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Just signing in. Matt from the West Coast will be making the 3,000 mike trip to Pikeville.


Just 4 flights (round trip) & a rental car, looking forward to it!

Wouldn't miss it for anything. Looking forward to meeting some good folks & stepping up my own participation in the movement.

Surrounded by those scum bags out here, so I'm not too worried about them, each of us = 20 of them.

Unfortunately my "checkered past" precludes me from Indulgence of that 'right', however I've worked security & have been around the block so this isn't my first rodeo if things go sideways.

I don't either. But if it does I'll have some brand new black boots on for the occasion.

Wish I could

We will not be attacked & if we are they will Rue the day

Fully agree. Those out front need to have ppl around them to prevent such things. Spencer getting sucker 'punched' by that fucking blob was unacceptable.


I'm looking forward to it too. Long haul for me but I need to get more active, this will be a great 1st step in that direction as I'm about to switch coasts. I was planning on catching this event while enroute to my new locale but my time schedule got messed up out here, so I woke up the other morning & said f-it, I'll just fly out & catch the conference & then come back & wrap things up.

I took a long time 'eye balling' the various factions. Ultimately I decided that TWP seemed to be the most action oriented & aimed at a younger demographic, I'm not a youngster anymore but I recognize the value that youthful energy brings, & ultimately Heimbach himself & his ability to speak & not get flustered sold me on TWP. I agree, we need the suit & tie set, they serve a purpose- but this movement demands boots on the ground winning over the folk, I think TWP has the ability to do that.

& I'm absolutely looking forward to meeting some good folks. I've had enough online discussion!

The Jew feeds on the diseased. The best defense is to become a strong antibody yourself for our people. It's easy to get black pilled & full of rage- but to dwell in that spot is a poisonous situation for yourself.

Channel that hate into positive things. Work out, read, sharpen yourself for what lays ahead

We all have dwelt in that rage, it's why we are here, you can not know what you love if you do not also know what you hate. But hate is a strong medicine, to be handled carefully & with purpose.

Well said

I try to use it as fuel to feed the positives I'm doing for myself, the stronger I am, the better I will be able to fight, the more focused my fight will become which will ultimately be aimed at the source of our hate. Half cocked measures do far more harm then good. Roof swam in his rage & finally drowned.


We are all coming together around this higher calling. We are the T cells of our people here to fight off this disease. We all bring different talents & experiences to the table, there is no set time schedule, we are nature's natrual reaction. I relish the challenge

A little inspiration

I look forward to talking to you brother, I'm glad I won't be the only 'older' guy there.

Last I heard but I'm by no means up to date on things. Hoping to change that a bit.

I think the NS folks will be more in our age range



I also heard Paddy isn't going, you heard anything on that?

I'm on DS, 'Robert Ley' not super active on there but I'm there. Did AZZ give any reason?

This is the shit we need to over come.

This will hopefully be a good beginning to that. The infighting out dates me, so don't worry about it, the movement has been fractured since Rockwell was killed from what I can gather. NSM has been around a long time. I think there is a disconnect between the NSM & the younger folks. This is part of why I am optimistic about the Nationalist Front idea. DS has its place as well... I will avoid giving too much of my opinion on any organization bc opinions only fuel the infighting, ultimately I would like to see ALL factions under one banner, a big dream I know but a requirement in my mind.

When I say the movement I just mean us as a whole. The World Union of NS was the last time I'm aware that everyone was in any semblance of cohesion. That was a long time ago. In effect we are trying to build from scratch, some of the guys that have been at this awhile probably take some offense at that notion, but let's face facts- if anyone's modus operandi had been effective thus far we'd be further down the path by now. Unfortunately the movement has always been very personality driven, when that personality dies or turns out to not be everything to everyone the squabbling & infighting sets in. If you have not read James Masons 'Siege' I highly recommend it. I'll grab a copy of the link to the free PDF & post it.

So IronMarch has a link to a free PDF of 'siege' as does I can't seem to be smarter than my phone. Easy to find, just Google "Siege by James Mason" & scroll down to the PDF listing.

Like I said Bob, use the hate like a fuel, as long as you are burning fuel in your engine the car stays running down the road, but the minute you start splashing the fuel around on the interior & pressing the cigarette lighter... there's bound to be trouble.

