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Ill take a look into it.

So specificly, we're looking at purchasing a setup to deepfry with. ill look around and see what i find.

Today I bit the bullet and finally purchased a quality pair of running shoes, don't forget your feet gentlemen there important.

Iv had ok shoes for running and walking but i needed shoes to correct how i walk and run.

Im not sure what to call it but my feet would sometimes give/bow out when walking or running. The shoes i bought are more expensive than normal one due to being more supportive

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My jog time today was 12 minutes 54 seconds, not on treadmill. new running shoes immediately better and weather is great today.

in a mile

Will be there

I put activism in sunday night, i should have mentioned I did that.

I just beat my bet 1 mile time by a minute and 5 seconds. my best was 12 minutes 24 seconds and today's was 11 minutes 19 seconds.


I just beat my best 1 mile time by a minute and 5 seconds. My mile today was 11 minutes and 19 seconds.

@Thomas My pace was decent but when I stopped jogging I walked fast continuing the jog. I didn't stop moving to clarify.

Ill get back with you tonight on that pot kit.

This morning jog was in 11 minutes and 9 seconds.

you guys doing ok?

Alrigh, im park on some grass next to other cars

Had a good session with my trainer today, weight is 198lb. Its my last week at my current gym and I'll be getting one much more close to me.


Whats happening today?

Im in heading out to my dads house today, whats tomorrow looking like for you?

Hey Sam its Floyd, iv got a 30 qt turkey fryer i just bought. Do you want me to bring it?

Its no problem, If you need anything let us know.

Shes doing well, Sam sorry for saying that I thought i herd a gunshot last night. I understood imedently after how stupid that was.

You did the right thing, me saying that could have caused unnecessary panic. Your a brother and a leader to many and you do your job valiantly.

29 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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