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is really straying from the topic and is complete crap

saying such a thing is just stupid and you are not taking there discussion seriously

The point is that the individual has certain rights on their property that ensures their saftey from people who wish harm (burgulars and such). However, the collective have a right to be safe as well so they impose some laws that may infringe on peoples indivdualality. THIS is why rape is bad and why growing weed is okay.; weed does little harm and so can be grown on ones property because the collective say so.

yet how do people then live in a soicety.

catholics love the collective

that is why they do not believe in contraception

take father ted here

a totally terrible thing

the anus is nothing withou the collective body and SHAFT

whose the black sex machine SHAFT

black sex machine can be interpreted as all black people thereby being a collective

even though there are indivduals (SHAFT) they make up a whole body (sex machines)

silence speaks volumes

The collective may be 'created' as you say but it exists becasue people act like one.

Another example from the ever on top of Father Ted

He offends Asians, which then results in all asians on the island taking offence. Therby acting as a collective and being imune to what a lite joke, also showing that collectives can have similar traits like being humourless unless and the 'whites' expence (see bar scene in same episode)

Do you mean gooks as a collective?

Individuals become collective take this scene from monty python French v English

Individuals make up collectives and so in ways that have been blinded to me you seem to have a point John

Explaining using Gooks makes it understandable

I suppose their hive mind while maybe a collective it then demands them to act as indivduals and take over the media and large businesses

I am sorry for wasting your time discussing such an ignorant person as I was.

Now I will examine gooks acts on their on merits and not leep to blame them all for acts of some

29 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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