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Ditsem! @Malcolm the Seceder, you just advanced to level 5!

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couldn't watch that

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2 died hey?

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was kind of scary ya.

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"o hierdie gaan bad wees"

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the audio freaked me out so I bailed

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bit of a snuff film

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it's not so bad though

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guy filming was quite calm

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2018-07-19 17:57:30 UTC kyk in die glasbal en word bang. How do to get the masses to understand.

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IMO this equates to a form of sanctions. Unfriendly investment environments is a difficult pill the global investment market to swallow. Commie fags in the EFF and ANC have been BTFO'd by the investment jew for the past 4 years and they still dont know why the economy is failing. #MakeSouthAfricaInvestmentFriendlyAgain

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@Willem Petzer why not have a section on theology?

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and economics

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Yeah good suggestion, instead of a chaotic mish-mash, should organise it, and structure it.

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w!everyday Orania

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<:success:369215091381370892> Added location. I will run at 08:00 (UTC) and get the latest weather.

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RE: Khoisan article,Could it be about money? Only 7 traditional leaders are paid,i doubt he is on the payroll. The anc does not want anything to do with khoisan people.

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Yeah isnt that the problem, that the government does not want anything to do with them, being the reason they want out?

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Or to be recognised and get paid millions like the zulu king

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Afrikaners need a king and queen👑

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Premier Helen Zille
22 mins ·
I have just returned home from my last meeting and will write a final post for the day.
After concerted police action throughout the night brought calm to Zwelihle and Hermanus, Minister Bheki Cele entered the area with various high ranking policemen, councillors, members of parliament and myself.
After an initial warm reception for the Minister, the crowd turned volatile and hostile in a flash when he said he would not order the release of Gcobani Ndzongana, the young man who is seen as the leader of the group called Zwelihle Renewal, which is believed to have ties with Black First Land First (BLF). This group has been responsible for attack people, destroying property and an arson-based reign of terror against anyone who disagrees with them.
After trying to restore calm, the Minister left, on roads strewn with rocks and rubble.
There have been millions of Rands of damage to infrastructure, and (worse) people have been attacked and totally traumatised.
It is an absolute miracle that we have not had another Marikana with the police firing on residents -- even when the police are under attack they have been restrained, to the point where a policeman has severe head injuries after being attacked by an axe-wielding man. The search for solutions within the law, continues. ^HZ

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It summarises it well. Two years ago i said small towns will be be targeted as its easier to mobilise a group and cause a "uprising" it's also harder for police to maintain as they have to get neighbouring police in to help deal with the situation. We will see a lot more of these small town uprisings.
The thing about zwehile is,there is not much land anyways,its basically full already. What i think will happen is,the majority white community that lives right next to zwehile in sandbaai will be targeted and homes destroyed.

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@Karooboer ek wonder wat gaan aan daar. Is dit die nuwe ANC vs Inkata

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Dis seker nie n wit ou wat hom geskiet het nie anders sou almal nou al hier van gehoor het

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Ons moet maar net terug sit en kyk die wolwe mekaar verskeur

2018-07-21 16:53:47 UTC