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2017-12-12 02:33:03 UTC  

@whiskeytangofoxtrot nope you weren't kicked I just deleted the channel (it had just been for testing purposes)

2017-12-12 02:34:56 UTC  
2017-12-12 18:19:41 UTC  

Can anyone recommend me a good backpack for hiking with heavy loads? And maybe a pair of boots to go along? Thanks.

2017-12-12 19:28:20 UTC  

Osprey is what I use for backpack. Salewa hiking boots.

2017-12-12 19:32:07 UTC  

I use Salomon boots, GTX2 mid- really like them. Haglöfs backpack

2017-12-12 20:24:58 UTC  

Osprey is pretty good. I have an Osprey 75 litre pack, Merrell Phaserbound boots, Carhartt cargo pants and Carhartt merino wool socks. If you use good boots, dont go cheap on the socks. Merino wool socks are the best, as wool retains most of your body heat even when wet.

2017-12-12 21:18:26 UTC  

Any tips for someone looking to get back in shape after suffering a foot injury? Under doctors orders I'm supposed to refrain from running, lower body workouts.

2017-12-12 21:19:13 UTC  

Since the injury I've gained 30lbs. I'm horribly out of shape after nearly 4 months of zero physical activity

2017-12-12 21:23:03 UTC  

How to work out without using your lower body? Damn, thats a tough one.

2017-12-12 21:23:52 UTC  

Yeah it's pretty limited. My foot had a few breaks so I can't do anything until March.

2017-12-12 21:37:05 UTC  

Bench press, or curls. Get creative.

2017-12-12 21:37:27 UTC  

Pull ups

2017-12-12 21:37:32 UTC  

Push ups

2017-12-12 21:37:34 UTC  


2017-12-12 23:00:39 UTC  

Pushups may not be a good idea because you have to use the tip of the foot as a balance point.

2017-12-12 23:01:06 UTC  

Pullups and bench press, yes.

2017-12-13 00:11:27 UTC  

@Deleted User I still use my steel framed ALICE pack. An oldie but a goodie.

I used to carry 120lb loads several times, with no stress on the pack.

2017-12-13 00:12:47 UTC  

I bought upgraded shoulder pads and a kidney belt, for like $40 you can make a military surplus pack modern and comfortable.

2017-12-13 00:15:36 UTC  

Yeah I want some good chest/core straps but an old military looking backpack

2017-12-13 01:20:17 UTC  

I recommend someone doing short videos showing perfect form/technique and the muscle group it’s working. For instance showing in one video how to strengthen each muscle in your legs, another for arms, then chest and back, etc. Another idea is showing perfect form of stretching. Flexibility is just as imports as strength.

2017-12-13 19:06:57 UTC  

Just did a 6.5 minute mile after over an hour of working out

2017-12-13 19:07:03 UTC  

Feels good to be back in shape boys

2017-12-13 21:23:07 UTC  


2017-12-13 22:33:27 UTC  

Will be going to some cuckservative thing called the Student Action Sumit next week. Any good ideas for subtle redpill questions to ask our boy Ben?

2017-12-14 00:37:32 UTC  

Had a heavy lifting day and the Steam room really helped my muscles recover. This was my first time trying this method and if it worked for me, it’ll work for you.

2017-12-14 00:38:27 UTC  

Steam room is the best lol

2017-12-14 00:39:03 UTC  

Love the steam room. I go there every time I get a cold

2017-12-14 00:39:05 UTC  

or sinus infection

2017-12-14 00:39:46 UTC  

Though I don't lift weights I'm only cycling, still get sore muscles

2017-12-14 00:40:07 UTC  

Hottub=best recovery imo

2017-12-14 00:40:39 UTC  

I was the only huwhite in there.

2017-12-14 00:40:47 UTC  


2017-12-14 00:41:28 UTC  

Makes me wish I can have a steam room at home lol

2017-12-14 00:42:00 UTC  

Ya. It smelled like eucalyptus though. Mmm

2017-12-14 00:42:37 UTC  

Nice, that sounds like some therapeutic shit 😁

2017-12-14 00:43:15 UTC  

Hmm the steam room at my YMCI smells kind of like bad

2017-12-14 00:43:17 UTC  

24 hour gym, baby!!

2017-12-14 00:44:47 UTC  

Ah cool 24 hour gym access lucky

2017-12-14 00:46:30 UTC  

YMCA is legit, Brookey Brooke.

2017-12-14 00:50:11 UTC  

It's nice having indoor pool access