Limited. I've made some in roads with active folks, but it's not satisfactory for me.

Fellowship is an important part & it's missing from my routine at this juncture.

This is the plan yes as well as relocating out East for a few years.


We are not alone.

Looking forward to meeting you guys

I got the whole black BDU get up for the occasion. No guns for me.

I'll be the guy sleeping in the rental car

Appreciate it brother.


Word around the 'camp fire' is that camping will be available.

If not I'll be sleeping in the rental car...


Jews & antifa are good for sticking something in but it isn't your dick.


Exactly. Hold up a sign about making me afraid & see the reaction you get.

The time for 'Safety Squads' has arrived.

Because we are disjointed as a movement.

Depends on who you are & who the 'victim' is. At least where I am.


@parrott how would you like us to inform you of our intentions visa vi lodging? Via email or...?


Based stick man is an outdated meme. He was a useful tool for us the 1st time around, by rallying to his defense it emboldened others to come out & fight, this is evidenced by Berkley 1 vs Berkeley 2, for that reason he was a useful tool, but that's all he ever was, our goals have been accomplished by the use of that pawn, on to the next move, I think it's important for us to NOT support him further, to show the civic nationalists that when you publicly denounce racialism as Kyle the cuck race traitor has done, your support dries up & goes away. It's important for us to use these ppl to maximum effect in our efforts, every race traitor civic nationalist that smashes an antifa over the head & goes to prison leaves just one more WN here in the real world to continue with our important work.

I should arrive in town around noon on Friday

Figure if we are early we can help set things up or do whatever is needed, same with departure, anyone staying past Saturday night could help clean up etc.

Little motivational inspiration

Extraction is the cure for that shit. I had 2 teeth abscess on me when I was "away" & all they did was give me antibiotics, ibuprofen 800. Once the swelling went down bc the abscess popped I had them yank them. Needless to say the "dentist" in the feds doesn't administer pain reliever of any kind beyond ibuprofen... probably the worst pain I ever had to go through. You know what they say- what doesn't kill you...


I had a buddy take his own tooth with a Leatherman. That was impressive, I thought about him while I was suffering.

Came out in pieces too, so it wasn't 1 clean break. Fairly brutal really, but once I had an abscess tooth I finally understood, you just want the damn thing out of your head

Watch "Adolf Hitler - Happy Birthday" on YouTube

Watch "Adolf Hitler - Someone Like You" on YouTube

That's great!

That's always good

I debated the hotel idea... running water sounded good, but ultimately decided I wasn't coming 3000 miles to see a Pikeville hotel room w/ antifa twats roaming around... at least this was my logic.

Masons = Judaism for the goyim

Some driving music


@Illegal Aryan any Army Navy store will have them

Public universities you're good to go

Yeah send parrot an email

Good morning! Get that work out in. A little inspiration for the effort.

Keyboard warrior commies and anti whites

I put up the "diversity is code for white genocide." Stickers alot.

All depends on where you are. Here stickers & flyers are not illegal to put up on public property


That's on (((Howard Shultz's))) call box

I spend half my time taking down Antifa stickers & the other half putting mine up.

Siege by James Mason was the single most important book I've read so far, easy to digest as it's a reprinting of his short newsletters that he was putting out during the early 80's. Mason is a true firebrand revolutionary, a man after my own heart. His writing style is very concise & to the point. You can locate free PDF's of SIEGE by simply searching SIEGE JAMES MASON, Iron March has one as well as I believe. has a fairly good little selection of free online literature. Start with SIEGE, I fully agree that it should be required reading at this point.

You can watch an old interview with MASON on RACE & REASON Attomwaffen just put it up on Jew tube a few weeks ago.

A taste ^

@Kombat-Unit couldn't agree more

@backstreetgoy-TN hard copies are expensive, around 150$ & not super common, which is why I would recommend reading a PDF format or listening to it

Yes I wish there was more interviews of JM

Yeah, I spent the $, Just bc I like having the book in my hands, I got a 1st, possibly why it was more

That was a great list you posted yesterday, lots of stuff on there I've read & lots of like to read

Specifically the tommasi writings

Yes, the pics are great

The man is a movement time capsule

Catches you right up

Agreed, I always try to start folks with Rockwell


He's basically totally withdrawn now hasn't he?

