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2018-08-09 18:52:39 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #movies]  

So fucking looking forward to seeing Glass also!! ^.^ @Darkseid

2018-08-09 18:54:57 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #series]  

Peaky Blinders โค


2018-08-13 20:05:06 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

2018-08-21 21:12:18 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

2018-08-21 21:13:28 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  


2018-08-21 21:14:28 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

'Tis I.

2018-08-21 21:15:39 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

I've always been for you. Well, neutral to be honest because I like you both for different reasons. ๐Ÿ˜› @WuldGoGayForLauren

2018-08-21 21:16:11 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Convince me to?

2018-08-21 21:17:36 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

I am for the Jub.

2018-08-21 21:18:33 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

But, the council says you are to be exiled for a week. I have no sway lol I couldn't possibly change their minds. ๐Ÿ˜› I've no POWA. @WuldGoGayForLauren

2018-08-21 21:18:50 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Yes, I did. In the wreck room?

2018-08-21 21:19:37 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

I've seen some in free job channel lol

2018-08-21 21:20:31 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  

"Hearing jub breathe" oh fuck!! Lmfao! @Apollo

2018-08-21 21:21:13 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  

See there? That's me in the middle...not really sure what to do..lol @WuldGoGayForLauren

2018-08-21 21:21:39 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Nah the server isn't completely dead.

2018-08-21 21:21:58 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Still has 6 in VC lol

2018-08-21 21:22:22 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  


2018-08-21 21:22:50 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  

The 4 Flavors? Lmfao

2018-08-21 21:23:11 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  

Is Jub a flavor now?

2018-08-21 21:23:30 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

You think that's her? Lol

2018-08-21 21:24:41 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Your picture ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ @Sheamus

2018-08-21 21:25:13 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

This is all so mature. โค Lol

2018-08-21 21:25:21 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Entertaining nonetheless.

2018-08-21 21:26:03 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

You're welcome ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ’ฏ @Sheamus

2018-08-21 21:30:13 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  

Omg I love it

2018-08-21 21:32:15 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  

Omfg the creativity here!! Lol โค ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-08-21 21:38:47 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  

I'm gonna be back to look at the memes also, so keep 'em coming. ^.^

2018-08-21 21:40:52 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  

Shh ๐Ÿ˜›

2018-08-21 21:43:31 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  

one of my favs lol


2018-08-21 21:43:45 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  

Just too good

2018-08-21 21:45:10 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  


2018-08-21 21:47:25 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  

^!!! amazing

2018-08-21 21:48:53 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  

Brb โค

2018-08-21 22:24:01 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #freejub]  

Woo back. Had to feed me dag and do some laundry. ^.^

2018-08-22 16:44:19 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Your accent is pretty cool, where are you from? @AltCapRight

2018-08-22 16:45:08 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Thank you ^.^ @MaximusXVI

2018-08-22 16:51:44 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Saluuud @AndeB ๐Ÿ˜›

2018-08-22 16:57:58 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

I consider it stolen considering the natives weren't paid fairly or even the whole amount that was intended...and they didn't have much of a choice.."sell us your land or we'll either starve you out or decimate your population." @Not_ShadowbannedYet

2018-08-24 23:03:06 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #movies]  

Don't know how actual African's feel about this film, but I love it. โค https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0450259/?ref_=nv_sr_1

2018-08-27 04:39:29 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-27 04:39:32 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-27 15:41:51 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

"Female student debt is a thing because more women are now attending college" Oh fuck me I can't stand some of these fucking femnazi wingnuts..I really can't....Student debt is a thing for absolutely everyone who attends college..not just for the women, love.. >.< Definitely First World Problems. @Sheamus


2018-08-27 15:58:57 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

It's sexual harassment to say hi to women now apparently LOL

2018-08-27 16:17:10 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Woman is beyond unstable..

2018-08-27 16:24:00 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

That's one thing that I can't agree with when it comes to stuff like "Women's Lib" in college..some things I can agree with, but I feel like rather them educating these people and inform them of the past, and how we can make a better future for ourselves, they pump out professional victims, and tell them that people having preferences is sexist or discriminatory, video games are a proponent of violence against women, there are no differences between men and women and they all have the exact same human capabilties, etc....It's....the opposite of empowering in my opinions..It's a shame..

2018-08-27 16:25:45 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

That's just my strange opinion though lol..

