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I try to drop at least 2 Guillaume Faye or amren quotes per day into the proudboys group comments. Gavin's post said about 20% of pbs would want to go to unite the right rally. I'm trying to get the number up to 100%.

Currently 20% is accurate though.

If I post about race too much, they will ban me.

I'm planning on taking an uber from my hotel to the park early morning. Will the uber driver be able to get close? Will I have trouble getting myself and my wife from the street to the park? Suggestions?

Hmm. I will also have a car... could try to park somewhat close but that increases the distance of the walk to the park... not afraid of doxing at all.

I was actually going to wear a hat and a regular tshirt as to not look like us. Will pick a spot close to the park as uber destination. Wife speaks with thick East euro accent. Should confuse them.

Hmm. She wants to go... I'll have to convince her not to.

Where and when is the separate event for women?

Confirmed +1.

I'm looking for 2 spots on a shuttle. Will have my car and can meet the shuttle anywhere. ??

Downtown cville.

I'm in downtown cville right now, goys. I can tell there's a few antifa here. Also see some fashy haircuts. Nothing going on. Businesses serving everyone. Lee park is completely fenced off and police are EVERYWHERE. I suspect smooth sailing for the rally.

General lee is smiling down on us.

Who is this? Anybody else see this guy in the morning at McIntyre park?

18 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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