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that is why they do not believe in contraception

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take father ted here

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And Catholics also love smashing alterboi rectums

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a totally terrible thing

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can an anus consent independently of the consciousness of the mind?

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the anus is nothing withou the collective body and SHAFT

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whose the black sex machine SHAFT

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black sex machine can be interpreted as all black people thereby being a collective

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even though there are indivduals (SHAFT) they make up a whole body (sex machines)

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silence speaks volumes

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The collective may be 'created' as you say but it exists becasue people act like one.

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Another example from the ever on top of Father Ted

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He offends Asians, which then results in all asians on the island taking offence. Therby acting as a collective and being imune to what a lite joke, also showing that collectives can have similar traits like being humourless unless and the 'whites' expence (see bar scene in same episode)

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It's still individuals taking offense. It's also not that irrational if ted is insulting traits that they all share or denigrating all people who belong to that group

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"A society can be reduced to the level of cooperating (or not cooperating in the case of socialist societies) individuals."

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so if a group of cooperating individuals choose to suspend the rights of a non-cooperating individual...? 🤔

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Do you mean gooks as a collective?

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dont be ridiculous

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individual gooks act as members of a greater hivemind

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similar to Jesus's role in the holy trinity

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In the same way insulting Christ is personally offensive to the holy spirit, insulting gooks is offensive to the chink hivemind

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Individuals become collective take this scene from monty python French v English

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There's no great confusion there. You just don't have a high enough iq to understand. There's nothing inconsistent with individualism about punishing individuals who violate a shared agreement among individuals to obey certain rules or face certain consequences

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Individuals make up collectives and so in ways that have been blinded to me you seem to have a point John

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Explaining using Gooks makes it understandable

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I suppose their hive mind while maybe a collective it then demands them to act as indivduals and take over the media and large businesses

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I am sorry for wasting your time discussing such an ignorant person as I was.

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Now I will examine gooks acts on their on merits and not leep to blame them all for acts of some

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woke ^

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John is woke af on the gook question

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maybe your IQ is too high for you to realise my original point still stands that you have no choice but to live in a collective

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and can maybe renegotiate the terms of your social contract, but the contract is imposed upon you

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That's like saying the grass is green. It's not an argument for socialist policies

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oh but it is

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how do you distribute land such that everyone has the opportunity to own a home

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for example