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My parents were iffy about my membership here. When I told my mother about my association with Identity Evropa, she wasn't happy at first. She even said, "When I think of the word Europa, I think of Hitler and the Nazis." I was very quick to shut her down and clear up the lies the Jewish media has spread about us. My dad also said, "Do they NOT allow black people into this group??" Again, I shut him down. Thank God they understand.

2017-06-27 18:57:19 UTC  

They'd probably rather me be in this group than running around with black lives matter, like the rest of my former friends. It's awesome to have conservative parents that understand shit.

2017-06-27 19:05:57 UTC  

@johnhimself my parents also just found out about me being in this stuff and they weren't happy at first. They were mostly concerned about the quality of people involved in this and thought they would be trash but I calmed them on it a bit and it should be all good, even if they don't "approve".

2017-06-27 19:07:46 UTC  

I actually told my mother, "If I were to show you a photo of a recent rally (Charlottesville), you'd notice they're very clean cut and sharply dressed." She said she's fine, so long as I'm not getting into any illegal activity, which I already know y'all don't tolerate. @JacksonSmith - PA/TX

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@johnhimself I think my mom is in on the Jewish plan or she's just a boomer

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We have a large, diverse family. Ive been at this 12 years. I cant convince my mom its not really about hate. For me personally, anyway. If my love for my culture is translates as hate to you, guess its your problem.

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She says the same damn thing

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"but so and so was jewish that you grew up with"

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Yep. Even worse when its a libertarian friend virtue signalling even when you know hes not friends with any non whites.

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Yep. Even worse when its a libertarian friend virtue signalling even when you know hes not friends with any non whites.

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"But if I wanted to be friends with one or find a blacl woman and have oreo kids.. It aint the govt that can tell me I cant....

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@AltCelt(IL) "Without a deadly hatred of that which threatens what we love, love is an empty catchword for hippies, queers and cowards..."
George Lincoln Rockwell

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Hey it's okay- my mom told me she was saving me her off white sheets from now on since I'm just one step off.

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New design from @Commander Davis (TWP)

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@Commander Davis (TWP) Hoe. Lee. Phuk. That is so awesome.

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@MadDimension what does the L stand for

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Vanguard is considered NatSoc now? Lol

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I guess lol

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Real NatSoc hours <:THAS_RITE:323652933604474880> 💯

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Are they?

2017-06-28 01:46:35 UTC  

Vanguard is F A S C I S T not natsoc

2017-06-28 01:46:57 UTC  

But we're all natsoc but officially we are fascist lol

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what does this kid know?

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we all have swastika tattoos

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Also I'm pretty sure the libertarians would rather have a no steppe snek then a Roman Empire flag

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UVA professor encourages left-wingers to scream at white activists eating dinner in Charlottesville

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I'm apparently as prolific as Spencer and Taylor XD

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“Klanbuster,” logo is by Charlottesville designer [REDACTED] (pictured on the right)

2017-06-28 01:56:28 UTC  

Afro-Cuban studies professor [REDACTED] is encouraging people to share the "Klanbuster" logo in advance of the Alt-Right rally and to help make it go viral online

2017-06-28 01:56:51 UTC  

Say it with me: Leftists can't meme.

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