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'Tis I.

I've always been for you. Well, neutral to be honest because I like you both for different reasons. 😛 @WuldGoGayForLauren

Convince me to?

I am for the Jub.

But, the council says you are to be exiled for a week. I have no sway lol I couldn't possibly change their minds. 😛 I've no POWA. @WuldGoGayForLauren

Yes, I did. In the wreck room?

I've seen some in free job channel lol

"Hearing jub breathe" oh fuck!! Lmfao! @Apollo

See there? That's me in the middle...not really sure what to @WuldGoGayForLauren

Nah the server isn't completely dead.

Still has 6 in VC lol

The 4 Flavors? Lmfao

Is Jub a flavor now?

You think that's her? Lol

Your picture 😂 😂 @Sheamus

This is all so mature. ❤ Lol

Entertaining nonetheless.

You're welcome 😛 😂 💯 @Sheamus

Omg I love it

Omfg the creativity here!! Lol ❤ 😂

I'm gonna be back to look at the memes also, so keep 'em coming. ^.^

Shh 😛

one of my favs lol

Just too good


^!!! amazing

Brb ❤

Woo back. Had to feed me dag and do some laundry. ^.^

Your accent is pretty cool, where are you from? @AltCapRight

Thank you ^.^ @MaximusXVI

Saluuud @AndeB 😛

I consider it stolen considering the natives weren't paid fairly or even the whole amount that was intended...and they didn't have much of a choice.."sell us your land or we'll either starve you out or decimate your population." @Not_ShadowbannedYet

36 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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