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I'm in

Even if I'm in boot camp I'll pitch in to the money

I'll be there in spirit regardless

Someone crop my face in a picture that's all I ask


I will construct a Huwite power shield

Heeeelllll yeah

Is there a Jewish subgroup? If so plz invite.

Baaaad idea

That's very Jewish

Sounds like what Israel does

This sever isn't secure

Sounds like a fukin great way to make everyone hate you

I know IE would disavow so fast your head would spin

Common sense man @Hand Banana

We're all about good optics. Pulling jew tricks on the alt light does not good optics make

@Hand Banana says the unaffiliated fag

Shilling for Jewish tricks

@Hand Banana confirmed alphabet shill

This guy is absolutely trying to stir the pot

What agency are you?

@Hand Banana big talk fam.

The shill is salty I called his plan Jewish

Because it was

Basically trying to get PB beat up by antifa to redpill

Terrible idea

No one here should advocate violence

@Hand Banana because you were shilling for a very Jewish plan... Then threatened to beat me up.

Not very Huwite

It's par for the course in this sever

Agree. So why try to stir the pot?

Among alt lite?

You'll alienate them

They will find out. We are to be representitives of our cause. Which is a noble one

We don't trick people into being WN

@Hand Banana bro you were shilling

Have you not seen some of the awful ideas put forth here?

Hard not to take shit seriously like that.

This event should be serous, we might actually be able to gain alot here

@Hand Banana you're also impossible to take seriously. You're acting like a child. "I'm gonna fight you bro"

@AltRightVa shouldn't compromise our integrity

@Hand Banana go ahead and attack me, you're the one who looks like a child

Maybe hone your rhetoric and actually convince them

That's why most of us are here

Who here got beat up by antifa and then came to the alt right

@Hand Banana no I was celebrating mothers day with my family

"Ur a fag Cuz u weren't at cville 1"

I'll box him

Are we even close in weight? @Hand Banana

I'm 175 5'10"

I'm future military, in good shape. Want to know if we would be in even close to the same weight class

I'm enlisting now

Like in the process of joining

I only respond to sir or Mr sir

Apparently I'm boxing @Hand Banana should be a good time

@Americana - MD feels good man

Hahahaha was that actually him?

The Chubby goy?

@TiborSzalasi-MI I have not been in one fight. I used to spar with a friend whomst fought mma

Well duh

I'm having fun here

He's gonna be gassed after like 5 minutes

Bro I'm happy to fight. If I win, cool. If I lose, thay sucks bit it's all fun amongst brothers

At the end of the day I'll have his back and I'm confident he'll l have mine

It's all bantz

Hey he's the one that said he wanted to fight


Yes I think so


I'm excited

Do I wear my star of David?





Next tom clancy game

My yamika fell off

But it's me


Thot patrol from God


I'll DM you to set up details


Of coooouuurrrssshhheee

He's lucky I wasn't a regular soldier yet or I would have stopped him

Is there an impasta

I'm koba

@ me

Koba nigga

We are all koba

@Hand Banana you're koba

I'm koba




I have been summoned?

Hailgate 2.0

Shit nigga are you brining the 40s?

We should build a Trojan horse

We all get in it and walk it down the street

Arrest this horse, I dare you

That would be really funny and the media would shit their pants

Kkk white supremacist neo nazi literal Trojan horse.

Gonna win bigly



How do we know you didn't time travel and steal his work after he wrote it

@everyone The film for Operation Tunnel Rats is out.

Trying to get the views up and rep for NC tbh haha

It's awesome though

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