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Well I'm taking Friday off, so I can kind of leave whenever.

It seems I've been absent a bit as well. I'm going to go for a run tomorrow since I haven't in a while to test out my cardio. If any of y'all have questions about running feel free to ask me. I was into distance running for about 8-9 years before I got hooked on BJJ and weights.

@Thomas I did see your pinned message. I also feel like some guys probably are fit to graduate based on the last big meeting we had. Also, here's an updated Check-In sheet:

That's 4 PM on Friday correct? I can make that.

I think Bryan OK is basically there. He lost 63 lbs in 3 months and is only 5 lbs away from his goal weight. Adam TX, Jackson GA, and William TX seem like they're in decent shape but only barely failing to meet the fitness requirements. You may have a better idea since they're TX guys.

@Floyd FL I need to get a new pair. I haven't really run since I was preparing for the Mt Elbert hike so I thought I'd struggle, but I had no problem. Was able to run 4 miles pretty easily.

@all I'd recommend anyone who's thinking of running to go do it. The cooler weather makes running significantly easier.

Ok, let me know where to meet you.

Ok, I'll be free Wednesday night some time after 8 PM? Does that time work for you?

Ok, we'll plan on that then.

Ok, I'm free now, but I can wait.

It's all good. I'm not in a hurry.

GOt my second workout with the Texas Method in. Squats, Overhead Press, then I did 3 sets to failure of bodyweight chinups.

Hugh's turning into a raw egg Nationalist. I like it! I remember people looking at me weird when I'd drink raw eggs or eat them over rice. I never got it. They taste pretty good. And you can larp as Rocky if you really want to.

Are they in the same drive folder? I'll take a look when I get the time.

I should be there almost exactly at 4 PM give or take a little bit. 2 he 45 minutes away now stopping for gas

I don't think I have the shin pads and other things. I have the strap for the bump cap though. Can you send me a list? I'm actually on my way to Texas to train with the guys this weekend.

Will do. My threema probably won't work yet since I have a new phone but I'll be there.

Should be 20 minutes away.

I'm here. Are you around the HEB lot?

I see the truck. Are you in your Tundra?

I'm right by the truck with the hay unless there's two.

Ah, darn. You can just hold them till the 4th. I have another pair. That's why I don't buy expensive ones


Can you send me the link for the uniform jacket? Also, is there a packing list and carpool group scheduled for the food drive on the 4th?

I think I have everything I need now except the jacket which I'm going to buy. I went to the training this week and practiced regular marching, vanguard shields, and rear guard shields. We didn't practice for screen, but I think I'll be fine with the drilling we do at the location.

Made it back home safe.

I scrolled through the chat to see who made a post and who didn't. You can tag all of them and see if you can coax a response from them.

Saw that Schroeder Little Dark Age edit. Hilarious, had me laughing pretty hard.

Missing attachment: IMG_20211121_085014825_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: IMG_20211121_085216301.jpg
Missing attachment: IMG_20211121_084916938_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: IMG_20211121_084841038.jpg
Missing attachment: IMG_20211121_084804562.jpg

I ordered the jacket and also some other things that I realized I need over time for the cold weather. Won't be caught lacking this time.

I do not have the shin guards. Other than that I'm good.

@Floyd FL You may want to work on diet a bit more. 50 pushups is good for muscle endurance, but you won't make much strength gains. From my grug-tier experience of getting in a pushup position on a scale, your pushup is approximately equal to 2/3 of your body weight on a bench. YOu'

You'd need to adjust for bf%, but I'd say if you weighed 200 lbs, you should be able to bench 135 lbs at least once. If you're unable to bench 2/3 of your body weight, you need to focus on weight loss. That said, doing strength training plus dieting is obviously better.

Do I want the 13" size I'm 5'10"?

Ordered them now. Should get them Friday. Any recommendations on sandpaper? I'm guessing the most coarse as I can find (i.e. lower grit number).

@all Can we get a review over all the commands for the rear guard? I remember what I'm supposed to do from the drilling, but want to be certain on the verbiage if that makes sense.

Ok, that's what I remembered. We will be drilling again on the day of correct?

Seems like you have a lot of opposition in your area. Props on the activism.

Sounds good. I remember taking @ND - James TX aside to go over some "grip breaks" I guess you'd call them on the shields. Think this would be good to drill. A single or both hands on the top of the shield isn't difficult to break, but a grip on both sides of the shield can be a problem. We did figure it out, but it does require you to exert a good deal of energy. Hopefully people at the even will be to stupid/scared to do this.

I was just looking at your activism posts. Seems like a lot of stickers had been scratched out instead of simply faded.