2018-08-27 21:30:40 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@AsianBoerโ„ข#9299 Are you actually Asian? Lol

2018-08-28 17:51:30 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

She left @Darkseid

2018-08-28 17:52:23 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Apparently for good..? @Darkseid I know โค I'm good at that..just as good at disappearing also lol @Darkseid

2018-08-28 17:52:26 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-28 17:52:34 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Don't know why it tagged you twice

2018-08-28 17:52:41 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-28 17:53:08 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-28 17:56:00 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

She said the k word in VCand expected to get away with it I guess? And so she's no longer a mod, and has left. Don't know if she'll be back or not. @Darkseid

2018-08-28 19:02:46 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  
2018-08-28 19:03:46 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

Clickbait happened.

2018-08-28 19:04:31 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

Getting more views and subs than the next guy happened. @Sheamus Pretty much.

2018-08-28 19:06:00 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

I mean..I myself adore YouTube, but as the generations come and go the attention span is shortening... so, sensationalism sells.

2018-08-28 19:06:43 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

Short, inflammatory pieces are consumed far more than their legit counterparts .

2018-08-28 19:08:09 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

And unfortunately the objective perspective is out shadowed by personal or political agenda.

2018-08-28 19:08:26 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #news]  

True Story @Darkseid

2018-08-28 19:34:26 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Why was the dude and building burnt? @afm

2018-08-28 20:26:26 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Yeesh. Ouch! @afm

2018-08-28 20:28:03 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

"51 Cent" I'm dying ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-08-28 20:28:42 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-28 20:35:01 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

1 I don't see how his organs survived the electrocution, and 2 (I know he was quite limp during the fall) but...how in the fuck...do you survive a fucking fall like that..I suspect internal bleeding..Holy fuck.. @afm

2018-08-28 20:45:53 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Oh fuck I wish we had those temps here.

2018-08-28 20:46:24 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Does it only do South Africa?

2018-08-28 20:46:41 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

?weather Scottsboro

2018-08-28 20:46:48 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Hotness ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2018-08-28 20:47:09 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Not even half humidity though unlike yesterday.

2018-08-28 20:50:19 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I don't need another persons heart to worry about lol @RaRi

2018-08-28 21:09:20 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

You were proper PC too! lol @RaRi

2018-08-28 21:10:56 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

England helping Africa ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-08-28 21:13:31 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I'm pretty neurotic then..Lol Check to most of those! I just TRY not to take all of my issues out on other people because everyone has done the same to me my entire life, so I know how shit it feels, so I don't do it myself. Lol @afm

2018-08-28 21:22:08 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Have you recorded\or intend to record any gaming content like Fortnite for YouTube? ๐Ÿ˜› @Rendier

2018-08-28 21:27:53 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I'll ask ๐Ÿ˜‰ @RaRi

2018-08-28 21:32:38 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Closure ๐Ÿ˜›

2018-08-28 21:32:47 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-28 21:35:06 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Flat chested boys? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ @afm ๐Ÿ˜‚


2018-08-28 21:37:51 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Hypertrophy ๐Ÿ‘Œ

2018-08-28 21:38:35 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-08-28 21:40:21 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-28 21:50:53 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I prefer the Jihad Joe.. @WuldGoGayForLauren

2018-08-28 21:51:56 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

AlahuJubJub* Cuter

2018-08-28 21:56:21 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

A boyman @Apollo

2018-08-28 22:00:58 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Brb ^.^

2018-08-28 22:20:36 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Back ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-08-28 22:50:40 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Rightly so ๐Ÿ˜‚ @Sheamus

2018-08-28 23:23:05 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

It's just a personal preference to be honest. I'm not that fond of BuzzFeed either, but they're not yelling at the top of their lungs to get their message across either. He's straight up cancer and makes me feel all icky inside lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ @Sheamus


2018-08-28 23:26:49 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

It's not a complete media blackout..atleast on YouTube..I've seen a few journalistic type channels shedding light on a multitude of issues that affect white afrikaans or farmers. @LargePizza

2018-08-28 23:27:26 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

You just have to find them. Most American's don't care or know about anywhere else other than America..so..That would explain the majority of the issue there.

