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we werejust talking about that

Its gotta pass senate first

@SwiFT Probably one of the 6 regular obstructionists

>7 republicans

I bet I know which 7 it was


we aren't winning until the wall goes up

then we begin to win

otherwise we're just buying time

Tru as well


yeah thats the real ending to max payne

Who gives a fucking shit about shitty meme


build the wall


Get ready fam

/pol/ appearing on googles "top stories" ticker

Someone drew you as Jesus

antifaggots facing 75 years in prison lmao

>single woman at 32

why even bother

Nobody should date a woman over 31

Dude chinks are the loosest sluts on the planet statistically

Yeah, OkCupid has done several race/dating surveys

Asians always mix the most, have the most sex, etc

Asians are the only demographic that has a neutral or positive opinion on dating niggers

Note that OkCupid is the only place that has ever been allowed to make such a non-kosher study

Its a good opener for you tbh

"So you think you're smart?"

I mean what do you want off a dating app besides getting laid honestly

Then talk to women in public

you're not going to find a wife online

go to pool parties


There is no white women in NYC

so get out

like half of them are jews

Also why the fuck would you want to raise kids in NYC

are you retarded?

You've never had a kid before have you?

You don't just move when you get pregnant

thats not how it happens

move to somewhere with lots of white women

then have kids

So you want your kids to live in Jewish Pedophile central just as they're ripe for the pickings?

>job is more important than my kids being raped by jews

Late stage capitalism tbh

Nigger I am helping my sister through her pregnancy right now

I am from NY originally

I don't want to be mean but it sounds like you wasted most of your life in pursuit of money

Well I know you're childless at 38 years old

That baffles the mind, that lefty fags joint he military

Well your central problem is you're trying to find a needle in a haystack in a crowd of haystacks in nyc

to have healthy kids

the woman has to be under 35

and white

and willing to date a 38 year old

I wish there were fake doctored photos of the Holocoaster lie so we could put CNN on it

My local politicians when I was in AZ were


Get a gorillion dollars and move to flagstaff

How long
Livestream of Trumps big speech at the War Memorial in poland



Quik run down on the speech for anybody who didn't watch

>anti-immigration part
>anti-communist part
>pro-energy part
>anti-EU part
>"The defense of the West depends not only on the memes [winks]"
>"The West WILL survive"
>"Our culture WILL survive"
>"Our PEOPLE will survive"

>Jewish dick sucking
>Shilling Neocon toppling of Bashar Al-Assad, effectively enabling more terrorism
>Anti-Nazi dick sucking to the extent of flat out making up shit about WW2 that never happened even by textbook standards
>Ronald Reagan dick sucking
>military dick sucking
8.8 out of 10 in my opinion



@weev did you send an email to (((them)))?

Coulter does not fuck negroes, she was just Jimmie Walkers escort to the TV Land Icon awards

Only in the mohave can you have a huge lightning storm but no rain


told you

its real

People dont give a shit about the article

its the headline

Very hairy dogger

Trumps new car

fucking gr8 meme lmao

***Sexual Lustration***

Later all going to play some overwatch


ill be in vidya posting

Weird how Migos is a trap band but it has some good spirited lyrics

like "Rich than Famous"

Its about being a monogamous well off negro

who is reserved


@Fabulous Gordon little bit too explicit tbh

and bad graphic design to top that

Yeah im talking about the image on the flyer though

the swazzi has aspect ratio sickness

and "genocide" has a different social meaning to normies than the real definition

it means "being gunned down in the street or gassed" to normies

it doesn't mean "demographic displacement"

They don't consider tibet a genocide


according to the UN

but im saying

the SOCIAL definition, IE the part of the human brain that invokes an empathetic response

Its impossible for a child rapist to look sad

He shoved his hands between a 12 year olds legs bro


Vito did that shit

@SwiFT its both me and evan

@Ilya Muromets rats didn't carry the plauge they carried the vector

any small mammal could carry the plauge

including cats

Fleas carried the plauge


1) Are you jewish?
2) Are you Armenian?
3) Are you Irish?

I have this right, right?

South African Bar in Charlottesville

@Fabulous Gordon Honestly I think posters that are funny to quasi-normies that make fun of jews are more effective

@Fabulous Gordon Like for instance jewish whining

Even normies hate jewish whining

@Fabulous Gordon Only funny to us


@DrDude PhD Do you have me muted?

Its plausible

He has the same ears

different nose though

@Fabulous Gordon Its a bad meme TBH, Boomers don't want to actually give to negroes, they want to force YOU to

Because YOU, young man are bigoted and racist @Fabulous Gordon

Boomers are fundementally selfish

@Fabulous Gordon Boomers already hate blacks

Or at least, they know all blacks are stupid @Fabulous Gordon

Do people expect us to take the idea of Spencer plausibly being 1/8th Jewish as if its a big deal if it were true?


but really

Im expected to have a fucking heart attack over being 1/8th jewish


So true

wtf I love my race dying now



I found Zevia soda

and it feels so good to have my Jim Beam and ginger ale guilt free

Not calories


JB has like 10 calories a shot


Didn't know that

ah well

Will keep that in mind

in the future

No carbs tho

holy fuck

did not know that whiskey was 100 fucking calories a shot


how the fuck

Thats as much as a fucking half a candy bar


You can gain weight from Jim Beam tho

its calories



@KKKutie This is whats on the lower part of my face in that pic, I don't have the beard anymore

@SDifference yuh I had an arab beard

@SDifference Had to oil the shit out of it for it to behave

Any Nibbas in here into DnD or want to play sometime, Im a DM and I have a group that used to play regularly, but I need to find some more people to get regular games together.

5th edition


You have a mic?

@Barcode Make ur character, 27 point buy, you can use anything from official material including mystic


So volos, adventure guide, DMG, etc


Its Curse of Strahd

a dark horror supplement

I tried

lost interest tbh

You can teach me sometime

Fuck no

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