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2018-01-19 00:15:14 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

we need to abandon anime, trump worship and race idolatry

2018-01-21 05:06:08 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  



Privatize the nhs now tbh

Temporary price to end an immoral socialist system

All socialism needs to end, regardless of how that makes worthless socialists feel

That's theft of resources. Private companies can do research through voluntary investment and donations

Forcing people to fund unaccountable government research is wrong

Free healthcare is socialism and theft and arguably slavery. You're not entitled to someone else's labor

Typical socialist, wanting free stuff and forcing me to provide it for you

Not an argument

Consent is the basis for civilization. If consent is denied, rape is wrong, even on private property. This is also why socialism is wrong

Social contract is consent by individuals

People consent to the legal structure at the start

Uh yeah obviously the collective oppressed people. That's why I'm against all forms of collectivism, including socialism and socialized healthcare

Not in a libertarian society where everyone consents to the law (for children implied consent until they can make their own choices) if you don't consent you can leave

The libertarian society would support private property

Through hard hard you could purchase land

A collective is a philosophical concept. What matters is not giving such a concept legal power to oppress individuals in such a matter that can't be justified by consent from the start

An unborn child can neither consent nor refuse to consent so his consent is withheld. If he eventually revokes consent, he should kill himself

I personally believe that john was meaningfully contributing to the discussion by invoking the collectivist implications of reproduction.

NO rape is bad because it violates CONSENT of the INDIVIDUAL.

The individual is what's real. What acts and feels and decides. The collective only exists as a philosophical concept

A society can be reduced to the level of cooperating (or not cooperating in the case of socialist societies) individuals.

When you try to give power to collectivist entities you're really just giving power to certain individuals. Concepts such as the collectivist arise because they help us understand the world around us. But people are inclined to get confused, believing that the collective exists independent of the individual and is entitled to its own rights and powers

And Catholics also love smashing alterboi rectums

It's still individuals taking offense. It's also not that irrational if ted is insulting traits that they all share or denigrating all people who belong to that group

There's no great confusion there. You just don't have a high enough iq to understand. There's nothing inconsistent with individualism about punishing individuals who violate a shared agreement among individuals to obey certain rules or face certain consequences

John is woke af on the gook question

That's like saying the grass is green. It's not an argument for socialist policies


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