2018-08-28 23:34:24 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

@Sheamus Apparently I can't. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ At least not that kind of performance. He is far too much conspiracy and not enough concrete (unbiased) proof to really seduce me over to kool-aid land just yet...or ever. Lol

2018-08-28 23:36:32 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

But, I can't argue that those platforms have censored him...no matter how much I dislike him..I can't agree with stifling his voice even though I personally think he's a wingnut..but yeah..censorship is bad, mmkay?

2018-08-28 23:42:49 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

I don't ignore him based on the way I feel, I said I ignore him because most of what I hear from him are conspiracies that can't be proved. I cannot support such content or "Journalism." And I ignore extreme leftist and right-wing mainstream media like the plague..Fox News, Huff Post, BuzzFeed, etc. @Sheamus

2018-08-28 23:45:11 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Good for them. Lol. I'm quite the anomaly, I'm not most women, and am genuine interested and active in regards to politics. Most people are either casual with their politics or completely disinterested. I'm neither. I'm quite passionate about politics lol. @LargePizza

2018-08-28 23:47:34 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

So, aliens exist and lent a helping hand in creating our cavillations? Has that been proven to be fact? I entertain all kind of ideas that I don't necessarily agree with, I just choose who I consume those ideas from carefully. @Sheamus

2018-08-28 23:48:45 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

civilizations* wtf? Lol

2018-08-28 23:48:57 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  


2018-08-29 00:44:38 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Sheamus What did you change your name from? O.o

2018-08-29 06:37:08 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I would. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ˜‰ @Sheamus

2018-08-29 06:38:32 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I haven't the foggiest. ๐Ÿ˜›

2018-08-29 07:05:56 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

"Unicorn Raids" ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-08-29 07:13:48 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Front Holes....๐Ÿ˜‚ โค That's hysterical . ^.^ Thanks for that. @Sheamus

2018-08-29 07:16:12 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

It's new to me, therefore you just educated me and made me laugh at the same time.. +Bonus! Lol @Sheamus

2018-08-29 07:18:17 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-29 07:19:39 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I'm about half an hour from Huntsville if you know where that is..

2018-08-29 07:22:51 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Yeah, I'm in the bible belt. So, you don't want to go to leftist places? Uhm Cullman? Lol

2018-08-29 07:23:04 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Uh that depends on what you like to do.

2018-08-29 07:23:23 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Hiking, Fishing, Hunting?

2018-08-29 07:23:36 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

My state is known for Fishing and Hiking..

2018-08-29 07:23:53 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I live in the mountains.

2018-08-29 07:24:34 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

If you don't want to come into contact with more liberal people, you'd do well in visiting the smaller towns.

2018-08-29 07:25:43 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I'm in the moutains, but all around us are rivers and lakes, so LOTS of fishing. Deer Hunting is also really popular. Duck\Fowl Hunting

2018-08-29 07:25:46 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-29 07:26:26 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Huntsville is the nearest metro city I live near. Quite liberal..Well, a good mix I guess considering it's still Alabama.

2018-08-29 07:26:38 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

It's a science town.

2018-08-29 07:26:45 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Space and Rocket Center.

2018-08-29 07:26:50 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Early Works

2018-08-29 07:26:55 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-29 07:27:24 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Von Braun Center for events.

2018-08-29 07:28:45 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

That would probably be Birmingham.

2018-08-29 07:31:07 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I'm not too sure about that one ^

2018-08-29 07:34:37 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Well, Alabama is pretty safe if you avoid the cities. Lol

2018-08-29 07:35:58 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I live in the boonies, still close enough to the city to not be tedious to commute back and forth, and a lot of rick people and people from the city have gradually started moving into the more secluded areas. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2018-08-29 07:36:51 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I like cities for their convenience and wealth of shit to do, but I absolutely despise living near people..So I have to live in the boonies ( the country, sticks, rural area)

2018-08-29 07:38:21 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

No problem!

2018-08-29 07:39:12 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Alright I'm gonna get off here..it's 2:38am lol Nini y'all! โค


2018-08-29 07:40:40 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

We do have Tornados..More so In North and Central Alabama though. We have very small earthquakes, and they don't happen often. @KoninginTanja

2018-08-29 07:41:00 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Nini!! ๐Ÿ˜„

2018-08-29 15:04:14 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Except for me.. ๐Ÿ˜› โค

2018-08-29 15:05:05 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

^ He's right there. ๐Ÿ˜›

2018-08-29 15:05:14 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  
2018-08-29 15:05:17 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-29 16:50:21 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

........ https://youtu.be/VCv-gb5j1l4 <:Hmm:480050565167185920>

2018-08-29 16:52:43 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  


2018-08-29 16:55:33 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Fucking YouTube. Lmfao. I can't believe someone actually proposed that shit... The only thing I can agree with is working from home, and I think that should be a standard for everyone..not just implemented for fat people... It...just makes my brain hurt....