Agreed, but it's a great starting point for the typical racially conscious North American

Love Metzger too

GLR is my go to for newbies

Haha, no?


But JM takes it to the logical conclusion

For someone that's already of a revolutionary bent siege is a great way to play catch up fast. 400 pages fast

Believe it or not my into was "which way western man"


Then Imperium, then GLR, went at it backwards

Just finished impeachment of man & lightening & the sun not long ago

My red pill took several years

I hear you. & Yes you mentioned it. Jews by their nature over extend

That character flaw is what exposes their hand every time

That was the first big red pill for me

I'm an ethical "vegan" For lack of a better term, though I hate that fucking term bc it's so politically loaded with bs

Savitri was a big part of my awakening or final phase

Prison made me racially aware

It took AH & a history lesson to learn about the jq


Like Savitri says & I'm paraphrasing "one does not become a NS, one simply realizes that they always have been"

Light bulb moment for me


Pierce is great

Especially for the younger audience bc it's recorded

Perfect stepping off point

Read Turner diaries in the joint when I was still blind. Read it in a sitting

My real awakening came when I was transferred to Max

Niggers be Nig noggin

Yes, A.N.P. was like a gold mine for the movement, Pierce, Mason, etc. From that single org. Sprang forth a bountiful intellectual harvest. Can't help but imagine what GLR could have accomplished

The mass movement died in 67.

Any shot at it atleast.

Revolutionary vanguard, this is what we are building. The masses move as they are propagandized

See trump

Great quote. NS builds or rather locates the warrior class

In siege, not written by Mason, the "crazy men of destiny" by far one of my favorite writings

Gives you that feeling of being directly spoken to

As if this man knows your story

I always tell ppl, NS was a religious/spiritual conversion for me

The politics are a by product

Conversion isn't the right term, awakening

Yes. This is what gives it it's religious or spiritual tone

For me

Unadulterated truth


I was a seeking broken soul until I found the word

You have no idea brother. I don't feel inclined to air my dirty laundry in this format but let me just say with out the slightest bit of exaggeration, NS saved my life

A purpose

A calling higher than yourself

It was the only key that fit all the locks

Everything I do from here forward is only possible bc of 1 man

I usually don't go this in depth with folks bc I'm aware that my religious zeal can seem crazy to newbies

But it is just like a born again as far as the commitment goes, that's what normies don't understand, especially if you go to far to fast. But luckily we are not looking for normies, we seek the crazy men of destiny

Yes. I'm at a point where I need more fellowship

You can only study, read, solo activity so much. At a certain point you need brotherhood

Before you go total bob mathews

It's a dangerous time when folks first awaken

They are rightfully angry

THIS is what I need now

This online shit for a guy that's 40 & spent 27 years running the streets & prisons sucks bc I'm not tech savvy

Yes. The warrior spirit called forth

Couldn't agree more

180 degree turn around for me.

Ppl don't know me any more. They think I've joined some crazy cult haha

If only they knew how true that is

Cult of natural law

The ONLY one

Truth has a way of speaking directly to the soul. We speak the truth

No need to dress it up

I'm about to start on Spengler, ordered his books the other night, woke up in the middle of the night & said fuck it, just ordered, I've been putting him off. Hour of our decision channel on you tube is great, they touch on him... sorry to switch topics

I realized i was preaching to the choir

Yes, that's really all it is for me. Devi was like a beacon of hope to me, she really touched me in a way that the others couldn't. Good talk

@dd✳555 she is who I return to when I feel lost or question my next steps

@Kombat-Unit IM looks great, I just haven't had the attention span with the technology to join, admittedly tech is my weak spot.

@Furor_Tuetonicus not by order of release, but his stuff is all over you tube when I'm on there

@dd✳555 I came at it from more of an eastern philosophy, finding first Buddhism, mainly bc I was stumbling my way towards the truth without knowing what I was looking for, like a blind man on a ship in rough seas I was grasping for something to hold onto

But once I found Savitri it was like the lights got clicked on

Truth is truth

This is why it's eternal. There's only one way out of the maze

I'm now going back & looking at Gnostic stuff, just bc I'm a student of history.

