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Holy heck guys wtf did I miss this morning

/pol/ is finding the coordinates of the farms on the list

What's this

Post in the thread

4chan doesn't require an account dumbass


A Hungarian made a code one can use to track the farms on Google earth in the thread

Most of the farms have been located. Import this file to Google Earth

These are the farms targeted in the first round of land seizures

This is all thanks to my friends back at 4chan

Right of center whites are already completely disillusioned with the DA, meanwhile the DA has just gotten ever more disorganised and cringey and they're now just panicking cutting their BEE support, the more lefty blacks that supported them just because they disliked Zuma will now dump them cus Cyril looks competent to them and DA is dropping BEE.


DA will receive it's first reduction in support since 1994

Wow that Ronaldo server sucks

Keep trying to post the Pissed off Saffer video and it keeps getting deleted no matter what channel I post it in


34 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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