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Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 14, 2021 11:47 AM

Research in mining and lithium mineral stocks. At the very least my bet is gonna be the company who gets the bid to dig that mine. Elon Musk and Co. finally greased the skids.
Btw, this deposit is allegedly the biggest outside of China, idk how true that is, but it rather large regardless


I still have not received my promat, who can I talk to about this? Are we just waiting for the bake sale to distribute them? If that is the case, can it be announced ahead of time?

Do you know if promat is getting sent out or are we waiting for the bake sale?

Not going to the drilling event, didnt even know there was one. Cant make it

Hey man welcome to the org

Also, what are some good places to love around Indianapolis

Yo, do you know anything about the area west of pittburgh

Any on how or where to find off market real estate deals

Thanks you too

Any recommendations for boots for marching?

My work boots arent cutting it


Also, happy thanksgiving

Nice thanks, looks like its only available in black

I'll look into these Thanks

Also Happy Thanksgiving

I'm in baggage claim

Get on on the air train platform we are waiting

made it home fam

Shower felt amazing


Made it home boys.

Likewise man, all good man no worries. After the new year, my goal is to visit Utah, maybe you can convince me to transfer

Do you guys have extra stencils?

Hey bubba

Do you guys have any extra stencils? Bryan is trying to go out and do some activism

Can I buy some off you? My promat package got lost

yee i hit him up

thanks fam

Welcome @James OR

No, Not that I know of

Hey Thomas, can you look at my mumble accounts when you have a second?

Hey Vinny, can you take a look at both of my mumble accounts rn?

based thansk

38 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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