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2018-08-31 18:47:06 UTC  

Wonder how some of these played out, like: 207. If the man dies of his wound, he shall swear similarly, and if he (the deceased) was a free-born man, he shall pay half a mina in money.

Would there be anyone on the side of the deceased who could testify, for example, the killer had motive to kill the person?

2018-08-31 18:49:02 UTC  

These do sound a lot like the Old Testament. Brb google

2018-08-31 18:50:01 UTC  

Old Testament began to be written around 400 years after Hammurabi’s code.

2018-08-31 18:52:10 UTC  

@fgtveassassin Doesn't seem to require proof of motive.

2018-08-31 18:52:40 UTC  

@fgtveassassin I think these did not play out very often, perhaps most of their authority was in the words of the law itself, as law enforcement was primitive and ineffective

2018-08-31 18:54:38 UTC  

If someone knows they will only be caught 10% of the time they break a law, because enforcement is simply rare, then they would break it pretty commonly. Now make these laws as draconian as the Hammurabi code, and see if they’re still going take that gamble

2018-08-31 18:57:09 UTC  

We can start with Chicago and see how it goes.

2018-08-31 19:01:44 UTC  

I think the better law enforcement you have, the more lenient you can be with the conviction

2018-08-31 19:26:26 UTC  

We need a paraglider division stat.

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This poet must hate tacos .

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That really is a beautiful poem.

2018-08-31 19:44:03 UTC  

I like how it address the fact that people of the same race/nation don't need to get along all the time.

2018-08-31 20:02:08 UTC  

This gave me heart a attack of 90's kid nostalgia

2018-08-31 20:37:44 UTC  

So, what is everyone doing for their state specific actions?

2018-08-31 20:43:20 UTC  

That poem is great

2018-08-31 20:43:26 UTC  

There's a good reading of it on Youtube

2018-08-31 20:44:09 UTC  

Xurious also has it

2018-08-31 20:56:48 UTC  

Xurious's version is the intro to strike and mike

2018-08-31 21:03:42 UTC  

Hopefully we'll have our own Hasbara in coming years

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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

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pfffft boomer tag me

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_shakes cane_ You whipper snappers!

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@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL Are you enjoying a nice dinner before hitting the hay around 6:30?

2018-08-31 21:19:14 UTC  

Whoah hold on there sonny, @Fox. I haven't been to bed by 6:30 for about 35 years...when I was 5 years old. Now I'm in bed by 6!

2018-08-31 21:20:06 UTC  

Got to get that rest! That lawn isn't going to mow itself!

2018-08-31 21:21:09 UTC  

Back when I was a kid I would just walk into that yard, give that lawn a good, firm hand shake and say "sir, I'd like to mow this lawn."

2018-08-31 21:21:25 UTC  

Boom! 80k a year just like that.

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@Commissar No, the intro to Strike and Mike is Evil Morty's Theme

2018-08-31 22:10:55 UTC  

_Overheard at work today while building and installing an entirely new metal and glass storefront for a gas station_: "[Governor] Rick Scott banned the phrase 'climate change' in the entire state of Florida. Can you believe that? How can the government limit free speech like that? Why am I not allowed to say those 2 words together? I'm afraid the cops might show up and arrest me for saying it just now. Really afraid."
(Spoken by a gas station attendant with massive gauges in his earlobes, tats covering himself from chin to visible parts of neck, arms, etc.... to a customer at the register)

2018-08-31 22:31:14 UTC  

Gauged ears r ghey

2018-08-31 22:33:56 UTC  

They're disgusting. Men shouldn't have earrings to begin with either

2018-08-31 22:38:21 UTC  

We may need to look into getting a non-Youtube source for our race realism 101 vid in redpills because it got taken down from Youtube and is unavailable.

2018-08-31 22:39:01 UTC  

Also having an archive on Discord for our action vids would make it easier to share since our account got put in some limbo state.

2018-08-31 22:40:30 UTC  

Would it be possible to use Gab for our red-pill channel?

2018-08-31 22:41:20 UTC  

Anyone else see that the FBI arrested those 5 illegal muslims with the training compound?

2018-08-31 22:41:36 UTC  

Arrested them again?

2018-08-31 22:42:27 UTC  

Sheriff's dept arrested them first i believe and then they got off.
I wonder if the FBI is restoring it's tarnished reputation

2018-08-31 22:46:01 UTC  

This is certainly a good way to get back in the good graces of President Blumpf