature of the earth?

explain to me number 8 you should know what its about @Deejay from Earth

we have been here since 2:30 am

did you run out of stuff to copy paste @Deejay from Earth ?

@Deejay from Earth you are working on such a small scale that it wouldn't actually have an effect the earth is bigger than a picture

it is difficult to get into outer space and pilots mostly fly with auto pilot

why dont clouds fly off into space?

you are so lazy

because its normal

air also weighs and you carry a massive force but you dont feel it moron

@Deejay from Earth join vetting

or are you puss

well you missed lik 35 pics

love you Guss

51 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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