I think there's some profound insights to be had. But like most things the Jews have been busy skewing the facts

Thank you. I feel like I need a wider knowlege base before I approach Serrano if I want to get everything possible from his work.

I will check out your rec first, along with a few other things before I approach Serrano

He drew from so much esoteric knowledge, I don't want just a layman's read of him

@jer szak beautiful stuff

Savitri is approachable to almost anyone with the patience to read. Perhaps my Buddhist reading helped me in understanding her as well. From what I gather Serrano draws from EVERYTHING

I've been like the man stumbling in from the desert, dying of thirst, everything has been so refreshing. I even have a few Christian identity guys I enjoy listening to, but this is mainly bc I want to be able to reach any brother or sister no matter the background, YES I will see you this weekend!

@jer szak yeah I've had trouble posting some things in here too

Not sure why... mr. Tech savvy can't seem to figure it out... fucking Jews indeed

Alright ladies & gents, I better get some stuff done with my day besides praising AH & NS online, time for IRL again. Looking forward to meeting up with some of You, Defeat Never, Victory Forever!

I don't condone hitting women, luckily I don't consider non-white women as human.

I also say no

(((Media))) will try to out you or make you look the fool

Or worse

Best to avoid contact, allow the fliers to be the message

@JTThrasher (TWP-Lynchburg, Va.) I registered via TWP as well. No ticket either, I wouldn't sweat it, send a DM to parrot or email & just verify that you're on their list, also what your plans are camping or...

NSM did a snail mail registration & TWP did an online. Both should be valid

They're supposed to get those out today. It's a lot to organize so I try to be understanding about that, but I get your need for clarity & schedule.

Pretty sure we follow each other on gab

Side note

Also I believe your presence in this chat might be confirmation, I got an email saying I had paid & that's where i was given the link to this chat. Unless you arrived here differently?

Ah, check your spam/promotions folder

Again I'll think you'll be fine. Also the longer they delay putting out a schedule the better our opsec

Yeah the link was down initially for me as well. Well I'll tell you what, if they don't let us in I'll March with you out front until they do

I paid by card as well.

We will be the old guys out front complaining bc we couldn't figure it out, don't worry you won't be alone there, & try to not stress, I get it- I lived in a cage for a LONG time, my life runs on schedules, this is just one of those things you've got to "let go & Let god" so to speak

Good. Sucks getting old.

Beats the alternative though

The no mask/hood ordinance is benifical to us for sure.

I was just saying the same thing, for the first time in my life I'll be hoping the police do their jobs & Don't make us do it for them

Violence would be counter productive at this event as the (((media))) will blame us no matter what

Every time I see what that fucking punk did to backstreet it makes me angrier & angrier.

The best possible out come would be for that traitor to go to the joint & get a taste of the niggers up there.


Nothing like some up close study of the subject

He'll never see the joint but at least we could ruin his college nigger ball career

Nothing like real niggers to shake the asleep awake

Yes, it was good.

88 degrees on Friday & 88 degrees on Sunday... signs from above?

@Illegal Aryan what time are you getting in? I think I land around 10am... if you want to caravan

@Illegal Aryan oh nope. I'm coming in to W.V

2 hr drive for me too, just assumed

No, I fly out tomorrow night, arrive Fri morning, 2 flights & a 2 hr drive...

It will be a long haul that's for sure.

That's nice

@JTThrasher (TWP-Lynchburg, Va.) they don't want anyone showing up at the camp out spot before 6pm... I don't think it's mandatory to caravan there, but from what I gathered the 6pm is firm.

That was a journey...

Left last night, at rendezvous locale 5 hrs early...

Pretty sure camping address wasn't supposed to be approached until 6pm. Follow the caravan plan & no need to worry about address being right. Honestly this is so far out I can't see any antifags making this trek

Imagine that

Micro aggression

I plead the 5th

This is one big digital transcript

Let's talk about privilege, Jewish privilege

Out of towners stick out like a sore thumb here... Just fyi.

All I got was the original email, I've been on a plane or driving since last night. I went to the Caravan Rendezvous location & picked a tactically defensive position to monitor movement & await time of meet, got some shopping done too.

Let me know when you arrive

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