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Any NC comrades on here?

@Commander Davis (TWP) Do you know if there are any chapters down here in NC that are active. I would also be willing to come up on weekends possibly to get involved with you guys up there as well.

@Bob Oliver nice I have a sw shield 9mm it's amazing how easy to conceal it is

Won't be bringing it to pikeville even though they have constitutional carry

@Bob@Bob Oliver Ah ok, thought I saw someone say it got passed there. Could've have misread. I would carry but since it's an all weekend event I'd much rather my fiancée have it with me being gone and all.

I know I have asked a few times already but with new comrades jointing the server I figured I'd ask again. Any fellow North Carolinians in here?


Yeah, think I read somewhere 13 states have passed. With our existing pro gun legislation here in NC I'd be really surprised if we didn't as well

@Bob Oliver yeah they are pretty thick especially on a smaller build kind of guy like me, kind of difficult to conceal. I'm also not too big on the grip safety.

Haha... yeah...

So for pikeville.... I know we got Shoah'd from the start park. But are we still bringing non perishable food items ?

And where are we all meeting that Friday?

@tomw-Baltimore.#5765 oh yes it's here!

I'm not sure

I saw you guys talking about getting vetted earlier how does this work exactly?

Ahso... gotcha thanks

And maybe if my back yard wasn't a 3x6 patio in an apartment complex. I would love to once I get a house with some land though


No it's all concrete

I've seen the raised beds catching on quite a bit, any particular reason ?

Yeah I guess that is a way to get around the whole no soil issue

@Hunter.S.Rabbit that's awesome I'll have to start gathering supplies

@Hunter.S.Rabbit and the 5 gallon buckets is also a good idea

Hahaha yeah that's is pretty simple would've never thought of it

When I worked at Hardee's a few years ago the bread came in like 3x3 plastic crates in stacks of 10 maybe I'll stop by sometime

It would have to be a pre grown tomato plant huh? Or can you do the upside down method starting with seeds?

When is this supposed to happen

I suppose I could've googled it...


Yeah before I joined the party I saw the videos of chapter meetings... when do those occur?

Yeah but I mean like the mid Atlantic chapter meeting with all the leadership and everybody

But local chapters do need to form and meet regularly

Hell yes it is!! @Scott Terry

They have "storming the Carolinas" yoo

Have yet to listen

@Tyrone what's up man. Next time you guys have a meet up or do some vetting I'd like to know. Need to start meeting some fellow Goys around here

Fayetteville -__-

Would aviators and black baseball cap violate mask laws?

Nice, it's really hard to find someone who will admit their like minded around here, with all the enrichment and all

It's crazy because the most red pilled conversations I tend to have aren't even with fellow whites

@Wade Garrett I mean it be awesome to meet you guys however I'm TWP

There is a channel on the Charlottesville server for us. Just message @Erika she's one of the event coordinators

Well it's not a server just a channel on the Charlottesville event server

How do you invite people to servers?

I guess it's locked

Working on getting an invite link from the event coordinators

@My Name Is Hate haha yeah apparently pretty new to discord

@Kombat-Unit and yeah I see it on our server it's just not there on theirs

Yeah I have dm's out to the admins just waiting for One to get back to me

Then just message admins to gain access to our channel... that's what I had to do apparently they have private channels for each organization

One of them is online right now


You guys get on?

@Wade Garrett you can add me as a friend and I'd like heads up whenever your guy in Fayetteville is doing something as to get vetted and to start meeting fellow goys close by

Already counter signaling our dress what the hell is going on... I tend to agree with Matt, a white shirt will look good and professional for about an hour if that

Yeah I know... it just pisses me off that they say we have bad optics but when shit goes down I'm sure they'll find the black shirts real quick

I'm glad you said something... mouth guard now in my to get list

@Kombat-Unit yeah your right

I really don't understand the skin head bashing as far as appearance. Behavior sure of course, and the Hollywood skin heads too with acid washed jeans and bomber jackets. But to be treated as less because I don't have an under cut and don't stand with my wife in the bathroom doing our hair together every morning...