2018-08-29 16:55:57 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  


2018-08-29 16:59:16 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

I kinda hate watch this one chick Amberlynn Reid...she's like 530 "elbees." And that dude Omegon responds to some of her videos and comments on different things..ridiculous policies likes that one in the video...his delivery is hilarious.. @Darkseid

2018-08-29 17:09:24 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

It can be fun ^.^. Not all lefties get offended at absolutely everything. ๐Ÿ˜‚ @Darkseid

2018-08-29 17:13:18 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Eh most of my views and ethics are left leaning, but I guess I can be right.? in some aspects too..I just don't see that side like you\y'all can. What are some "right" things that I've said or done thus far? From your perspective..Lol @Darkseid And True story..a lot do unfortunately.

2018-08-29 17:32:58 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

I just..there are some things I can agree with, and some that I can't. I've never actively fat shamed anyone or made fun or IRL, but I can't support unhealthy body positivity, and this is coming from someone who has never had what you would consider a healthy existence through this life up until about 2 years ago..and have actively tried to change that, but I just can't agree with...."It's ok being that morbidly obese...there's nothing wrong with it..You're so not gonna have an exceedingly shorter lifespan than previous generations.." i mean I could go on and on about that one honestly..but I digress.. Other identity politics that I can't relate to....mm..Modern day feminism?.. I'm all for 100% equality..but..todays Femnazis? No thank you, rather not be associated.....
I also don't think just because you're\we're white, makes us more insidious or evil than any other race, we've just been pretty successful at ushering in our modern day standards of "civilization." What else? @Darkseid

2018-08-29 17:33:00 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  


2018-08-29 17:33:45 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

@Sheamus ....my sentiments exactly..

2018-08-29 17:34:37 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

They should even be allowed to come in a whole hour later than their other fitter or more reasonably sized coworkers apparently..

2018-08-29 17:36:19 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

It's absolutely disgusting honestly.. @Sheamus

2018-08-29 17:37:45 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

I'm sure anyone with a genuine disability that they absolutely CANNOT change would be triggered by that video lol

2018-08-29 17:38:34 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

@Darkseid I....that...that's a scary thought to entertain...Lol "Imagine we could get her to vote trump 2020"

2018-08-29 17:41:04 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

I can't love that video enough.

2018-08-29 17:42:12 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

https://youtu.be/3xKSDFsGYyI This film โค and his mother did him a fucking solid...

2018-08-29 17:47:55 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

My opinion of Trump is not based on my personal feelings of him. Some of his policy changes conflict with what I actually prioritize like environmental protections.

2018-08-29 18:01:08 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Your points are completely valid, but I also realize that without prioritizing the planet first, we will just kill off our host quicker leaving us with little means to survive. That is why it is such it should be a main priority and we should build our societies and economies based around those absolutely essential policies\protections. Without a host the parasite dies. Just because you protect the environment, doesn't mean you can't have a thriving industry or commercial pursuits...

2018-08-29 18:20:01 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

You're right, we probably wouldn't have had\learned everything we have\know now today without our dirty past, but backsliding and changing things now giving the States ability to choose basically whether or not environmental protections\regulations are "right for them" in regards to the fiscal success as a state, so in essence we're not really progressing any there, so nothing will really change for the better in that regard in efforts to ensure and prioritize capital gain. We can only see where it takes us and how it will affect the economy, environment, jobs, etc. We can only sit back and witness if his changes are good for our country or not. @Sheamus

2018-08-29 18:21:00 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

But, I can agree that we should be more isolationist than we have been in the past. I can't disagree completely with some of the things he's done in that regard.

2018-08-29 18:22:55 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Idk..it's conflicting..I've seen some things in the grocery stores raise in price by about $1.50 and seems to keep going up since he changed some of the trade agreements.

