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Make sure to message me where i am picking you up at 3pm tomorrow.

PF thread on 4chan last night, obviously not created by me. Seems to have a member stating they are a member.

Just sharing, I don't think it is that big of a deal.

Cool see ya at 3.

I think i am here

Gray pickup

Ha ha just now

The Columbia stencil was also sent to ND John WA.

Those are the only 2 that ever got that. Jeffrey OH and John WA.

Looking at account dates, you only have a few to choose from...

Joined at

March 6, 2018

March 6, 2018

Billy Merse TX
March 6, 2018

Rex VT
March 12, 2018

Bill MA
May 4, 2018

ND - Lawrence FL
June 25, 2018

Josh CA
June 26, 2018

NQ - George OH
August 29, 2018

Loy OK
September 9, 2018

ND - Jon UT
September 19, 2018

ND - William OK
September 30, 2018

Jeffery OH
November 11, 2018

Adam TX
NW1 powerhouse!
November 24, 2018

Jason TX
December 22, 2018

ND - Johnny MN
December 24, 2018

Re. the Image of the Columbia Stencil. File name is 20201230_203402.jpg so that is definitely a pic from Jeffery OH's stencil. John WA got his this summer.

"I went to Poland with PF for the nationalist march. I met really good guys. You're a limp wrist faggot."

That should narrow it down then @ND - Samuel VA . People that went to Poland.

Hey Zach, sorry for the big delay in responding.

Congrats! You are in the current century on tech now!

This looks pretty good. Are you not getting responses from this?

There could be some rewording of it to spice it up if you wanted.

Would probably only take like 15 mins.

We could do that over mumble if you want.

Hi guys, we met with Interviewee-420224 last night, IMO it is a no-go with this guy and I will type up my notes tonight and Norman can expand on them if needed.

Also note they are very familiar with 4chan, because they knew the thread would be ending soon.

This has to be Jeffrey OH.

Hi guys, we met with Interviewee-420224 last night, IMO it is a no-go with this guy and I will type up my notes tonight and Norman can expand on them if needed.

We arrived at the interview location and met the interviewee. He speaks with either a lisp, or some impediment. He gave an exceptionally limp handshake after I approached and reached out 2x. He seems exceptionally socially awkward, lacking self-confidence and struggled to keep any normal conversation going. His answers to a few of our questions were somewhat strange (describing recent memes from TG), but he seemed to have some other answers that made sense (his first content related to National Alliance videos). He doesn't have a car and walks everywhere, and would be in his area alone.

We gotta pass on this guy, because I honestly don't think he would be safe out stickering and if caught he would probably suffer significantly and face a very uncertain future. Honestly, I feel terrible for this guy because it seems like his father has passed away, and his mother moved away but he doesn't know where. It is a shame that we don't have some kind of "rehab" group for him to help socialize him or something but at this point WI can't take it on, we are all hours away from this guy. It is unfair to just give him stickers and leave him there alone. IMO this guy needs someone to take him under their wing and help guide him.

He did indicate that he plans to move to FL in a couple months, somewhere around Jacksonville.

I added @ND - Lawrence FL because I believe you worked with some guys in the past maybe?

On a personal note, this was a depressing vetting because man this kid is literally alone in Milwaukee, which is one of the shittiest cities out there. I can imagine this kid struggling in life if nobody steps up to help guide him, get some self confidence, maybe break some bad habits / excuse making, etc.

@Norman WI Anything to add or anything you disagree with?

Let me add that he was extremely prompt in replying to messages when setting up the vetting, he did arrive ontime, walked 45 mins to get to the vetting location, and said he would do any tasks the group needs. So better than some of the other guys that can't even respond to simple messages to setup a vetting location.

Yep i just don't see a bright future for this guy.

Anyway just tell him because he doesn't have a car and would be all alone there we don't think it is a good fit.

@Thomas I asked him and will let you know.

Is that only 8 inches tall?

