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2017-06-17 14:58:29 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

The alt right will be much more effective in a larger coalition imo

2017-06-17 14:59:24 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

I don't think it's wise to be hostile to the alt lite and demand everyone endorse white nationalism

2017-06-17 15:00:30 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

The alt right sorta overplayed their hand when the media gaslit them into thinking they're much bigger and more powerful than they are. Now the alliances they forged are breaking down.

2017-06-17 15:01:26 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

It is but you're not going to get anywhere with your current strategy

2017-06-17 15:01:40 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

But I'm talking to a guy with a swastika avi

2017-06-17 15:05:33 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

I mean showing up to alt lite events and demanding people endorse white nationalism

2017-06-17 15:05:57 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  


2017-06-17 15:07:46 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Literally no one said that

2017-06-17 15:15:43 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Endorsing WN isn't meeting you halfway. That's basically all the alt right is.

2017-06-18 01:00:27 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Damn kind of lost respect for Heimbach over that

2017-06-18 01:00:43 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

If you don't want to unify don't come to a unity event tbh

2017-06-23 00:31:32 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

@swoligarch hapas are the master race

2017-06-23 00:31:43 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Few know this

2017-06-26 02:57:49 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

He was doing it totally unironically which makes it several orders of magnitude worse

2017-06-29 19:02:12 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

I don't really understand the argument against burning the pride flag. People are worried it's bad optics because we would look homophobic? Is the alt right not generally opposed to faggotry?

2017-06-29 19:03:32 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  


2017-07-07 03:22:40 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

If he's making banners with his kids that means he has kids and is therefore doing far more for the white race than you are by getting arrested for being edgy

2017-07-09 22:16:51 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

@AltCelt(IL) maybe mysterium fasces

2017-07-15 15:53:41 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

@zyklonbeast i think he said on Radical Agenda that he's coming

2017-07-21 13:05:43 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

The thot uses you, you don't use the thot

2017-07-22 20:58:02 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #mod_help]  

This is the kind of thing you talk about a couple of months out

2017-08-01 17:27:59 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Yea pretty retarded

So is there going to be more info released about the shuttle service on discord or is that all going to be communicated in IRL stuff tonight?

2018-07-14 04:34:36 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

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