2018-08-29 18:23:29 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

At least gas isn't as high as it was when we had Bush Jr in office..fuck..lol

2018-08-29 18:25:42 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  


2018-08-29 18:25:46 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  


2018-08-29 18:26:59 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

You don't have to ๐Ÿ˜›

2018-08-29 18:27:08 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

I want to earn my damn rank!

2018-08-29 18:27:14 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  


2018-08-29 18:28:18 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

I think I'm annoying Sheamus 'cause I'm so fucking stubborn. Lmfao

2018-08-29 18:30:00 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

I mean... the conversation is lovely, but I'm also the type of person that gets assassinated by capitalist corporations in a game I play...I'm either assassinated by Nuns or Corporations ๐Ÿ’” So, that should say something.

2018-08-29 18:44:09 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

What I want to learn how to do is somehow achieve that balance and compromise between environmental protections and industry..I really do...I fucking get assassinated every time....How can these coexist peacefully?! Halp!!! I can't find much in history that has managed to attain both and still been really successful..and not indebt to other countries..:(

2018-08-29 18:44:31 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  


2018-08-29 18:46:59 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

I'm holding out for the next plague.

2018-08-29 18:47:47 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Epidemic\Pandemic rather.

2018-08-29 18:49:46 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

^ Agreed.

2018-08-29 18:51:10 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

It's basic instinct.

2018-08-29 18:51:21 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Survival is self preservation

2018-08-29 18:52:51 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Oh yeah I can't argue that the human race is never, ever happy with what it has. Ever.

2018-08-29 19:35:20 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Wtf? What? Uhm..how? Why? That's a first..Much confusion..


2018-08-29 19:36:02 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Pretty shirt I had zero racist policies ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-08-29 19:36:06 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  


2018-08-29 19:57:24 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Economists! I'm curious. I want your opinions. Which would y'all be more in favor for..A Flat Income Tax or Income Tax capped at ??% ?


Welcome, noobies. โค

2018-08-29 20:05:30 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Any certain percentage that you would be in favor of?

2018-08-29 20:07:29 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

How does one have established country\government without any Tax?

2018-08-29 20:08:41 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Even Arnold Swarzeneger sp? believes in taxation..

2018-08-29 20:13:03 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Rely on willing contribution? You sure do have a lot of hope in the philanthropic proclivities of humanity. Lol

2018-08-29 20:18:42 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

So, would you be in favor of a complete private services over public services..like for instance personal\individual body guards\security rather than a public police force? @Sheamus

2018-08-29 20:27:46 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Alright, yeah I completely understand your perspective there..I just had a cannon to be honest..

2018-08-29 20:28:25 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

I think I red pilled myself a bit with the private security analogy and it rattled my perspective a little bit..

2018-08-29 20:36:13 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

That maybe if we weren't taxed automatically to begin with (this only applies to those of able body to work and secure an income of their own) that maybe we could afford the services that they want and need as they need them....Idk..I'm still thinking..Just.. I don't know why I've never thought of it that way before...I hope this is cohesive enough to understand.. Lol

2018-08-29 20:36:47 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Just..mind blown.. I feel kinda dumb right now.


2018-08-29 20:41:24 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  


2018-08-29 20:46:43 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Lol Thanks for that. I have genuine enjoyed that conversation though I have a lot to ponder about the subject now and have more concepts to play around with to form this perfect society in my head ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-08-29 20:58:45 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and all that jazz.. You're completely right though, I think it's good to debate, to entertain new ideas in ways you never really considered, and to have your own views challenged. I just find it fascinating attempting to compile ideas and policies together like puzzle pieces to find a way to create a just and decent government, it's certainly a challenging feat, but it's fun to entertain nonetheless. @Sheamus

2018-08-29 21:03:46 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

By perfect I mean at least attempting to find a balance between having a prosperous country, economy, decent and ethical policy, etc but also having enough to support\care for the most disadvantaged. Just a bit..so they don't have mass die offs and such..the impoverished, etc. @Cal

2018-08-29 21:07:06 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

My understanding of government? Imposing Tax on the public to allocate necessary funds in sectors that need the funds the most. That's basically what I think the purpose of a government is..I guess? More specific question maybe? I don't really know how to answer that one sufficiently. Lol @Sheamus

