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2018-07-18 20:42:54 UTC  

Hulle is n wrede nasie, ons moet dit verstaan. As men we cant recoil from the realities of nature.

2018-07-18 20:44:09 UTC  

Kyk na hul geskiedenis, hul kultuur.. dit is in hulle programeer die manier hoe hulle uitkyk na die wereld. Hulle respekteer emosie, nie intellek nie

2018-07-18 20:44:25 UTC  

Barbaars. Da was diere doodgemaak by die hermanus optogte. Daar was n kat in n vuur gegooi. Baie wreed

2018-07-18 20:45:08 UTC  

@HoppeanSnake_ZA no I could never ever take it at face value. This is not human.

2018-07-18 20:45:35 UTC  

Die realiteit van Ras en IQ. High IQ groups tend to create societies that are far less violent.

2018-07-18 20:46:16 UTC  

Agreed Hoppen, the truth of nature is as we see it, we shouldnt fear it, we should carve a place out of nature for ourselves, and make it home.

2018-07-18 20:46:16 UTC  

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@Sheamus Mag die Here ons beskerm, en hulle van hul boosheid bevry!

2018-07-18 20:47:07 UTC  

@Sheamus thats truth to power

2018-07-18 20:48:54 UTC  

After all, we have the law on our side. 😃 the law is not for the righteous, but for the thieves, the rapists, the murderers and all things unholy. The law will make a comeback, it is natural for chaos to be made order by the conquerors.

2018-07-18 20:57:18 UTC  

We should 100% create a website where we can start laying out our ideological framework. There is a sizebale Afrikaner inteligência that can be used for content creation and more importantly to orientate ourselves properly when discussing certain taboo topics.

2018-07-18 21:01:36 UTC  

Agreed, i think that could be interesting, more community driven framework online instead of political motivations. I dont like how everything has to be made political these days, whatever happened to right and wrong, now we have left, right and centre, and both extremes and all other grey areas in between.

2018-07-18 21:03:29 UTC  

Websites dont attract too much views,it takes a big following to get the traffic. Hence why discord is currently the best platform to network

2018-07-18 21:06:43 UTC  

Yeah but that's if you intend on making it a social matter... Dont think he is suggesting another social platform, but rather a community oriented goal to define ourselves accordingly. Websites attract attention, as long as you share it and give a good enough reason for people to stick around.

2018-07-18 21:12:45 UTC  

I'm out for tonight, cheers

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Who is that?

2018-07-19 16:33:48 UTC  

Willem do you think the eff is behind farm murders?

2018-07-19 16:42:24 UTC  

I think they are... But they are not the only ones... There is a bigger agenda... Cash and transit.. weapons stolen from police faults... Robberies... Murders... Fraud... It looks like they are funding something...

2018-07-19 16:45:02 UTC  

Its the same tactics used during apartheid...

2018-07-19 16:47:49 UTC  


2018-07-19 16:58:25 UTC  

I think we give then more credit than what they deserve, maybe. They only want to fund their fat arses. Look at their faction wars, we are no threat to their power, we are just the rope they use to hang each other.

2018-07-19 17:17:47 UTC  

@crazyBoer ernst roets het n boek vrygestal onlang oor dit,lees dit.

2018-07-21 10:12:23 UTC  

CrazyBoer ,JA ABSALUTELY I DO THINK SO! Too many instances have come up recently to think otherwise. The Carte Blanche footage and the stuff in Ernst Roets' book (which I have not read yet)

2018-07-21 10:21:57 UTC  

Wasn't there a photo floating around of invaders with military grade jammers ?

2018-07-21 12:39:02 UTC  

Anybody here from Kimberley? I recently visited The big hole and didn't have an opportunity to film the intro vid. I walked out in the first 3 minutes (ek het my moer gestrip) If anyone lives there please make a video of the propaganda video they show before the tour. And post it on youtube.

2018-07-21 14:02:08 UTC  

How about this clip of oom Kruger for intro of Pofadder media 😬

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2018-07-23 20:43:55 UTC  

wow, im glad to have found this. Thanks guy!

2018-07-23 20:47:29 UTC  

Where are you from @The Burn ?

2018-07-23 20:48:56 UTC  

Born in Gauteng, moved to CT for studies, lived there for 11 years and not in KZN for a while trying to figuring out what's next

2018-07-23 20:48:57 UTC  

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after expropriation

2018-07-27 14:25:58 UTC  

Found this a few weeks ago

2018-07-27 14:25:58 UTC  

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2018-07-28 18:30:57 UTC  

Video idee: vat video orals waar mense vullisgoed, papiere, sakke en net goed op straat gooi. Ek is seker n mens kan paar kameras los iewers en met statistiek bepaal hoe vuil alles geword het na 1994. N mens kan dit vergelyk met orania...

2018-07-28 18:32:39 UTC  

Verstom my hoe vuil ons land geword het. N mens kan nie eers net winkel toe ry nie... Dit laat n mens se bloed kook oor hoe dit lyk buite...

2018-07-31 19:24:53 UTC  

@Tjoppie that's a great idea. Drives me crazy when I see someone throw their garbage out of their car window on to the street. I see guys who drive expensive cars do it - so it's not a poverty thing.

2018-08-01 06:03:51 UTC  

@spursfan82 I agree, everybody who walks on a street.. standing at a taxi rank.. or even just from poor to rich they all pollute our country... There can be a open field and if taxi's take over it looks like a dumping site in just one week... I think a good documentary over polluted cities and compare it to places like orania will maybe be a eye opener for people....