Message from Chef Goyardee in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-06-12 20:37:34 UTC  

he was the one who was posting the march details on /pol/ before it started

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2017-06-12 20:37:48 UTC  

Why do we have two general chats

2017-06-12 20:41:40 UTC  

So that we can respect women twice as much.

2017-06-12 21:26:21 UTC  

@Americana - MD I call dibs on burning it!

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2017-06-12 21:29:00 UTC  

I hope this free speech event has more alt right guys then normal ppl

2017-06-12 22:31:20 UTC  

Is there a Jewish subgroup? If so plz invite.

2017-06-12 22:38:42 UTC  

Forward bank account information to verify

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2017-06-12 23:41:35 UTC  

where is mitch hoob

2017-06-13 00:07:16 UTC  

These tweets should tell you everything you need to know about the oathcucks. For those who don't know, TheLibertyLamp is a poor man's Daryle Jenkins.

2017-06-13 01:31:57 UTC  

What is the Intel on their leadership?

2017-06-13 01:44:33 UTC  

Worthless to deal with their leadership. Totally cucked. I have Virginia Oathkeepers who will defy their leadership to attend our rally. That's the best we can expect from them.

2017-06-13 02:20:07 UTC  

No I don't mean to deal with their leaders but to discredit them

2017-06-13 03:16:48 UTC  

@MadDimension is correct. At Harrisburg the first 3%er I talked to showed me his iron cross necklace and told me he was in the Fashy Dreams Facebook group

2017-06-13 03:16:56 UTC  

One guy literally applied the next day

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2017-06-13 04:49:41 UTC  

Texas has best fash aesthetics

2017-06-13 04:56:32 UTC  

Fascist cowboy aesthetic sounds on point 😎

2017-06-13 16:21:15 UTC  

Yeah the 3%ers and oath cucks on the east coast seemed a lot more based than our Texas guys experienced

2017-06-13 16:21:30 UTC  

That being said, their leadership did indeed give push back.

2017-06-13 18:15:48 UTC  

Founding oathkeeper says Hitler wished he was a Nazi.

2017-06-13 18:17:59 UTC  

LOL what

2017-06-13 18:28:17 UTC  

Logic and history have just been BTFO'd.

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2017-06-13 19:28:03 UTC  

@HipToTheJQ is he in the vetting server?

2017-06-13 22:03:43 UTC  

Its time to put pressure on their leadership to cuck to us or just keep discrediting them

2017-06-13 22:04:29 UTC  

We can easily make the case to them "look boomers, you can be pro white and not hate anyone."
Once they see our gains from our backbone they'll get one too

2017-06-13 22:08:03 UTC  

I don't think discrediting them serves a point. Feel pity for them for being to pussy to admit the truth. Ignore them and show them who the real ubermensch are. I'd bet if the SHTF they'd follow us like the beta cucks that they are

2017-06-13 22:24:38 UTC  

I can't speak officially for the League but with the threats some of their members have made against our leadership, the threepers can fuck the hell off. If they have not already achieved mortal enemy status, they're headed that way.

2017-06-13 22:26:09 UTC  

And the oathcucks are way past useless. Those Larpers straddled the fence in Pikeville for the whole NF present to see.

2017-06-13 22:46:11 UTC  

Discrediting them deflates their fake organization and sends the potential recruits your way

2017-06-13 22:46:48 UTC  

If SHTF they'll be worthless as they are rn

2017-06-13 23:36:59 UTC  

Baker their members have some people who can be saved. Focus on individuals not organization.

2017-06-13 23:41:10 UTC  

the organization needs to go, and we will absorb anyone that's useful.

2017-06-13 23:43:11 UTC  

Best thing to do is discredit leadership