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2017-07-15 06:04:23 UTC  

Paddy made a tune for our event.

2017-07-15 13:46:31 UTC  

@MadDimension great interview on this week in white genocide

2017-07-15 13:49:30 UTC  

<@&321389309162815488> Just joined the server. Please put me under Vanguard when you get a chance

2017-07-15 13:52:25 UTC  


2017-07-15 13:52:44 UTC  

Appreciate it

2017-07-15 14:57:35 UTC  

How can we get Morrakiu to come

2017-07-15 15:53:41 UTC  

@zyklonbeast i think he said on Radical Agenda that he's coming

2017-07-15 15:55:43 UTC  


2017-07-15 16:10:21 UTC  

he was at the 1st one

2017-07-15 16:47:50 UTC  

he lives in VA anyways not very far

2017-07-15 19:19:12 UTC  
2017-07-15 19:22:34 UTC  


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2017-07-15 21:29:52 UTC  

@everyone Does anyone here want or plan to get a tattoo anytime soon?. Inb4 degenerate af. The biker who provided security at the recent press conference is getting nonstop harassed by anti-whites at his shop Mystic Tattoo.

2017-07-15 21:30:09 UTC  

I do

2017-07-15 21:30:22 UTC  

@MadDimension I don't do tatoos

2017-07-15 21:30:28 UTC  

Would he do a swazi???

2017-07-15 21:31:51 UTC  

@Stormer DC Prob so. One of his artists has an 88 tattoo evidently

2017-07-15 21:32:07 UTC  

🤔 🤔 🤔

2017-07-15 21:32:11 UTC  

Let's do it!!!

2017-07-15 21:32:26 UTC  

Ya I'm down to get one

2017-07-15 21:32:38 UTC  

@MadDimension tattoos at the after party?

2017-07-15 21:32:43 UTC

2017-07-15 21:32:47 UTC

2017-07-15 21:32:50 UTC

2017-07-15 21:34:20 UTC  

I planned on it and I know a bunch of guys I'll be with want some

2017-07-15 21:34:46 UTC  

Honestly he could probably make a lot of money traveling to events giving tattoos

2017-07-15 21:34:47 UTC  


2017-07-15 21:36:33 UTC  
2017-07-15 21:36:48 UTC  

He'd need licensing

2017-07-15 21:37:03 UTC  

Idk the paperwork, just spitballing ideas fam

2017-07-15 21:37:24 UTC  

2017-07-15 21:39:02 UTC  

I'm gonna get the entire Bee Movie script inked on my back

2017-07-15 21:39:25 UTC  

We could do an Alt-Right tattoo party and he could make bank. Tattoo artists make a shitload more when not in a shop because they don;t have to rent the space nor do they have to give up a chunk of the price theuir paid to the shop. He'd prolly charge a lot less too.

2017-07-15 21:39:56 UTC  

I like these ideas

2017-07-15 21:40:43 UTC  

I literally manifest all thoughts into my life. How much would a chest sized tattoo be?

2017-07-15 21:41:29 UTC  

Quite a bit

2017-07-15 21:41:53 UTC  

And depending on how much is involved, could very likely take multiple sessions

2017-07-15 21:41:58 UTC