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Doing a quick scout around the place then heading to the Meetup spot

West oak coffee bar

Missing attachment: IMG_20211113_133504.jpg

I only have 2 units of kale right now, I will be planting arugula and spicy salad mix today so if you want to try some of that it'll be ready by next Sunday.

Light mixed dress code maybe a layer for the cold weather

Have you gotten the turkey yet?

I'll let you do that, let me know if you need help cooking it, I have to finalize the travel food for the early december event this week. how much do I owe you?

You should have a pound and a half of jerky in your freezer, I'll be finishing the food prep this week and next week

Just drove by the posters we did yesterday they're still up not a single scratch

I didn't discuss hardtack with Vincent at all, I wasn't aware he was going to make any. The posters went fantastically I made a very straightforward plan. Still unable to get any time off work I have a spotlight on me right now they're like looking at everything I do and I think the heat's coming from my boss's boss not necessarily my boss.

I'm slowly but steadily getting to a position where I can quit full-time employment. I ironed out my production issues so now I have to get regulations sorted out labeling of the products and then sales and marketing work.

:school_satchel: GEAR
- Active dress code for sparring, workouts (shorts, tshirt, running shoes, etc.)
- Long pants for shield drilling (shield must be pinned to the leg during bracing and it may be uncomfortable on skin)
- Snacks for during the day (granola bars, trail mix, etc.)

I ended up moving those two units of kale so I will get you one unit of arugula and one unit of spicy salad mix on Sunday

Or just one or the other whatever you want

Logan is handling the turkey, Vincent and his wife I believe are doing most of the other side dishes

Logan - turkey

Vincent - side dishes

James - apple cider

Should be good

I owe you $18

I'll bring you the second batch of jerky on the 20th

Third batch will come next week with the oat bars and hardtack unless Vincent has that covered

Of course, apologies for the absence, I didn't get home till late and then I had to continue with the event preparation for December

All right I'm about ready for that website to be finalized let me know what all you need


- Dress Code: Pants encouraged, running shoes or hiking boots, layers on upper body to deal with temperature fluctuation. Dress code patches and jackets allowed, but only if used sparingly by a few.

- Water Bottles & Canteens
- Sparring Equipment
- $5 Per Head Event Fee (Optional)
- If Camping: Tent, Sleeping Bag
- Head Lamps
- Dress Code Mask
If Applicable: Leg Protection, Chin Strap


Tap the flag when you read and confirm you have what you need from the gearlist

When do we need to be there?

And what's the address?

Parallax images, delivery service area restrictions, subscribe and save options.

I will be able to join next Thursday, all my thanksgiving gatherings are in the early afternoon

Big thank you for everyone who helped prepare food for today

Just harvested the micros, I ended up with just half an order of mustard, won't ask for more than a dollar or two for it

I also have one unit of arugula for you. One unit of arugula and spicy mix for Vincent

I have one extra unit of spicy mix, does Mason, Micheal or Pat want any?





What version of the bible do y'all have again?

I was raised Southern Baptist

I have been looking into Catholicism and Orthodox


Do you have everything you need on the gear list and if so have you started packing?

It's the 3rd through the 5th

Do you have everything you need on the gear list and if so have you started packing?

The guy who betrayed us was Arthur and Harrison btw

So because the sites being hosted on Shopify it's possible I'll need to give you access to my Shopify account. I can try giving you the file containing all of the website's code

Cool beans, what's the verdict on the microgreens?

Glad to hear it. The mustards are my favorite aswell as everyone else who tries them, unfortunately I'm getting poor yields for that one as of late

The spicy mix has Arugula, Broccoli, Kale, Kohlrabi, Mustard and Cabbage

I spoke to thomas on sunday and he was saying bad things about him. He did screw over Jon UT

Do you have everything you need on the gear list and if so have you started packing?

So far @Adam TX @Vincent TX and @NS - Oscar TX have confirmed they have what they need

I've granted you access, if you need anything else just let me know

The delivery area is Denton County TX

I do have an app for subscriptions but the way it works is I can't set separate plans for variations of a single product.
Ex. Arugula is the main product
2oz - $5
4oz - $10
8 oz - $20
For the 4oz I want a $.50 discount
For the 8oz I want a $2 discount
For the $5 I want no discount

Happy Thanksgiving brothers! We are going to win

I will deliver the last of the jerky on Saturday and pick up the hardtack stamps

I'll get some Legos for the little king

Happy Thanksgiving

Meeting tonight?

Damn, yeah man you'll need to talk to him about that. He is on a trip atm, get in touch with @Vincent TX


Starting to see some abs poking out during vacuum pose 🤙🏻

Jerky delivery will be done tomorrow evening, then I will get 3 batches of hardtack and 3 batches of oat bars there by Wednesday or Thursday

Too early to tell if the Yohimbine is having an effect on fat but the appetite suppression and energy boost is definitely noticable

Starting to see some abs poking out during vacuum pose 🤙🏻

Too early to tell if the Yohimbine is having an effect on fat but the appetite suppression and energy boost is definitely noticable

This guy is following our accounts, I'm going to block

Had an early meeting I needed to wake up for

Right now just the home screen picture until I can snap some more

I bought this online course for microgreens and it came with an Excel spreadsheet and a website builder I'm going to check that out but I'm planning on sticking with Shopify, it's got a lot of good features

Shout out from a big account

Just squatted 90kg, new PR

Final food prep is finished, I will be delivering it tomorrow evening

Missing attachment: Screenshot_20211130-221127.jpg

Nice! Good work man

I'm happy with it, go ahead and push it

Let me know when you feel I need to reimburse you and I will.

Based, we're all in this together brother

ETA 30 minutes probably going to have to cut and run like last time

I'm 10 lb heavier but I've reached my goal of 19% body fat

Going for 15 now

@all Meeting in 45 minutes



@all 13 minutes be prepared to go over the gear list posted above

Roger dodger pardner, be safe out there

@all @all @all MEETING NOW


I was just doing some thinking, prioritize delivery area restrictions over subscribe and save, that way I can open up shop sooner

I just purchased some boxing gloves to increase cardio output and I am close to being able to do one unassisted pullup

I've been progressing on lat pulldowns and assisted pullups to supplement for unassisted pull ups. Increased from 80lbs to 115lbs on lat pulldown, similar weight to the assisted pullups in the past few weeks, at this rate I should be able to start doing unassisted pullups in the next month or so. Cardio is the only thing I've been seriously slacking on and that changes tomorrow morning.

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