With all the good Richard spencer has done the clip of him getting sucker punched still gets me angry every time just seeing him fix his hair instead of defending himself

Real men don't have to "do" their hair

Yeah I suppose it boils back down to the same old issue of us being portrayed as ignorant "hatred for the color of the skin" assholes by Hollywood

@Dylan and I can respect that I guess my reverse bashing was a bit of rant. However I still feel well groomed as hell too with a freshly shaven head

No offense meant on my part.. but still getting punched in the face and then just fixing your hair... a bit pre madonna

@Kombat-Unit yeah but i suppose everyone has their role and thats his

True, first rule of fighting.. learn to take one I suppose

2nd rule no such thing as a fair fight

Whatever you don't do to them they'll do to you

@Kombat-Unit yeah it is good, I have the same article bookmarked on DS

Have you guess seen the open letter to liberals?

I have no idea who wrote it but it's pretty good

Open letter to all Liberal “Progressives"
You want to know who we are? Where we come from? What moves us?
We'll reveal it you.
We are the changing times; we are the rising wind; the new generation. We are the answer to you, for we are your children.
You've thrown us into this world, uprooted and disoriented, without telling us where to go, where our path lies. You've destroyed our every means of orientation.
You've reduced the Church to rubble, so that now only a few of us still find refuge in the ruins of that community.
You've devalued the state so that none of us wants to serve the whole any more.
You've split the family; our domestic idyll has plunged into divorce, conflict and violence.
You've subjected love to a deconstructive reductionism, and so instead of a deep bond, only the animal drive remains.
You've ruined the economy, so we inherit mountains of debt.
You've questioned and criticized everything, so we now believe in nothing and no one.
You've left us no values, yet you now accuse us of being amoral.
But we are not.
You've promised yourselves a utopia, a peaceful, multicultural society of prosperity and tolerance.
We are the heirs of this utopia, and our reality looks different.
You buy your peace with ever-mounting debt.
Today, we're watching your prosperity disappear throughout Europe.
For us, your multicultural society means nothing but hatred and violence.
In the name of your "tolerance" you hunt down all who criticize you, and call the hunted intolerant.
We've had enough!
Your utopias have lost all legitimacy for us.
Finally recognize that we don't live in a unified world, in a global village. Wars, the poor, and the oppressed will always be with us. This world will never be a heaven on earth.

Your delusions have only accomplished one thing: You have uprooted your children.
We are the lost, the homeless. "Who are we?," we ask ourselves. "Whereto?"
We've recognized your answers to these questions as lies from the start. We aren't "humanity" and we don't fit into a paradise world.
So we answer the question for ourselves.
We turn to what you have demonized. Ourselves.
We search for our identity, and find it under the rubble of your destructive rage. We must dig deep to find ourselves again.
Our history, our homeland, and our culture give us what you have take from us.
We don't want to be world citizens, for we are happier with our own countries.
We don't want the end of history, for our history doesn't give us cause to complain.
We don't want a multicultural society where our own culture is left to burn in the melting pot.
We are less demanding than you, yet we want so much more!
While you've run after utopias your entire lives, we want real values. What we demand actually exists; to possess it is our ancestral right. We desire nothing more than our inheritance, and won't tolerate your withholding it any longer.
We are the answer to you and the failure of your utopia.
We are generation identity. We are the Rising Right!

I would just search an open letter to all liberal progressives

It should come up

I'm pretty sure I have it booked marked

I couldn't find it either 🤔

Maybe the post was deleted or the accoint

I just also happen to have it saved in my notes on my phone


Found it

Search for "trump refuses to confirm confidence in bannon" it's a comment on the article

I just searched for it with the last few paragraphs

Invalid or expired @Commander Davis (TWP)

NC certified exterminator

@My Name Is Hate did you ever find that post on DS?

No problem

Looks like the British version of us lol

Apparently their rally is July 8

@Jason Augustus just have to tell you, I heard it the first time after the daily traditionalist. Just saw the YouTube video for the first time 👌🏻 bad ass sir, bad ass. Looking forward to buying the album.

Tell him to join on tradworker.org

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