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When's the competition

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Good question

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A salam alakim my brother

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We should do state competitions and then have the winners face off in a national tournament. Winner gets title of strongest whiteman in America.

2017-12-08 01:30:09 UTC  

So when do we start nose sniffing training

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Where da synthol at?

2017-12-08 01:30:18 UTC  

gotta find the shekels

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This is a synthol free zone. We're turning a new page.

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Rip rich

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This is now the temple of zyzz. Rip piano man

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compound lifts, and whole milk for maximum gainzz

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Daily reminder to do some kind of training, omw to BJJ

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Make your ancestors proud

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Dont forget to eat your onions

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With a side of onion juice, right?

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I'm part Irish I box. My grandparents are norweigan though and he choked a man to death in a bar so maybe bjj is in my blood

2017-12-08 02:01:16 UTC  

i think this server should feature racial segregation

2017-12-08 02:01:21 UTC  

split between irish and non-irish

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Well I'm more Norwegian so me vs you buddy

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@CatoTheGreater - CA seems to me you’d be a fan of Greco Roman or maybe Glima wrestling. Doesn’t seem like BJJ is in your blood.

2017-12-08 02:03:37 UTC  

Statistically we're suited towards strongman events

2017-12-08 02:07:17 UTC  

I’m in bjj in south Florida so I rarely get the chance to discuss true European wrestling styles and martial arts.

2017-12-08 02:08:18 UTC  

I think wrestling is very underrated. I'd be interested the Greco Roman

2017-12-08 02:09:05 UTC  

I'm in northern California it's all boxing and bjjj

2017-12-08 02:09:46 UTC  

Greco Roman is fun but freestyle is more comprehensive

2017-12-08 02:10:03 UTC  

I'm in the bay area, where you at Cato

2017-12-08 02:10:18 UTC  

You ever rolled bjj and heard a black belt talk to a blue or white belt and say something like “dude, you must be a wrestler”...

2017-12-08 02:10:19 UTC  

Near Stockton

2017-12-08 02:10:46 UTC  

Because even high school wrestlers can give bjj black belts trouble.

2017-12-08 02:11:03 UTC  

I have rolled i just have power and length

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I'll check it out