For the single/double hand on the top you can just step back and rip the shield back and to the left (Think only right side grip is available on the shields, sorry lefties) to break it. To break the grip where they use each hand to grip each side of the shield you need to rotate it 90 degrees to the left and then rip it back. Turning the shield twists their wrists together and puts them in a mechanically disadvantaged position to maintain the grip allowing you to then rip it away from them more easily.

They'd have to be really ballsy to do this since gripping a shield with both hands leaves you completely defenseless.

Have not heard of anything from some boog boys. I think it's good like Thomas says. Showing them an area is contested is good. But having stickers last a while is also good. I've only seen a handful of mine stay up, but I don't return to the scene of the crime very much. It's probably a bad idea to shit where you eat as they say. Not necessarily a good idea to sticker areas that you're a regular at.

I need to get out and sticker more areas. Would love to constantly hit some local college campuses.

I've done it a couple times. Have never gone back to check on them though.

Yeah, I got the 3 day shipping

Just got done 5x5 of squat and OHP, followed by 1x5 of Deadlift. Feeling good. Ready for that Thanksgiving dinner.

Yo Thomas, are you online?

Are you free to hop on Mumble?

You too man! See you soon.

You too! Had plenty of food. You going to be at the upcoming event?


That's a good question. I'm not sure if Thomas told me or not. I can meet Paul in college station, y'all in Texarkana, or wherever.

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Missing attachment: IMG_20211126_153316979.jpg

Ok, keep me posted.

Unfortunatley I'm still waiting on my kneepads. Hope they come in this week.

Ok, that works for me. Let me know where and what time.

Awesome, can't wait to hear on everyone's progress this week. I did some squats, overhead press, snatch, and barbell row today. Feeling good.

I have a spare one. Think they all came in a pack of two. The shipping says it'll be delivered today, but it's 6 PM and I don't have it. Going to get some sandpaper and spray paint now though.

3 PM Thursday or Friday? I'll need to take another day off work if it's Thursday.

Does someone have a picture of what their hat with the chinstrap on looks like fully assembled? Want to make sure I don't do anything stupid since I only have one hat and bump insert.

Ok, I think I should be able to.

Disregard that, they just came in.

I will see tomorrow. Should be ok. I may just have to answer some phone calls on my drive to College Station, but it's no biggie.

Btw, have you attached your chinstrap to your hat yet?

I wanted to see a picture of what it should look like before I do it.


I managed to get it done. Looks good to me. Can't wait to march beside everyone this weekend!

Hell yeah @Andrew WY ! Sounds like a plan.

I'm going to see you this weekend right?

Hell yeah! Thanks for helping us drill earlier. Hope we look great this weekend.

I'm excited because I think white people are starting to wake up more and more recently. Especially with the Waukesha terrorist attack recently. Think we should get a solid amount of attention.

Hoping I can get a partner in crime in Louisiana after this. If not, it's still worth it.

Glad to see you're increasing the weight over time Walter. You may want to work on your diet a bit. I went a day or two without eating very much and weighted in 2 or 3 less pounds than I normally do. I highly suggest using My Fitness Pal for tracking calroric intake.

If you'

If you've set yourself to lose weight and you still aren't, you may need to set it lower. I had a similar problem but in the other direction. However, it is possible you're gaining muscle at the same time you're losing weight. If you feel like that's accurate, keep i tup.

Good job man. Consistency/discipline is the most important thing.

I think that would work. I put my face mask on first, then the hat with the straps. I I can get the mask on top of my head and covering my face, but it does run into the straps. Cutting slots could work. You could try if you have more masks and don't mind potentially damaging one.

Will post when I get home.

Do you think I should park at HEB or maybe a hotel or something? I imagine that my car will be parked from Thursday until Sunday which is 3 full nights.

Missing attachment: Hat Strap.jpg
Missing attachment: Hat Strap Exterior.jpg
Missing attachment: Hat Strap Interior.jpg

I have a picture of my shin guards as well. Got the spray paint that @ND - Jon UT said to get. But I think I sanded with too rough a grit sandpaper. It makes the pads look very rough. I guess not the worst look though.

Shin Guards.jpg

Shin Guards.jpg

Is he meeting us at College Station? Should I meet you at the HEB for 4 PM Thursday then?

I remember everyone having some trouble sanding them down in Texas so I just bought 60 grit sandpaper to make it easier. I guess if I wanted to be a perfectionist I could've done the 60 grit followed by a smoother paper to even it out.

Happy to see all these new strength gains and dieting goals being reached. Great job guys!

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