Ok who contacts him now to tell him this?

Ok i told him but i am going to try to get him doing some stuff and work with him and Lawrence you can meet with him in Feb in FL. So lets keep his interview account active please.

I am gonna come up with some plan and will message Lawrence directly on it.

I think i found the original print file.

Missing attachment: Screenshot_20211116-140216_Gallery.jpg

That is 8x20 for the image. You guys trim 1 side.

Cool you want 20 or?

$25 to Thomas. Cool?

Helps the TX kids out.

My plan is to see what i can do in the next 3 months with him and see how motivated he is. If he really works hard he can turn it around.

And if this works i will document the process so it can be repeated.

Just saw it. Looks like we need to print stickers faster

Yeah if you want to this week we can. Maybe tomorrow night.

I may not make it tonight, working on other things.

Dearest Patrick,

I hope things are going well for you. I have an idea I would like to discuss with you, it is regarding applicants that need alot of work before joining. You seem to be the ultra chad of the group so I would like your feedback.

If you have a time we can chat on mumble or threema I can pick your brain and get your ideas.

Here are my minimum joining health standards I think we could put out there for these kids that need work:

50 situps in 2 minutes
42 pushups in 2 minutes
1.5 mile run in 12:30

Lets discuss when you have time.

Tomorrow zoomer.

Hey Norman has 3 Go-Pros he will be bringing with him. You might need to help him with them because he is not a tech expert. Is that ok with you? He can carry them, gather them up, etc... and all that. You just might need to make sure they are in the right mode and stuff like that. LMK if that is cool.

Hey Re. the posters. You mentioned that John WA (and possibly others) orderd "alot" of posters. Do you have numbers on that? Say for example if John WA ordered 5 poster kits, I can pack them up into a single box which will save space for me. LMK if there is anything like that I can do to save space for me and them on the way home.

I will have 20 sets of posters and 10 banner stencil sets, maybe more ready and all packed up for ya.

From what I read in that thread there wasn't anything crazy, just maybe someone getting a little overzealous and confirming they are a member. Maybe a guides refresher for that person.

In general, I don't hear "read the guides" at all anymore. The old NNM meetings it was pounded into our heads at the start and end of each meeting including where the guides are accessed from, etc. Maybe that needs to start again and examples of why reading, understanding and FOLLOWING the guides is good for them, good for the org, and good for humanity overall.

Might be worth asking the ND's to go over some of the more critical points too for the network meetings. Never a better time for people to understand the guides than right now IMO.

Missing attachment: 1560189821650.jpg

Inam running 15 to 20 mins late

WTF no meeting rooms are free?

Meeting room 4

ok join me

In MR4.

Or General

Ok i will pack those separately. Thanks for that it helps me save space.

Guys i am not gonna make it tonight. I am beat, crazy day on little sleep. Talk to ya next week.

Actually next week is Thanksgiving so i can't make that one either. If the day changes let me know.

The week after that i can't attend either as i will be in a car driving that night.

So Dec. 9th unless we change days.

Hey Thomas got back to me and said you had a pending order for 4 poster sets through him.

Is that correct and was is paid to him?

If both those are correct i have it custom packed for you and ready. I plan to bring it to the event.

Unless you want it shipped, if so i can do that but we would need to square up somehow on actual shipping costs. We can figure that out though.

If you want it shipped i just need an address and it will go out tomorrow.

Ok going out first thing in the morning. Hoping for a Wed arrival.

You can delete the address

I am shipping John's to him.

We can figure out shipping since he prepaid you.

Still tons of posters and stencils coming with me. Gonna be epic. I got this printer just cranking.

Thomas will have stencils and posters for sale directly at an upcoming event.

Definitely get some there and save shipping.

Friday the 3rd.

What is your plan that day? When are you leaving your house?

I could drop off posters and stuff to you before, depending on schedule..

Or if too much of a pain no problem. I want to get people plenty of time to get their posters and stencils.

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