2018-08-29 21:16:35 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

What is one to do if no one will hire someone or is never provided a chance to improve their lives if there is no basic (temporary) provision for them to merely sustain their existence? I completely agree with that proverb to the enth degree, but there are specific circumstances. Not everyone who is on welfare abuses it, or intends to stay on it for the rest of your life..I think one of the limits I'm aware of is 5 years and if you haven't tried to improve your life by then..then they re-evaluate your case and see if you're fucked enough or not to continue being supported. Welfare, Unemployment, and Disability are all different. @Sheamus

2018-08-29 21:18:27 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

What about the exceptions then? @Sheamus

2018-08-29 21:28:22 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Thing about that is access to reliable transportation which many do not have. How do we remedy that? How do we get those outliers uplifted and on the road to independence and gainful employment? What sort of programs? Or do we rely solely on charity? Or? I'm asking for examples, solutions, etc for those in those circumstances. @Cal

2018-08-29 21:34:16 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Nini! @Sheamus Gonna feed dogs brb

2018-08-29 22:18:09 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Public transportation is 100% non existent where I live, so the people who didn't have a way to the training would be fucked anyway. Simply wouldn't be able to get there. But, I do agree that vocational training is great!! Not enough accessible training here unfortunately though, so they go under-utilized. @Cal

2018-08-29 22:19:14 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  


2018-08-29 22:20:13 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Thank you. @JJ

2018-08-29 22:22:48 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

No problem! I understood the context. I'm just eating, so I will give a better reply momentarily. ^.^

2018-08-29 22:24:09 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

Thank you! Nini sleep well.

2018-08-30 00:46:09 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Finally getting it organized? @RaRi

2018-08-30 00:50:25 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

The funny thing is is I hadn't started implementing anything socialist or cummunist before they assassinated me.. The problem is because I started with America. I always seem to be assassinated in America on the game ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ Usually by the Capitalists or the Holy Crusaders\Nuns .... Never the black people ๐Ÿ˜‚ @Cal

2018-08-30 16:08:02 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Dude..when you approached the woman sitting under the tree "Go away!"..Fuck Northerners are beyond rude.. Lol @Deleted User

2018-08-30 16:22:28 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Is it illegal up there to leave flyers on people's cars? 'Cause if not, that might be a good tactic. ๐Ÿ˜› @Deleted User

2018-08-30 16:39:02 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #political]  

"Give us Jobs!!!" Burns down said workplace...Makes fucking sense..sure.

I should take it again..

Yep...mine has changed..I'm closer to the center now than I once was...O.O Lol @Sheamus


Just opens up the gaming chat for you.. @Kuzon Embers

This is what it was before. @Sheamus


I love the Dark Side pun lol

It's slowly moving towards the center ๐Ÿ˜‚

Does the dark side have protein cookies? O.o

Eh I already knew about SA. It was moreso our conversation yesterday about tax and capitalism. I had a cannon. @Darkseid


Very true! That could be interesting. ๐Ÿ˜› @Sheamus



You know that one already

2018-08-30 17:14:58 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Bavarian Cream? Oh god..nom @Apollo

This dudes the actual commie ๐Ÿ˜‚ @Comrade STALIN @Darkseid

I guess I was just the off-brand commie ๐Ÿ˜‚

We should adopt Jihadist tactics..effective conversion ๐Ÿ˜‚ @Darkseid

No problem. ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜‰

Free Jub Oh god ๐Ÿ˜‚

"Free Jub: The Movement"

2018-08-30 17:32:18 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

The JUUUUICE @Apollo


2018-08-30 17:33:56 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #nsfw-memes]  

I don't get the joke ๐Ÿ˜ฆ @Derde Explain? ^.^

2018-08-30 17:35:22 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

What has 50k views? @RaRi

2018-08-30 17:36:25 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #nsfw-memes]  

Thanks! ^.^ @Kuzon Embers

2018-08-30 17:42:33 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Do I have the liberty to edit and amplify the audio of that video and repost elsewhere? @Watchmen

2018-08-30 17:47:48 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Thanks. Do you have original copy you can send or? @ZombieQueen

2018-08-30 17:47:59 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-30 17:48:01 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Thanks ^.^

2018-08-30 22:25:15 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

?weather scottsboro

2018-08-30 22:25:29 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-08-31 01:24:33 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #videos]  

Oh God...I have to watch this....

2018-08-31 16:03:51 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #movies]  

Good or bad? Lol

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